1 Past Life Regression Therapy Session healed what 85 Physiotherapy Sessions and 4 MRI's Couldn't

Not to sound jingoistic but unfortunately, the Amarantos 15 Stage Past life regression therapy sessions are this effective in treating chronic medical conditions and I had to resort to this sensational title.

One session of PLRT healed Coccydynia (Pain in Tail Bone) which 85 Physiotherapy sessions followed by around 4 MRIs couldn’t. The patient would sit on a toilet seat to be able to work and was also a young mother of a two-year-old, we can imagine the amount of suffering this medical condition would have brought upon her.

I have the permission of my student to share this session as it was conducted as part of the demonstration during the Amarantos Past Life Regression Therapy Training through Workshop for the Atri batch (14th to 18th Aug 2021)

Her turn was decided by a lucky dip and after a brief history taking and some induction practice, the following is the transcript of the session, validated by the Atri batch.

The first reported symptom was overeating, followed by guilt (felt like punishment. )

Below is the script typed on the screen as I was conducting this session, at times explaining the rationale and with experience also predicting what would happen next.

Pain Level before Session = 10/10
Pain Level Post Session = 0/10 (taken two days after the session)

----Stages Upto 10 Done-----

[Text in such brackets is my comments and suggestions ]

[Imagine a ball of light
We generally sit on the right side of the client
Its generally an age-old practice …

Now this is a bit bland

Use some imagination

We need to take feedback


You can pace when you get the behavior you elicited

Stage 10 was induction

And now we are in Regression Stage 12

We will see in some time on how we can use Stage 11 to make it easier

Long time since we have taken a feedback

No Mind reading - “You are aware of the sensations around you…”

Since Remya has already done Progressive relaxation I will do something else

I will pyramid two inductions

We keep coaching breathing repeatedly

Because I still don’t have the rhythm I want

Now this is how we pace

Some good tissue paper please

There is something welling up, but since its a demo I will go through the whole thing

There is some strong emotion which has been triggered, but I will still get her deeper so that it will be analgesic.

So some things are just jumping up for quite some time, let us see what it is

2nd important thing, address stress from the time you see it

See all my questions are neutral, never leading into anything

See the built-up of stress in the body

Nothing but there is stress

We can see how it is difficult to get a flash…

To relax

To even imagine

But that’s alright as long as we know what’s happening with the client

So seek feedback as often as possible]


F is feeling

(text in plain text is client’s words in trance)

It’s okay inside a tunnel

[Heavy built up of stress on the forehead

It’s okay to wait, for us…

I am unable to hear … voice is getting feeble]

Some dark images, blur and unable to figure out what it is…

[The forehead is crumbling with pressure

This is I of IDT


Girl wearing black shoes

13 or 14Yo

Wearing a black frilled frock…



[This is all the process of IDENTIFICATION]


[Now anchor to this ENGRAM…]



Maybe I am alone

[So much tension which is unconscious is building up]

I deviated here because relaxation is more important to me than Past life else the client will wake up dazed

The stress builds up from the moment we trigger that flash

This is navigating in a frame

She says she feels good but the body is indicating the opposite

There could be something traumatic lurking in the dark…

We are still in the I of IDT…]


One of them is a graduation friend to whom I hardly spoke


Not connected

[Smile at something so traumatic now? Well now it’s got traumatic!]

[Stress management ]

[I m not able to hear her]

Mother is there and she is wearing a long gown

[Now I am going to distract her for some time]

Now for the bullseye




Elena… Elizabeth

Mom is old, we stay in a house

[name of the place ]


(some of Atri’s did find a place by this name and told me later)

[Stress will emerge in all sessions

The reason she is getting so stressed out is there is no support from deep breathing

This is resistance, don’t want to go there because it is traumatic ]


I can’t see my mother around…

It’s quite some time since I saw her




[we saw this earlier isn’t it?]

[supper time is to get the social structure ]

Can see sister and husband…

They are very small…

[I don’t use the word “WHY” and use What ]

Could be son or daughter they are kids…

See even she doesn’t know wants going to come… but it will be coherent in the end

She repressed the death of her mother… we will come back to that in a while]



Kids have grown up…

[I want to know who they are, but I don’t say they are the son and daughter as that could be wrong or I am leading ]

They are in the house



[we use present tense ]


Light, feeling very light

[I know it might be death but I want it to come from her]

[we see she skips death, even her own]

Died sleeping

[Even the mention of death is terrifying for her]


I am feeling bad leaving them

[Kala is going to give us a grand treat! Make list of all that you want]

Telling them to keep that love alive…

Bond and connection between both of you

Brother and sister…

[realization ]

[we want the truth so no leading… ]

[I want the relaxation that ensues post-death… ]

Something white spiraling around me

[To her own amazement death is not such a terrible experience ]




[Post Hypnotic suggestions to lock of these states to word, “Relax”]

[I want to maximize on this relaxation as we are going to need its effect for the traumatic incidents we are going to uncover]

[Now the D of IDT]

[Disassociation ]


[we need to seek permission ]

[see the built-up of stress even on the mention of that name ]

[Acute abreactions!]

