"souls travelling together over life times & evolving through the conduit of dynamic interplay of relationships and karmic patterns”

At the Inception,

“My Humble and Heartfelt Salutations to The Amarantos Family whose guidance and blessings I seek in my PLR journey”

This is my Third case.

Vitals: MM, Female, 40+ yrs,
Hypnotisability Scale: 9/10, Eye Roll: 2/5
Visual and Auditory.
Pain point: 8/10
Post Session: 1/10

T: Therapist
C: Client (abbreviated as MM)
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         Progression with the Case

The Resources : “MM” is a female who is quite well settled in life with a loving and supportive husband who has contributed a lot in her personal growth. She is blessed with a Son who she attributes to have been possible only with the profound magical powers of pure intent and unsurmountable belief in the almighty. Her inner beauty finds expression in various art forms. She is spiritually oriented and has been following her spiritual practices for long. A healer herself she has been practicing various healing therapies and has been helping troubled souls in their quest of finding resolutions and answers of lifetime/(s).
Born in a joint family she was blessed to have imbibed the love of parents but had to grow up in a very restrictive environment, influenced/controlled by uncles and aunts, that bore a tremendous traumatic impact on her.

She found a soulmate in her husband however relationship with parent in laws especially with the father-in-law has been constrained all through her married life. She never got the acceptance and place that she deserved. Despite this she continues to be an ardent and dutiful soul who is living by her promise of keeping the family together always.

She has been trying to understand the difficult relationship and plausible ways to find a solution to the situation. She also feels that she has suppressed anger within her and has been getting dreams of large tsunamis erupting out of blue.

Day 1: 28th May 2023, 1030 am to 6 pm Session 1 & 2.

Covered: Stage 1 to stage 8, Induction, Visualization, Regression and Return to Awaken State.


Theme 1: Difficult relationship with In Laws despite of being a dutiful and genuine soul shouldering all responsibilities of keeping the family intact.

Theme 2: Supressed anger and dreams of Tsunamis erupting suddenly.

Stage 9: Checked all points and agreed upon signals of IMR.

Prayers to the Almighty, Higher Masters and my Beloved Guru Dr Venu for blessing the proceedings with their love and wisdom.

Stage 10 (Induction): Achieved Deep trance state with Progressive Relaxation followed by Dave Elman. Periodic feedback of client’s awareness taken through IMR.

Stage 11 (Visualization): Used the Ball of light (colour of own choosing) Visualization followed by Walking down Stair case that led her in to a Garden. Established the Garden as the SAFE PLACE for her to return (if she chooses to) in event of witnessing an unbearable scene or situation in past life. The client could experience the Garden very vividly describing various elements present therein.
Took permission to proceed ahead.
Guided her through Tunnel of Light into Corridor of Doors. Suggested to close the door behind which she would find the resolutions to her questions.

Made her open the selected door at the count of 1 to 3.

T: What comes to your awareness?

MM: I am in a place with broken homes… old vehicles…

T: What time of day is it? Does any year or date comes to your awareness?

MM: Feels like 1648…its day time

T: Maybe you can look down at your feet. What are you wearing?

MM: I am a woman wearing shoes and white socks. I am dressed in a cream colour frock with frills and an apron. Scarf is tied on my head. I am thin.

T: What age is this lady of?

MM: 55/60.

T: Does a name comes to your awareness?


T: Okay Margreat …what are you doing here?

MM: I am looking for someone or something…waiting for it …

T: What or who is that you are waiting for?

MM: The glimpses have changed now….I am 20/30 years old …

T: Are you still Margreat ….perhaps a younger self.

MM: Yes, there is a baby girl on her lap…she is sitting in front of house in a colony…has a small family

T: Who all are there in this small family?

MM: Husband,son and daughter.

T: Margreat , Does a name for this place comes to your awareness?

MM: Scotland.

T: What is the relevance of life of Margreat to your present lifetime? How is it important? Allow yourself to go to supper time and see the relationships in this family.

