The taxi driver's journey into his past life. PART-1

Dear Friends and Gurus,
with the blessings of Gods, Masters, the wisdom imparted by my beloved Guru, Dr. Venu, and the support of my spiritual companions at Amarantos, I have conducted this case.
Please review and post your suggestions. Feel free to highlight the shortcomings of the sessions and provide appropriate suggestions or corrections that would enhance our learning.

Date: 15th DEC 2023.

Medium of language : Kannada.

Session 1:

Client Assessment:

The hypnosis score is 7.
VAK scores are 9,4,2.
Dominant Sense: Visual.
Eye roll score: 3.
(Completed until Stage 5)

Client’s mental status examination:

Appearance: Well smartly dressed.
Posture: Good.

Gait, Movement, and Behavior : Normal gait and movement and maintained good eye contact.

Affect/Mood: Normal.

Speech Rate and Volume: very fast, but volume is normal.

Length/Content/Clarity of Answer: Appropriate.

Thought Content: The client appeared stressed and very positive about the PLR.

Client Information:
TEJUS (Name changed), M, 33 Years, Unmarried.

Occupation: Taxi driver.

History Taking:
The client has been facing challenges since childhood. He is working from childhood to help his family. Despite the financial crunch and work, he completed his 10th STD and couldn’t continue his studies further. The client frequently used to engage in mischievous activities in school. He is very aggressive in nature from childhood. To maintain his family and his financial issues, morning to night, he drives his taxi and works as a security guard in the night, without rest. He never shares his pains, issues, and worries with others. He always maintains a smile on his face.

Personal Life:

His father left their family since client’s birth. His father never returned home and started living separately with another woman in a far distance place. The client had never seen his father’s face since his birth. He grew up with his mother and elder sister. To maintain the family, his mother started working in a garment factory. These things caused deep anger and longing in the client. The client’s elder sister is married and living separately. The client became emotional while explaining his struggles, not being able to earn much money, after doing so much hard work.

Theme finalization.

Theme 1: Reasons for the financial issues.

Theme 2 : Reasons for not being able to find a soul mate ?

Pain level before the session - 10/10.

Session 1 :

Before starting the session, a relaxation music of bell chant was played.

Date:15th DEC 2023.

( IMR confirmation)
Session duration: 3 hours.

The session started with lighting a diya and prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Completed stream of the boat and reframing. [Mountain Cliff]

Monitored the client’s trance level by observing non-verbal cues and paying attention to the depth of his breathing.

Applied deepening techniques based on non-verbal inputs to improve the trance state.

T: Are you in the garden? ( IMR confirmation)
C: Yes.
Deepened trance state, further taking him through the staircase.
The client could see some of his painful childhood memories. So, the inner child’s pains were released.

During the session, he saw Masters and a big statue of Buddha. Then the client saw himself sleeping next to a cow, and the cow was licking his face. The client is surprised and feels happy.

Confirmed every stage through IMR.

Reframing done [Mountain Cliff]

(Post session, client confirmed that he felt like, as if he was experiencing everything.)


The client’s breathing was shallow. so, I used deepening techniques to make him more relaxed.

As you relax and breathe deeply, your subconscious mind is aware that there’s a level even deeper than the one you are currently experiencing. Allow your subconscious mind to take you to that deeper state. Now, as I count from 3 to 1, you may find yourself entering a much more relaxed state.

Period of silence:

I am going to give you a few moments to allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

Nonverbal cues suggested that the client was in a relaxed state.
Guided him to an imaginary beach, and IMR confirmation was taken to validate his presence in the beach environment. The client saw three doors near the beach.

T: You can open any door. What comes to your awareness ?
C: I could see a beam of yellow light.
T: What else could you notice around you ?
C: It’s a very big house. I’m sitting on a sofa with my grandfather. Many workers are their, they all are doing their work silently.
T: How old are you ?
C: 20 years.
T: What is your name ?
C: Rama.
T: How are you feeling?
C: Feeling good. Many workers and it’s a big house.
T: How do you belong to this house ?
C: I’m the grandchild of this house.
T: Take this positivity with you and let it be with you always. What is happening now ?
C: Me and my grandfather walking towards the dining hall. All workers are standing with heads down, and few are arranging breakfast for us.
(My grandfather calls me by my name, Rama.)
T: Now I will count from 3 to 1, allow yourself to be in an experience, why you are not able to earn more money. What comes to your awareness ?
C: I’m 10 years old.
T: Who else are around you ?
C: My parents are with me. We are the richest in this place. Our family is known by the name Desai.
T: What are you wearing ?
C: Shirt and lungi.
T: What is happening now ?
(Client started crying)
T: Relax, take deep breaths. It has already happened. are you able to float above you. Yes, relax,

