"A feeling of helplessness and utter sadness for being unable to help daughter’s health issues."

At the Inception,
‘My Humble and Heartfelt Salutations to The Amarantos Family whose guidance and blessings I seek in my PLR journey’”

This is my second case.

Vitals: SS, Female, 60+ yrs, Hypnotisability: 9/10,
Eye Roll: 2/5, Visual and Auditory.
Pain point: 8/10
Post Session: 1/10

T: Therapist
C: Client (abbreviated as SS)

        **Progression with the Case**

The Resources : “SS” is a FEMALE who is well settled in life with a supportive husband and two successful children who are well established in their professional domains and living outside the country. She is spiritually oriented and has been following her spiritual practices. She had a not-so-happy childhood staying with grandmother, away from parents. She was born in a large family with a number of siblings and cousins. Coming from a very well-off grandparents she never got to experience similar wealth and prosperity, which she thought of getting conferred with, in inheritance, a fact which always stayed in her mind as something expected but not received.

She grew up under numerous restrictions and social constraints being a girl which she detested to hilt. Academically sound, highly ambitious and possessing good mental faculty she even pursued CA but could not complete owing to lack of family support and restrictions from being in marital relation. Still, she never shied away from her responsibilities as a daughter in law and wife. However, when life brought opportunities to the door and she got support from husband she forayed into Educational Field and created a niche for herself winning multiple accolades and recognitions.

For quite long time she has been looking for answers to a pertinent issue (Irregular Menstrual Cycles) that had gravely affected her personal life as a woman and now her daughter has been facing the same for a long time with no effect of any kind of treatment. She could fight it (through spiritual practices) and came out in her times but not able to bear the pain of her daughter undergoing the very same trauma for a long time now. She also feels that the issue has been passed on from her to the daughter, which raises the degree of anguish in her for being helpless in finding a solution for the daughter .

Day 1 : 29th Apr 2023, 11 am to 6 pm Session 1 & 2

Covered : Stage 1 to stage 8 , Induction, Visualization, Three Happy Memories, Meeting Spiritual being in the Garden and Return to Awaken State.

Theme :

Theme1: A feeling of helplessness and utter sadness for being unable to help daughter’s health issues.

Theme 2: Unfounded Anxeity & Insecurity, fin issues.

Stage 9 : Checked all points and agreed upon signals of IMR.

Prayers to the Almighty, Higher Masters and my Beloved Guru, Dr Venu for blessing the proceedings with their love and wisdom.

Stage 10 (Induction) : Achieved Deep trance state with Progressive Relaxation followed by Dave Elman. Periodic feedback of client’s awareness taken through IMR.

Stage 11(Visualization) : Used the Ball of light (colour of own choosing) Visualization followed by Walking down Stair case that led her in to a Garden. Established the Garden as the SAFE PLACE for her to return (if she chooses to) in event of witnessing an unbearable scene or situation in past life. The client could experience the Garden very vividly describing a lotus pond, river channel, tulips and large tress. She found herself sitting near the pond.

Guided her through Three Happy Moments as under:

One . SS found herself in her childhood (7th standard) playing in her village temple premises that was undergoing preparation for impending 10 days festivities. She was happy playing around in sand wearing a blue dress, with her friends. She could experience the decorations being undertaken and traditional music being played.

The client had a wonderful child like smile and happiness on her face while experiencing this.

Two . Upon guided to go further back in time she found herself in village school in second standard. She described her getting appreciated by teacher for making a wonderful drawing of a rare flower in her test.

The client described the events with great pride (sense of achievement) in her voice and happiness on her face.

Three . Upon guided further back she found her to be in her mother’s womb feeling very safe and protected (hand gestured the same). She was awaiting to be Born and was happy to find many people preparing for her arrival. She also saw her mother in a Tiresome state who loudly said – “Girl”. Born in a large family she was feeling lovely.