[ Client has a smile on her face as if she is about to laugh at someone !!]

MM: There is a big very fat man…huge belly.

T: What is this man doing here?

MM: He is my father-in-law…doesn’t talk to me. Always with frowning face. But I am giving him his food.

T: Does he resembles to anyone from this life time?

MM : [Took some time to answer] I am not sure……

T: What is the reason for him to not speak to you?

MM: My husband is gone out for work …He thinks that because of me my husband has gone forever…I keep doing so much work at home. I am waiting for my husband …he is very loving…he said that he would be back soon….my father in law thinks I have taken his son away.

T: How long you wait before the husband comes back?

MM: He never comes back …I am quite old now…Still I go to old house…broken now…keep waiting for him…

T: When is the last time you find or meet the father-in-law?

[No answer from the client]

T: What happened to your children?

MM: My son [of Margreat] is my brother in law in this lifetime..daughter is married away…I am with my son…He takes care of me…works in a farm …

T: Does the daughter resembles any one from this lifetime?

MM: No …but she is looking back at me…worrying about me…never gets to meet again.

T: What could be the reason for not meeting her again?

MM: She going very far.

T: Margreat I will count from 1 to 3…allow yourself to go significant moment of your childhood.

MM: I am a happy girl…about 10 yrs…they have horses

T: What are you doing? Where are you now?

MM: I am in farm only with my sister…playing…

[Suddenly client started coughing and has expression of being scared]

There is a storm there…can’t see anybody…holding my sister…

T: Allow yourself to come out of the discomfort by floating above the scene. What is happening now?

MM: I can’t see anything…[Client still in discomfort]

T: I am going to count from 1 to 3…at the count of three go to a time before the storm hits…what comes to your awareness?

MM: I am at home…Daisy is my sister…My parents are around.
T: What is the family doing?

MM: We are there…father is feeding horses…mother is watching over us…they are laughing at us as I am putting my father’s hat on my head…I am so happy…

T: Take your time to dwell in this beautiful and happy experience…let me know when your are ready to move ahead.

[The client confirmed with IMR]

T: Does any of the family member resembles anyone from this lifetime?

MM: Father seems to be familiar….but I am not sure.

T: Allow yourself to move to any other significant moment in this lifetime.

MM: It’s the day my husband is leaving by ship…many people going on it…I am not happy he is going…he is very loving…he said he will be back…

I am very very old now…very lean …still waiting for him.

T: Who is taking care of you?

MM: I am alone…very old 85/90…everyone moved out of that old place…no farms any more…they are asking me also to move with them …but I am staying…I want to be here…He went for our good…Why he did not come back??

T: Allow yourself to move to the last moments of this life as Margreat…What come to your awareness?

[After a great while]

MM: I was waiting there to prove to my father in law…one day he will come back …he went for own work…I was not responsible for that…I needed to move on…But I kept waiting.

T: As you cross over from life of Margrate what are the lessons that come to you?

MM: I kept waiting,did not want to leave that place…but he had already reached home.

T: Which home?

MM: Our home…went there…saw him…he was sitting in our room…[the souls are meeting each other]

T: What is he doing there?

MM: It is very beautiful…. he is smiling,saying ,doesn’t have to prove anything…you are not wrong

T: Any more lessons that comes to your realisation?

MM: I am not responsible for what my father in law was thinking…I should have moved on with my son and lived my life… I stayed on just to prove that he did not go away because of me…I did not take him away…even my father in law was not there…I took it too seriously…kept working like slave. ‘HE STILL FEELS THE SAME
[client was referring to her father in law in present lifetime]

MM: She unnecessary took guilt and allegation to prove something not true…could have lived with children

T: How do you look at the attitude of father-in-law of Margreat?

[Client says very promptly]

Something is saying: ‘Live this life now…”

[With exclamation and happiness on face]

MM: “He is back”…husband is back …in this lifetime…he has the same smile!!!