I m very small…

6 or 7YO

In the house

[“You are only remembering something from the past” is the Bhrama Astra of stress management used as the last resort ]

It’s a different house… we had money at the time

The house was better


My cousin brother


He is my cousin brother


[I’m exhausted and making a few mistakes ]

(Remembered having slipped into another lifetime, where she was an Arab and kicked on the back)

I can see my father now

Resembles current father


Good but he is quite

He works for the govt…

wearing a red coat

[didnt get what she said… something about a band?]

He is quite

Unable to feeling the attachment with him…

To everyone…

[Since she is visual I can ask her to “look”]

Its a bit fancy, we had different plates to eat

Different foods…

[this is all distraction ]

[asking for parents names]

Mother’s name is Megan
Father Edward


[do you see this is just like a scratch card… ]

We are in the same house

[Everything I use is in present tense]

10 or 11YO…

[what has happened you had moved the house]

Lost father

Nowhere to be seen in this house

[this is repression— she just skips death!]

[so systematic Desensitisation ]

[going to father’s death]

[stress building up!]

Father is hugging me

[these questions are distractions ]

Things might not be the same


He says that things will be peaceful

[I don’t know if it’s death or he is going away]

I can sense that he is getting punished!!!

Because of something he may not have done

[remember she overeats and feels punished]

Mother is there but she is not expressive about it,


We have very little to eat, always short of money

17 or 18YO…

[the cemented hut made of stones was the first glimpse — Engram]


We are at the same landscape… I am a bit older

Two other kids…

They are my younger brother and sister


We all are together we are good


(Father ) He is getting some punishment…

I am able to peep from the wall…


[this is how we can maneuver through time]

Someone is just shouting…


I want to kill that person



[again dodging the question of her mother’s death]

[mothers death ]

[to water down the stress, we can use past tense]

In her 70s

I’ve lived my life

Things are fine

[a volcano is ready to erupt ]


Nobody else around


I feel settled

[but her body is not reflecting this feeling]

34 or 35YO…

[The same number she said earlier! Coherence ]

[distracted to reduce stress]

She says that everything is fine

My feelings settled…

[I want to know if she is married]


[mothers death — I think now it might not be that much ]

She is holding my arm… she knows that she is leaving

Its the feeling of separation

And she leaves…

[isomorphism ]


I am not able to locate it, but I’ve felt

[it’s okay to aggravate the feelings]

I am working somewhere,

Good job

[what stopped you from getting married]

My younger siblings, they too young…

[there will be a burnout as she is unable to breathe deeply!]


Can I come back

[god, it’s so much time! it was already more than 2.5 hours]

[Now the T of IDT]

I m on the bed…

Siblings are there

I am assuring them like my mother did to me…

I m at peace, you are at peace

Keep that bond and love alive…


I could have extended my hand to people, to defeat that loneliness!

[is it guilt?]


[acute abreactions ]

I am above my body…

Seeing them crying

I feel that I have to go

Something else is there

[shall we find out?]


[She is exhausted and we need to respect that ]

[we need to digest all that has emerged so I need a little relaxation ]

[this would be different in a studio setting as she is conscious of all of us]


Feeling that others are unable to recognize me


The trust on myself that I can go to people

[this is the integration of the clinical psychologists … ]


[Resolution ]



In the form of protection from my mother


The next day client reported to the entire Atri batch that what had not healed (pain in tail bone Coccydynia) after so many MRI scans and 85 physiotherapy sessions had just vanished!

Below are some of the observations the student shared even after some days with those who witnessed her session.


Healing stories continue to flow from the Atri batch attendees such as:-

  1. Migraine headaches have been healed.
  2. Dysmenorrhea - Painful periods has been healed.
  3. The pinnacle is for a person to have been healed of backpain that tormented him for 20 years!

Ammmmazing Venu…Grateful for all these stories of healing. Giving people the conviction that their inner wisdom knows to heal, with modalities like ours…You are a divine facilitator, Venu!


Being there and being able to see the session was such an awesome experience. It was a great learning and made me realize how much patience and empathy is required to bring such positive changes.


Thank you Venu for sharing this wonderful story of healing. I am sure, this is no less than a miracle for a person who had been suffering from so many years.