May God Heal us all Part II


Continued from May God Heal us all Part I

Session 4:

Date 7th September, 2023.

Theme: Fear of ghost.

Stages 8 and 9 done

Started the session with prayer.

Stages 10 and 11 done:

Took the client into deep trance through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

T: When I count from 10 to 1 may be you can reach an important event in your life when the fear of ghost started. 10….5….1….

C: I am there. [enters Past Life 20 ]

T: Where are you H?

C: I am in the room.

T: Where is the room?

C: In the hospital?

T: Can you look at your feet.

C: Yes

T: What are you wearing?

C: Barefoot

T: What kind of a dress you are wearing?

C: A frock

T: How old are you?

C: I am tiny. I am 3 years old. They are trying to kill you.

T: Can you recognize the person who is trying to kill me?

C: I can’t see. It is dark.

T: What is happening now?

C: You are dead.

T: I am dead…… Is the man still there?

C: Silence……

T: What do you call me?

C: Mumma [Crying]

T: Is someone there? Is someone there to help you?

C: Yes, the doctor.

T: What is the doctor doing?

C: I am scared.

T: There is nothing to be scared of. It was in the past. It cannot harm you now H.

C: There 3 ghosts are standing there. They are looking at me. Black. All black.

T: There is nothing to be scared of. You can see the white light just outside the window. Send the white light towards them. [after a long pause]

C: They have gone.

T: Okay what are you doing now?

C: I feel someone , a man is taking me home.

T: Who is this man?

C: I think he is Dash[her colleague]

T: Can you move ahead in time and see what happened to your mother?

C: You are dead.

T: Did dash take you to your father?

C: He is my father.

T: Can you move ahead and go to another important event?

Long pause…….

C: They have beaten me and locked me in the dark room.

T: Who has beaten you?

C: My father’s wife. I am scared. It is dark.

T: There is nothing to be scared of. You have the white light in and around you. You can spread the white light in the whole room. Brighten up the room. Nothing can harm you in this white light. May be you recognize his wife?

C: I am in the courtyard. It is a big house. It is all ……

T: How old are you?

C: five

T: Who else is there with you?

C: Inside.

T: Inside? Where are you?

C: I am inside the cabinet.

T: How did you reach there?

C: She put me there. My chest is paining. [puts her hand on her chest. Clearly in extreme pain]

T: Are you able to come out of the cabinet. Try to push and come out of the cabinet….

C: it is too heavy.

T: Okay just leave your body there and float above. [Pause] Can you see anything?

C: It’s a kitchen closet. I am dead inside the closet.

T: Where is your father and his wife?

C: In the courtyard.

T: Can you forgive them for doing that to you?

C: Long pause…… calm

T: What are you doing now?

C: Forgiving them.

T: Are you still floating?

C: Yes. In the white light.

T: Is anyone there with you?

C: Yes.

T: Who is there?

C: Someone

T: Is there a message for you from him?

C: Not to be afraid. You have the strength to overcome it all

T: That is good H.

C: Pause…… the white light is beside me now. Moving with me.

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel safe.

T: Where are you? What can you see?

C: I can see dark sky? Pause……

T: Okay, May be at the count of 3,2,1 you can move to a time and space when you got the fear of ghost. 3…2…1… Where are you?

C: In a jungle. It is day time but the jungle is dark. [Looks scared again.] [enters Past Life 21 ]

T: How did you reach the jungle?

C: I have lost my way.

T: Look down at your feet. [Looks down] How are you?

C: 2 or 3.

T: How did you reach this place?

C: Somebody has left me here.

T: Who left you here H?

C: A rajasthani lady.

T: Can you go back to the house where you live with this Rajasthani lady?

C: It’s a small house. 2/3 people live in that house. I live with this Rajasthani lady.

T: Who is this Rajasthani lady?

C: I died in the woods cold and hungry.

T: Who is the lady? Can you recognize her?

C: My step mother. Sheena di [name change] [husband’s sister from this life]

T: Just float above, leave your body, leave the jungle. What did you learn from this life?

C: Love does not come easily.

T: Are you still floating?

C: Yes.

T: Can you forgive your step mother for leaving you in the jungle?

C: Yes.

T: Forgive her. Send her love. Let her be happy where ever she is.

C: Forgiven her…… sending her love……

T: That’s very good of you H. Now Just move out of this place and at the count of 3,2,1, reach a moment in time when you encountered ghosts. Try and see what scared you so much. 3….2….1….

C: Pause………. Long stretch………

T: Where have you reached H?

C: Three women …… [Enters Past Life 21 ]

T: Again you can see the three women? [She has been encountering these three women ever since the 2nd session. But has been scared to find out more about them]

C: They have brought a man in the room. I am lying on the bed.

T: How old are you H?

C: 3 or 4 year old.

T: What is the man doing?

C: He is molesting me. It is hurting. It is paining. [ tears fall and she is in pain]

T: The three women aren’t helping you?

C: It has been arranged. They supply girls to their husband.

T: Can you recognize the women.

C: No, they are wearing burkha.

T: Can you push the man away from you?

C: [Calm] I think I am dead. I am floating.