Another sense is coming…

The faster we accept anything the sooner we get out of misery and suffering…if we do not accept we keep waiting for it”

There is a Master…He is making me feel protected…He is saying that its okay You needed to learn this…live in your truth ,you do not need to prove anything to anyone…

[After a pause]

MM: Lots of similarities…she was a free soul…. took guilt of other’s thoughts and wasted her life.

T: Are there any more lessons? Let me know when you are ready to come back? I am here only.

[Client confirmed to comeback through IMR]

Brought back the client to awaken state by counting from 10 to 1 with suggestions of becoming more alert with each number up.

[ The client opened her eyes… with drops of tears rolling down. There was a great calm on her face and a genuine smile on her lips.]


Day 2: 29th May 2023, 1130 am to 6 15 pm.
Sessions 3 & 4

Covered: A comprehensive talk on previous day’s session and client’s experience of same, Induction, Visualization, Past Life Regression, Return to Awaken State, Integration and Closure.

Talk on Last Session. The client was exhilarated to have such profound learnings and realisations of the multiple connections her present life has with the life time of Margreat. She could very well integrate few of them as under: -

  1. Husband-Wife. The soulmates are back in this life time as husband and wife and have a deep loving relationship. Now also She never like him going away on official tours especially prolonged ones.

  2. Father- Son. The souls are in same relationship where father has a very strong feeling of not letting him go like in last life…the attitude is carried over from the lifetime in Scotland and he still carries the belief that the daughter in law had taken his son away. Probably the reason behind his negative approach towards the daughter in law in spite of her arduous efforts.
    At the time of marriage as well the father-in-law had strong apprehension of losing his son and so made the client undertake promises for this whole present lifetime.

  3. Son – Father. The son in lifetime of Scotland had missed his father (gone away for ever). He has returned in this lifetime as younger brother. In actuals as well the relationship is more of father son than brothers.

  4. Margreat. The present-day soul of Margreat continues to shoulder all her responsibilities despite the complex and difficult prepositions existing in relationship with her in laws. She has now learnt her lessons and is ready to take the responsibility of making requisite changes to her present life.

           Proceedings Of the Day

Stage 10 (Induction): Progressive Relaxation followed by Dave Elman. The client could reach a deep level of relaxation and trance, periodic feedback of client’s awareness taken through IMR.

Stage 11(Visualization): Used the ball of light (colour of own choosing) Visualization followed by Walking down Stair case that led her in to the Garden (SAFE PLACE). Took her through Tunnel Of Light (colour of own choosing) into the Corridor of Doors.

T: Behind one of these doors lies the answers of the questions that you have been seeking. Allow yourself to choose the particular door. You may now see and probably also feel the knob in your hands. Let me know when you are ready to open it.
[MM confirms with IMR]

T: I am going to count from 1 to 3. On the count of 3 open the door and find the answers you have been seeking1…2.and 3.

MM: I am feeling stuck…something is pulling me…I am sinking…my leg is feeling heavy

[indicated right leg which was moving as if trying to free itself]

T: As you are stuck in water and having an experience of sinking allow yourself to absorb this Feeling and let it take you to the reason or time that has caused this situation?

MM: Something happened…suddenly water came and I got stuck here…leg in chain …concrete…pulling me down…

T: I am going to count from 1 to 3. At the count of 3 allow yourself to go back to moment before this heavy water has come. 1…2…3…now…What comes to your awareness?

MM: There is an Island…a beach…fishermen are around…

T: What place is this? What time or calendar year comes to your awareness?

MM: Can’t make out….I live here…

T: What time of day it is?

MM: It’s a sunny day and looks like afternoon.

T: Do you hear any name for yourself?

MM: Rati….I look dark in colour.

T: Can you looking down at your feet? What are you wearing?

MM: I am bare foot…dark texture…kada type ornament in right leg…saree like dress wrapped around…

T: Okay Rati…what age you are of ?

MM: 28…

T: What are you doing here?