T: Allow yourself to go back in moment just before you decided to be born in this family. What comes to your awareness?

SS: Decision was made thinking that I would have great fun in a BIG family. But I was foolish to have taken that decision. I was driven my outward fun….Inner happiness is more important.

Subsequent to this, guided the client back to the GARDEN and suggested to allow herself becoming aware of a Spiritual Being/ guide.

T: What comes to your awareness?

SS: I feel presence of someone…,may be an energy form who with white beard looks like Rabindra Nath Tagore…and he is sitting next to me.

T: Maybe you could seek answers to questions, you have been looking for or a message for the life ahead.

[Here the client was experiencing some abreactions]

T: Take your time, I am here only.

SS: He is saying that you never wanted to be a girl and considered having menstrual cycles as a nuisance. You felt happy not getting them. Be proud of being a woman and accept the feminine attributes.

[ The client shared that she had further asked about her daughter’s facing same issues bringing unhappiness in life]

SS: She needs to be more in touch of her feminine side. She is not connected to her body.

[ The client had further asked how she could help her daughter]

SS: Every thing will be all right in due course.

T: Would you request him if there is any message for me?

SS: Don’t worry …everything will be all right.

T: Kindly thank him, for the blessings, on my behalf.

T: Is he still there with you?

SS: No, he has left.

T: Okay, take your time to imbibe the experience and learnings. I am here only. Let me know when you are ready to come back to awaken state.

[After a while SS Confirmed through IMR]

Brought back the client to awaken state by counting from 10 to 1 with suggestions of becoming more alert with each number up.

[ The client opened her eyes with drops of tears about to roll down. There was a great composure on her face and smile on her lips. She was happy about receiving the positive message and answers from the spiritual being. She could not however place connection with Guru Rabindranath. Concluded the proceedings for Session 1 and 2]


Day 2 : 30th Apr 2023, 10 am to 3 pm. Session 3 & 4

Covered : A brief talk on previous day’s session and client’s experience of same, Induction, Visualization, Two Past Lives, Black Box (throwing life stresses off the cliff), Meeting Spiritual Being seeking messages for life, Return to Awaken State, Integration and Closure.

Brief Talk Client (SS) brought out the point that upon reflection she came to realisation that the Spiritual Being in last session was actually Sri Aurobindo whose teachings have made an impression on her. SS had also visited one of his Ashrams of prominence.

Further she brought out that she has been a person who used to think that she is “omniscient”. However the session had brought a lot of Humility to her.

Proceedings Of the Day

Stage 10 (Induction) : Progressive Relaxation followed by Dave Elman. The client could reach a deep level of relaxation and trance, periodic feedback of client awareness taken through IMR.

Stage 11(Visualization): Used the ball of light (colour of own choosing) Visualization followed by Walking down Stair case that led her in to the Garden ( SAFE PLACE ). Took her through Tunnel Of Light (colour of own choosing) into the Corridor of Ten Doors.

T: Behind one of these doors lies the answers to the questions that you have been seeking. Allow yourself to choose the particular door. You may now see and probably also feel the knob in your hands. Let me know when you are ready to open it and cross over to the answers.

[SS confirms with IMR]

T: I am going to count from 1 to 3. On the count of 3 open the door and find the answers you have been seeking…1…2…and 3.

SS: I have opened the fifth door. It seems like a huge palace and I am walking alone in a corridor.

T: What come to your awareness? Maybe you can look down and tell what are you wearing?

SS: I am barefoot…I have left my foot wear outside. There are paintings on walls and floor is marble with carpet over it. I am standing in front of an incredibly beautiful place full of gold and jewellery.

T: What are you wearing?

SS: I am wearing an ordinary dress.

T: What kind of place are you in ?

SS: Looks like some place in India…mysore may be.

T: What time of day it is?

SS: It a sunny day and looks like afternoon.

T: What are you doing here? Do you see or hear any more person around?