  • List item

C: Two people are holding my father tightly, and another one is threatening my father by holding his neck. My mother is tied up with a rope. She is screaming.
T: How do you feel about it ?
C: Feeling very scared. They are beating my father.
T: Who else are around you crying and feeling worried ?
( As the Non verbal’s suggested ): Take deep breaths and relax. It has already happened ? How are you feeling about it ?
C: Feeling very sad and concerned ?
T: I can understand what you are going through.
C: Yes.
T: Who are those people, and why they are beating your father ? And what do they want ?
C: They are from a different community. They are jealous of our property and money. Forcefully, they are taking my fathers signatures on some papers.
T: What happened next ?
C: My grandfather is taking me somewhere. It’s completely dark. We reached our another house which is far away from that house.
T: Who else are with you ? What else could you see in that house ?
C: I am alone. There is a table in front of me.
T: What is there on the table?
C: I could see people serving me food.
T: How are you feeling about it ?
C: Feeling bored by being alone.
T: I can understand what you are going through. See what happened to your parents, as I count from 321.
C: They have locked my parents in our house, and they are searching for me and my grandfather. They couldn’t find us. Now they burned down our house and my parents.
T: Relax and take a deep breath. How are you feeling about it ?
T: Go to the next significant event. How old are you ?
C: I’m 25 years old. My grandfather loves me very much. He didn’t allow me to go out of this house till now. He is scared of those people.
(Nothing much came to his awareness.)
T: Go to the next event, which is coming to your awareness ?
C: I am traveling on a bus. I reached an unknown place. Many people are sitting under the tree and chatting among themselves.
T: How do they look like ?
C: With big peta on their head and with big mustache.
T: Which place is it ?
C: I don’t know. I convinced my grandfather and came out, as I was getting bored being at home for years.
T: What is coming to your awareness now ?
C: I could see a girl’s ear.
T: Who is that ?
C: I can’t see anything except an ear ?
T: As I count 3-2-1, will you come to know everything ?
C: It’s a small hut. A beautiful girl is preparing rotis outside the hut. I am watching her from a distance sitting in a bullock cart. That night, I slept in that bullock cart. The next morning when I woke up, I was in a big field, there was a waterfall. Water is crystal clear. That place was so beautiful.
T: Go to the next significant event ?
C: I am dead.
T: How did you die ?
C: Someone poisoned me.
T: See what happened exactly ?
C: From that waterfall, I started walking to reach a nearby village. An unknown person came on a bullock cart, and he agreed to take me to his village on his cart. He took me to his house. And told me to take a bath in a nearby well. While I was taking a bath, that person checked my bag. After seeing a lot of money in my bag, he planned to kill me to take that money. Later, he gave me the poisoned food to eat.
T: What were your last thoughts ? What are you carrying from that life to this life ?
C: Having a lot of money and property is not safe.
T: Do you recognize anyone in that life who is present in this life also ?
C: No.
T: Do you like to release all those emotions, feelings, thoughts, pains, and other issues that you are carrying from that life to this life ?
C: Yes.
T: Release release release.
C: Yes, I have released.


I suggested the client to be positive in life. Let all those happy moments of that life be with you forever.


After the session, the client feels happy and relaxed. He is surprised to experience his past life.

Pain level -

After the session 3/10.


Advised him for a few more sessions to know more about theme 1 and to find out the root cause for theme 2. The client is advised to meditate daily.


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Dear Ashimta,
Congratulations, Ashmita. You handled the case wonderfully.
Why and will are not allowed? Now it is registered in my mind. Thus, I am reminding you.
We have to be wiser enough before manifesting or registering anything in our minds.
PLR is like a bouquet of lessons. We have to understand our lesson from others journey.
We are therapists because maybe God is planning something for us and he needs his team. So he is sending messages through all the clients.
How lucky and blessed we are!

One question Ashmita
T: Release release release.
Can we release like this also …?

Thank you so much for sharing this case and making us wiser.

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Am sure the session must have been great for you and the client. However, what i feel here is translating from original language to English missed out descriptive information.

In todays’ time financial insecurities and lack of partnership is the most common reasons for stress building.

