100% healing of chronic neck pain using the 15 stage PLR process

Amana (Name changed), F, 35+,7/10, 2/5, V, Severe neck pain for 1+ years, 10/10

Client felt very grateful for the healing. The pain level after regression is 0 for the chronic neck pain the client. I personally would like to take time to sincerely thank my guide Dr.Venu Murthy for imparting his knowledge unconditionally and holding me through my debut session.

Amana is not tech savvy. She came from a village near Siddapura. I gave her English version of the session as a print out. She cannot talk fluently but she can understand English. The session was conducted in English.

I gave my typed format to the client, and I suggested that she do abdominal breathing if she experiences any fear. Abdominal breathing as per research and my own experience regulates very quickly from fear or anxiety.

Highlights from case history: Client was having recurring neck pain for over a year, she consulted top notch specialist. Other than variety of pain killer prescription, she did not get any long term relief of her excruciating pain.

Note: I am practicing psychotherapist, I methodically followed cognitive method to evaluate the client and infused regression therapy

Part I

Date: Nov 19, 2021 – Nov 23 -2021

Duration: 180 minutes (3 hours)

We had 3 sessions of 50 minutes each on alternate days.

Conducted upto stage 6.

Part II

Date: Nov 24 -2021

Duration: 240 minutes (4. hours)

I completed the remaining 9 stages with emphasis on the following:-

  • Briefed on the yes and no finger (Imr)

  • Prayers to the almighty and the masters
    We started to deepen her visualization and relaxation using Dave Elman technique.

    • Record in the Typed Format, T = Therapist & C= Client
    • After the counting 10 backwards I paused to ensure the client was in a deep state of relaxation where there was no space and time. I was vigilant to see the breath rhythm and also ‘stillness’ state of relaxation.
    • Following is the typed format of my recording when the client went into a deep state.
      • T: A what is happening now?
      • C: I am seeing a lot of people.
      • T: Great.
      • T: Can you tell how old you are?
      • C: Yes, I am 18 years.
      • T: Are you a man or a woman?
      • C: I am a man.
      • T: Wonderful, what else are you seeing there?
      • C: Those people are attacking me, and I am running.
      • T: I C, where are you running to?
      • C: I don’t know, I must escape.
      • T: OK, where do you want to escape?
      • C: I don’t know but they will kill me.
      • T: I comforted the client by guiding her into a deep abdominal breathing and ensured her that no one will harm her.
      • T: I observed the change in the breathing pattern when C talked about ‘they want to kill me’.
      • T: Are you still running?
      • C: I escaped !!!
      • T: Observed a sigh of breath
      • T: Wonderful, do you want to go back to your favorite garden?
      • C: Yes
      • C: Client paused back to her secret garden for little over a minute.
      • T: I guided her for further relaxation.
      • T: What is happening now?
      • C: very silent.
      • T: I noticed the body looked very serene and peaceful.
      • T: I probed a little bit
      • C: Maintained the silence.
      • T: -made a note with speculation that the client’s life ended at that point… hence silent…
      • T: Wait for 30 seconds and continued…
      • T: What is happening now?
      • C: I am in a palace
      • T: Wonderful! What else do you see around you?
      • C: I am learning sword fighting from a teacher
      • T: Great, how old are you?
      • C: I don’t know.
      • T: That is ok, tell me more about what you are learning.
      • T: I heard a loud shrieking painful voice from the client.
      • C: the sword… the sword is on my neck.
      • T: The client put her hands on the throat and was wiggling.
      • T: It appeared the client was experiencing the pain of that life time.
      • T: After a struggle the physical body became numb and cold.
      • T: The client was absolutely still.
      • T: I could see the breath diminish and regaining back to normal rhythm.
      • T: After approximately about 1 minute guided the client to a relaxation state and her secret garden.
      • T: The client was now completely in a relaxed state.
      • T: I decided to bring the client out of the hypnotic state, because I was convinced the healing has taken its effect with that experience in that lifetime.