SS: No I am all alone …may be I am a servant here…in this palace…I am thinking that I am all alone but still I can not take any of gold or jewellery…neither I am allowed to go any further.

T: Do you hear a name for yourself?

SS: [Thinking]…….feels like…”kanchana”

T: Okay Kanchana…what age you are of ?

SS: 20s or 30s….

T: Allow yourself to move to supper time and let me know what comes to your awareness?? Who all are there with you?

SS: I am arranging table for the people to eat…the royal family members…i am doing lot of work.

T: What about your family?

SS: I am all alone…not married…

T: Look at the faces of persons on table…does any of those looks familiar to you from this lifetime?

SS: No…The king looks more like British …queen is looking Indian,their children are there all in royal dresses…they all are nice to me.

T: Proceed to time after this meal…what are you doing?

SS: I am eating food…with few people around…all similarly dressed…there is an old lady who is like chief of all servants.

T: Does any of these people bear resemblance to any person in this lifetime?

SS: The old lady looks like my mother in present life…she is nice to me and shows warmth. I like the place and do not want to leave it ever.

T: Allow yourself to move 5 years ahead…what come to your awareness?

SS: I am married now…moved out of palace…forced to marry…i never wanted to leave palace as it was more comfortable…money was there….all my needs were met with……Now money is very less than in palace…I do not want to have children as they will have to face fin problems and will be unhappy

T: What are your husband’s thoughts about children?

SS: He is okay with my decision…I talk about it with him…he bears resemblance to my husband in present life…calm…

T: Allow yourself to witness the last day in this life time…where are you? Are there people around?

SS: I am on death bed with my husband by my side…I have a lot of anger and regrets for not able to appreciate the good things in life…the care given by my husband…I didn’t value him…could have led a happy life with him. I die of old age…

T: As you cross over the death ….what are your feelings now?

SS: I remorse who will take care of my husband…I should have valued him…

T: What else comes to your awareness?

SS: I am in company of spirits who are looking like energy forms….they all are minding own work…one of them is looking like king sitting in centre…I want to go back to my life…I am crying to go back …

T: Maybe you could review this lifetime and find the lessons.

SS: I had made error in judgement by thinking that the palace was my home…gave priority to money and fulfilment of needs …I could have been a queen in my own house where I actually belonged to and had all the powers …I could have treated my husband in better way …I was looking towards the gold that belonged to someone else and remained unhappy….In the present life also I was always attached to my Mother’s side…(THE CLIENT’S MOTHER COMES FROM A VERY WELL TO DO ANCESTRAL LIENAGE)…and remained unhappy comparing my life to it…

T: In the light of new learnings …could you have borne children?

SS: May want to but scared of undergoing labour.

T: When you left this lifetime you were concerned about your husband…maybe you could go back and see for yourself how he did?

SS: He only took care of himself… Good care .

T: Are there any more important experience in this lifetime to be visited??

SS: No……I have made a promise to myself…to be more wealthier in next life…not work as servant…

[The tone changes at this point]

I am not scared of anything…waiting for challenges…I am bold…

T: Where are you now? What comes to your senses?

SS: I am a warrior lady…draping a saree with a sword…very courageous and bold…

T: What age is this warrior? Does a name come to your conscious?

SS: 30s…….Madhavi

T: Allow yourself to move to dinner time…Who all are around you?

SS: I am looking like an important person…some sort of leader…my husband and children are there and they are being taken care of by the servants present…

T: How many children do you have?

SS: four…two boys and two girls all in fine clothes,royal

T: Move to 5 yrs time ahead in this lifetime…what comes to your conscious Madhavi?

SS: I am a very powerful person now ,more than my husband….lot of work…people respect me…i am attractive,dynamic…very strict person…no comparison…only RULES MATTER…

T: Move to next significant moment in this lifetime…and tell me what comes to your senses…

SS: I am old…about to die…happy…people around me.proud of achievements…courage…I am ready to go…

T: As you cross over your death …allow yourself to review this lifetime and find lessons for the present one.