Did you mean - played the VIDEO and IMR was explained to client before starting the session and during Dave Elman the IMR was taken as confirmation.

Avoid direct questioning. Nonetheless he did reach the garden :blush:

Rushing for conclusion

seriously :thinking:

Identifying the girl here would had been good.

too late questioning

Wishing you best for the second part.

Before bell chant IMR was asked, everything I’m following as per our guidelines only, only thing is i have not used word Excel typing are writing so long things, txn u so much everyone for correcting me dear , i do not have any idea about technical u can not believe i don’t know how to copy the link of the case’s uploading etc I wish I get more learning and corrections from you all so I can learn better,


It was very great session ashmita ji.
As I came to know that we choose our life ,would be, by facing happiest and worst consequences of past life… i hope all should understand and we all PLRT therapists should become one part to heal our people’s.

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Dear Ashmita,

Heartiest congratulation on conducting the session and especially for doing so in the vernacular. I am sure many good aspects which you had actually conducted during session might have lost their actual weight owing to requirement of translation. My feedback is structured accordingly.

The same is as under for your consideration pl,

We may work further on distillation process to arrive at Theme for our sessions primarily by zeroing down on the emotions/feelings the client experience out of their presenting problems.

Eg: The presenting problem of not able to find a soul mate might be arising from emotion of FEAR (having lost a soul mate in previous lifetime) or emotion of Guilt ( when the super powerful sub C might be stopping the soul from getting in to a relationship, having say lost a soul mate owing to own mistake, in a previous life time !!!) The emotions and underlying reason for same are the destinations (THEME) to be arrived at.

Very well for assisting the client with Inner Child Healing.

Very apt approach as it keeps the therapist and client in sync. :yellow_heart:

We may give time to client to remain in an experience they are having in session but I am not sure if it can deepen the trance.

I would recommend that we consider suggesting floating above if the client is not able to bear the traumatic experience. Initially we try to manage the stress with breathing techniques, suggesting it has happened in past and dealing with emotional energy of past trauma.

Very well done as this suggestion anchored the client to past life emotion.

Consider applying the suggestions :
What you are carrying from that life to this life ? (You applied it very aptly)
Consequent to this :
What would require to do done in this lifetime to resolve the feeling of ____that you are carrying from the lifetime of Rama?

This approach might have steered it to the needed actions for the resolution being sought by the client.

Great going …I am sure with your assistance the client would achieve all resolution he is looking for.

Best Wishes,


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

thank you so much for your valuable feedback and correcting me sure i will follow , much more to learn from you all

Dear father, guru Venu sir… with Your and blessings of Matarani I am presenting one little first session of PLRT of one of my staff member
Theme Is complicated but I tried my best to work upon this theme… so here is case

Sir my collegue is very hard working female body but with masculine energy…one day we had one discussion about PLRT and in lots of talks she told me that she is feeling much close to some energy and that energy sometimes grew so much that she can heal by putting her hands :raised_hand: on someone’s head… she was telling that I am feeling that I am out of this materialistic :earth_americas: world… some energies are working behind me

Now today she called me and asked me for PLRT and I said OK

We finalize theme and start session with first


Relaxation techniques

Then Healing ball of light

Sir when I instructed her to come down from stairs family she didn’t visuvlize any stairs, temple then after i instructed her to go to garden and asked her what are you doing in garden her ans was (कि मै गंधे के फुलो की माला बना रही हु) and after that i instructed for door but she didn’t saw any door after my instructions she directly reach to another dimension were she saw many planets (गहृ) and I asked her what are you feeling she said very normal.

My question here is she saw two dimensions in same time what was it. One universe :sparkles: and another universe

But her main focus to one important thing she told that

She had hold these planets with some strings and these strings are holded by her…

Later on I told her to move forward from these planets and try to see your past life but she said that I can’t move forward because I have holded these planets and I can’t leave.

Another thing she exprience that she is beyond this worlds . She can see earth as like small boxes from higher dimension.

Later on I instructed her that see if you are able to see anything from that dimension

Then she saw त्रिशूल that had gold plated in background and this त्रिशूल is moving round and round and got disappear after some :timer_clock: time.

Then I instructed her to come back to the place were you was making Mala sorry i didn’t ask her that for whome she was making that Mala…

And asked her to relax and slowly open your eyes

But she was telling in her whole regression that she is only assuming by her self

This was my today’s case but got despair that what she wants to know she couldn’t…

Please correct me if i am somewere wrong dear family

Thanking you :pray: all