A different perspective on what causes pandemics, natural disasters, etc

Came across an interesting, different perspective from a life between lives regression on the sources of pandemics, natural disasters, etc

What Really Caused Covid-19?](https://lifebetweenlivesregression.com.au/what-really-caused-covid-19/)



Thank you Murali for sharing this. I had this question on my mind as I am seeing the increasing number of cases. This blog gives the right perspective.


Thanks for this Murali…
I have always felt very deeply that covid is a huge spiritual shift for the planet . A small little virus couldn’t have made the entire planet shake in it’s core otherwise. That we all grow deeper in consciousness and heal ourselves and the planet as a whole big community is indeed the lesson. Reading this transcript was highly insightful!


Can’t agree any more on this Vandu, you’ve summarised it so aptly. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing @Murali :pray:


well said Vandana ji - I read somewhere that it is kind of an “electric shock” to humanity to raise from its slumber to get rid of old ways and wake up to living in alignment with Divine Principles.


This is so true my Brother Abhinav,
I feel that the current crisis has provided humanity with a small respite to back to the drawing board.
So much of senseless travelling and spending has been curtailed. I haven’t placed an order on Amazon or refuelled the car for almost 3 months now!
I really hope that Mother Earth heals.

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