T: What can you see?

C: I can see the three women wrapping my body.

T: Can you recognize those women?

C: No

T: Okay move away from there.

C: I can see the white light coming towards me.

T: Where is the white light now?

C: It is around me.

T: How are you feeling?

C: It is comforting. I feel safe. As if mumma is holding me.

T: That’s good H. Be there. Is there any message for you here.

C: To let go of the three lady and the man. They will be punished in time. I need not worry.

T: May be you can also forgive them and send them love. Let them be happy wherever they are.

C: I can see myself lying on the floor of the bus. [Enters Past Life 22 on her own]

T: How old are you?

C: 30 – 35.

T: What happened to you?

C: I am making a journey through the desert, hills of sand.

T: Who else is there with you?

C: Those men on the bus are burying me at the side of the road. They are not even taking my dead body home.

T: Just go back a little to the time when you were alive. Where are you travelling to? Can you see anything written on the bus?

C: Baluchistan?

T: Baluchistan to?

C: Karachi.

T: May be you can move to the moment just before you left your body.

C: My chest is paining. [hands on her chest complaining of chest pain]

T: Leave your body. You don’t need to bear the pain again. It was in the past. Just float above.

T: Go back in time when you were leaving the house, who all are there at home.

C: My wife is leaning at the door. My grandmother is inside.

T: Are you worried about them?

C: I can’t take care of them. It was my responsibility. My wife is not even educated. My grandmother is too old.[H takes care of and looks after every one in her family and friends in this life]

T: Can you send love to them. Let them be happy where ever they are.

T: What do you see now?

C: They are happy. I am standing there looking at them.

T: Okay, Do you feel love for them

C: Yes. They’ll be fine. I am not worried any more.

T: Okay now that you have seen they will be fine. Shall we move to a yet another time when you felt scared of ghost…… 3…2… 1…

C: pause……. [disgust on her face] [ This Life 23 ]

T: What can you see H? Is someone molesting you?

C: Rajan uncle[name change] [Father’s friend in this life] he is molesting me.

T: Where are you?

C: In a rickshaw.

T: How old are you?

C: 9 - 10

T: What is he doing?

C: He is promising to get married to me.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Disgusted………

T: It was in the past H. The man cannot harm you anymore. Let go of the moment.

C: Pause……

T: Let go of the moment. It was in the past. It was not your fault. Release yourself from this moment.

Forgive him and move on. Can you do that?

C: Yes…… Forgiven him.

T: That’s good. Let go of these moments that hurt you. Now when I count from 3, 2,1 may be you can move to yet another moment where this fear of ghost developed. 3….2…1….

C: I am with Munju [name change younger sister] on the terrace of flat 42.[where lived after her mother’s death.] [ This Life 24 ]

T: What is happening?

C: Manju is telling me that somebody is behind the tank.

T: Is there someone behind the tank?

C: I can feel the pull.

T: Go closer. Can you see whose is there.

C: I can feel the pull.

T: What are you doing?

C: I am trying to run down. But I can’t move. I can’t take my eyes off the tank. I am frozen.[going white]

T: You want to check who is there?

C: No…

T: Nothing can harm you now H. It was in the past. You are safe now. Your sister is safe now. The white light is in and around you. No harm can come to you. Only positivity and Love.

C: I am in a room. It is dark. [ Enters Past Life 25 on her own ]

T: Can you switch on the light?

C: No, I can’t see. Now someone has caught hold of my arm.

T: Who has caught hold of your hand?

C: He is tying my face and hands.[breathing heavily] Taking me out of the house.

T: Where is he taking you?

C: To the forest.

T: Why did he tie your hand and face?

C: So that I do not scream.

T: What is he doing now?

C: Taken me to the forest and made me sit in the corner. I can see people sitting around fire.

T: Are you also near the fire?

C: No

T: Is it cold where you are?

C: Yes very cold[shivering]

T: Why did they take you there?

C: pause…….

T: How are you feeling?

C: Scared… Very scared. Shivering.

T: What is happening now?

C: They put me into the dungeon. It is very cold here. Very dark.

T: Why did they put in the dungeon?

C: They are going to hang me?

T: Why do they want to hang you?

C: Because I have not listened to them.

T: What did they want from you?

C: They wanted me to marry the king?

T: The King? Why didn’t you marry the king?

C: I am married.

T: Where is your husband?

C: At home.

T: What is happening now?

C: They are hanging me. I am afraid.

T: What are you afraid of?

C: I am afraid of dying.

T: How do feel just before dying?

C: I feel cheated. I feel wronged and scared.

T: Why are you feeling cheated?

C: I had so much of life left.

T: Just float above and tell me what you can see?

C: Pause……

T: Float and go to your home where you used to live. 3…2…1… What do you see?

C: My mother-in-law and father-in-law.

T: Where is your husband?

C: Work. He comes back late.

T: Okay move to the time when he comes back from work. 3…2…1…

C: He is back…… He is sitting……… He is crying……. He is missing me.

T: How do you feel.

C: I feel light now that I have seen him.

T: Are you still floating?

C: Yes……

T: Where are you? What can you see?