MM: I am at some higher place…can see fishermen going …I am drying clothes…bamboo weapon and net being carried by fishermen…

T: Allow yourself to move to supper time and let me know what comes to your awareness?? Who all are there with you?

MM: It’s a small village very few huts…small tribe…lives all together…she has climbed up …some cliff …to look for something…she is feeling something…SOMETHING WERID…Climate is bad…thunders…she has come to see if men are back …huge waves coming….

T: Does the men come back?

MM: I am submerged…something happened rapidly…water is settled now…I am still stuck under water…

T: Do you still have a body?

MM: No…risen too high. She still thinks she is in body but she is not…she continues to feel the pain…

T: Perhaps as you rise high you may find a higher energy or a master or guide who can assist.

MM: I was on high cliff…but I came running down to inform others and then I got submerged and died…but I went to help others.

T: Allow yourself to go to any other significant moment in this lifetime.
[ Client was receiving lessons/revelations from higher consciousness]

MM: That’s why I fear SEA. I like but I am afraid to go
inside…Some sense is coming
The heaviness I feel in my leg is also related…feeling heavy in limbs…not able to release…

T: Is there any other significant moment in this lifetime that needs to be explored?

MM: None….

T: What are you experiencing now?

MM: I am seeing lotus …rising above water level…I am the lotus…rising high…so many lotus are rising…It’s a vast place bright light …changes colour blue …white…it’s beautiful…

T: Allow yourself to imbibe the positive and beautiful energy of this experience. Let me know when you are ready to proceed ahead.

[Client had a serenity on her face with absolute calm. She confirmed to move ahead through IMR, after a while]

MM: I am ready to come back now.

Brought back the client to awaken state by counting from 10 to 1 with suggestions of becoming more alert with each number up.

[ The client opened her eyes…. There was a great contentedness on her face and a genuine smile on her lips.]

Integration & Closure. Client was very happy to have gone through such divine experiences. She could establish lucid connect with previous lifetimes and profound lessons for her present lifetime. Repetition of Karmic Patterns in relationships till the time apt lessons are learned is a resolution she could receive towards difficult relationships in her present life. She is ready to take the ownership of her life and being in changes in the light of profound learnings during PLR sessions. She could also relate to her fear of large waterbody/dreams of Tsunami.

[Concluded the proceedings for Session 3 and 4]

Reports & Recom

The report has been shared with the client on WhatsApp and feedback taken.
She was recommended to continue with her spiritual practices and mediation. She should now see the attitude of her father-in-law in the light of learnings imbibed during PLR sessions and do not blame herself for the troubled relationship. She has found her soulmate in her husband so
she should live a life full of love and genuine companionship.
Any more learnings or messages she receives could be shared (if desired) with the therapist for purpose of learning.

I wish her the blessings and guidance of the Masters and those of our beloved guru, Dr Venu Murthy.

Feedback received from client.


Dear Monesh!
Once again a beautiful session. And I must appreciate your patience to go to that extra mile to help a client. My rake aways from this case is that at times we don’t even realise how feelings, emotions, and behaviours are intertwined from memories so deep into the past life. To debug the fruits on the branches we need to dig down to the roots… this is so interesting to see how Fear, Pain and Love transcede through life times. Infact this also emphasizes Souls never die, we keep meeting and incarnate together to finish and live emotions and feelings that were left unfulfilled.
Repressed Anger, inability to move, bondages, restrictions, perceptions of others put so much weight on our life… and we keep going through similar events untill we decide to retrospect Learn and acknowledged that things are not going right way and we take actions to rectify our mistakes learned through revelations from higher or Inner self or the Soul who knows it all. Wishing you many more successful sessions and service to people through PLR.

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Great session
All the very best for all your future healings


Congratulations for your 3rd case Monesh!! So wonderfully executed and apt recommendations suggested. The client report at the end says it all . Best wishes to you for the future !


This is amazing :blush:, thank you for sharing.