C: I can see those men who hanged me. They are sad. They are feeling guilty.

T: Okay Can you forgive them for hanging you?

C: Yes……

T: Can you forgive the king?

C: Yes…… pause…. I want to come back. My chest is paining.

T: Okay I will take to your heart and see what you can find there.

C: Okay

T: 5…… 4…… slowly go deeper inside and find the way to your heart. 3…… you are almost there

2…… and 1…. What is coming to your awareness H?

C: It is full of white light. Very bright……

T: Is your chest still paining?

C: No…. I feel very peaceful.

T: Be there in your heart in the healing white light…. Your heart is full of love. Imagine a loving being coming to join you in your heart. Communicate with this loving being whether through words or symbols, thoughts, images or feelings. You can ask for what you need. It doesn’t matter whether this is a guide, a friend or a reflection of your higher self. Listen for the wisdom. Feel the peace and the love. Listen to the answers.

C: Someone is speaking to me. Vision 26

T: Who is speaking to you? What can you hear?[Later I was told that it was Baba who was talking to her]

C: Trust and You can find love.

T: What else?

C: Shana will be fine. [name change her daughter is going abroad for higher studies.]

T: Can we now come back to awareness?

C: Yes.

Client was brought to awareness at the count of 1 to 10.

To be continued……. Client wants more sessions. Pain level has gone down to 2


Am not sure if it’s correct to ask a direct question “is someone molesting you”?


Seema ji first of all congratulations on completing the session. Hats off to you for your patience. And what a journey of the client. But I liked that your client has forgiven everyone who did wrong to her.
Kudos to you for handling abreactions so well. It must be very traumatic for client as well as you. Would like to know about integration here. How you guided the client after the session?


Dear Aditi,
Thank you so much for your feedback. Being the first case and seeing her pain level I just prayed for her to get some relief.
When the last session ended and she went to freshen herself I too cried. That time i did not know if I had managed to help her or not.
Thank you
Stay blessed.

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Dear Pooja,
Oh yes I made a lot of mistakes.I know it is not correct may be… :rofl: I have started saying what is coming to your awareness?
Better way i think.
Thank you
Stay blessed


Very well executed Seema ji.

It is quite challenging as a therapist to handle the client when they are witnessing such traumatic events of their past life …but you successfully led her through various lifetimes and resolved her trauma. Congratulations on your success. I wish peace and happiness to your client too.


Dear Pragati,
Thank you so much Pragati. It was actually challenging hearing about all her sufferings life after life. What I have noticed is that, common thing amongst clients who have had such a traumatic past is that it reflects on their face even when they don’t know the reason of their suffering. Poor things

Loads of Love
Stay blessed


Never put word into client’s mouth…let them say what is going on…correct!

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Nice Seema…
You have shown lots of patience and indeed lots of it…:)…One suggestion is to anchor the client on that life when you get the KMF and then move them back and forth from birth and death in that same life till all the closure are done…This would be easly for the client as well as for the Therapist…
This life= L0
Previous life= L(-1)
Previous to Previous = L(-2) and so on…


Congratulations Seema and wow girl I really admire you patience. You did good for it being your first case.

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Dear Ananda,

Wonderful suggestion of pivoting the KMF and then traversing through the complete past life for arriving at desired closure. :clap:

Further, If I have understood correctly the past lives that a client experience during a single session or over multiple sessions do not come up in a sequential chronological order

viz present life -1912 -1830 - 1640- 1457

Its entirely up to the Higher Consciousness or The subconscious to decide the order and the moment in which it would like to bring up the past traumas experienced life after life. This aspect is clearly seen in the present case presented by Seema Ji.

In our example, Present life- 1640-1830-1912-1457

Yes, in order to resolve an issue in toto, we would like to reach that past life in which the soul had experienced the trauma for first time ie the root.

To keep a bean count we may like to number the past lives being experienced by the client in a particular way (Like Seema Ji has done in this case) but the system of

  • L0 present life
  • L-1 previous life
  • L-2 previous to previous

may need a reconsideration. May be you can assist me in my further understanding of the same.

Feedback of my fellow Amarantanians on my understanding are Welcome :pray:



:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Yes pretty much SuperCouncious is definitely the Divine. If it chooses to not reveal, it will not. What I meant was to facilitate the client so that it by indexing the their life, therapist can smoothen the flow of past life data.

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This is actually an excellent idea beloved @Monesh_Bathre,
marking lifetimes as L1, L2… I used to do it in the report I was sharing with the clients.
Henceforth we can make this a standard.


Well done @Seema_Ramakrishnan
It was serendipitous that you got such a good client and the client got such a dexterous therapist.

based on what you shared in Meta, “She saw 27 visions of past and present lives during the period of 2 to 3 hours.” actually this is not such an appropriate scale of measurement. Working hard to ensure that no residual is left out even after one lifetime is greatly therapeutic than visiting so many lifetimes.

This could have been handled better, reflect on how and share it with us.
Please focus on coaching breathing, stress management, and read “Why me” to see how to arrive at resolution. You got the gold nuggets but it would have been nice if they could have been made an ornament.