SS: I am satisfied with life…lot of work…low priority to family but for a higher cause …tasks executed …happy…no regrets…the spirits receive me in grand manner …i am comfortable here…

Be always courageous…fight all situations…nothing can cause harm …doubt should not affect you…

T: May be now you go back to the time or lifetime from where the issues of menstrual cycles originated.

SS: The issue being faced is of recent origin…attitude and mental make up being more manly…did not take care of body [THE CLIENT EXPERIECING ABREACTIONS NOW]…ignored the body…only liking sarees and clothes…need to balance …running a family does not come naturally …understand feminine needs and virtues…can be a women and still smart intellectual …both are not mutually exclusive…need to find balance …never give up …be bold…be fair to people…

T : Who is giving these messages?
S : “Someone inside ME”…

[The client fell back to Madhavi lifetime]

Preserve the culture…protect it…devoted to higher casue…[long silence]

T: What are you experiencing now?

SS: [comparing/describing her present life time] I am very intellectual and strategy oriented …smart…lot of work…bold

T: Are there anymore moments to be experienced in this lifetime?

SS: No , I want to come back.

The client was guided back through the tunnel of light back into the Garden. She was suggested to find a black box and fill it up with any more worries and stresses of life (big small important or silly). Took confirmation (IMR) once box is full.

Next, she was guided to visualize a spiritual being who comes with a lock and closes the box along with her. Assists in locking the box, walking with her to a nearby cliff and throw the box down the cliff taking the worries with it forever. Both to come back to Garden and suggested the client to ask any message or question still balance.

[The client said that there was an Angel with her. The client asked her about resolution of her problems…to which Angel replied that those have just been locked and thrown away down the cliff]

T: Are there any messages for yourself?

SS: Relax, things will happen, have trust, things will change for better, don’t have doubt…

T: Are there any messages for me?

SS: Doing good job…also learn to trust more…will be taken care of

T: Pl convey my prayers and gratitude to her.

SS: [silent]……[after a while]…She has left.

T: Take your time…I am going to be here only…let me know when you are ready to come back…

[after some time the client said that she was ready to come back]

Brought back the client to awaken state by counting from 10 to 1 with suggestions of becoming more alert with each number up.

[ The client opened her eyes…again with drops of tears about to roll down. There was a great happiness on her face and a genuine smile on her lips.

Integration & Closure . SS was happy about receiving the positive messages and answers from the spiritual being. She brought out that she carries a lot of attributes and qualities from her lifetime of warrior ( Madhavi ). She also confirmed the corelation between his life as Kanchana and present life where she expected to get what did not belong to her and remained unhappy for it. She could draw important lessons of recognising feminine attributes, capability of achieving motherhood and paramount importance of striking a balance. She is in her best understanding of her life situation and impart the same to her daughter.

[Concluded the proceedings for Session 3 and 4]

Reports & Recom The report is being e mailed to the client. She was recommended to continue with her spiritual practices and mediation. Any more learnings or messages she receives could be shared (if desired) with the therapist for purpose of learning.

I wish her the blessings and guidance of the Masters and those of our beloved guru, Dr Venu Murthy.*
Feedback received on Whatssapp is shared below:




Wonderful session, so nicely and systematically conducted and how beautifully the lessons came to the surface. I am happy to see how the client herself could correlate and integrate her present life attributes with past life events and personality traits.
Wish you all the very best and many many more Such amazing Healing cases in future.


Congratulations Monesh ! What a wonderfully conducted session . And so well explained . So happy to note you helped your client heal fromlong standing issues which was bothering her .
Wish you all the best !


Dear Monesh
Very nicely guided session!
You handled the client and the case very well and lead her perfectly towards a a great understanding of her life siruation . The client could find out the reasons.behind it.
"Balancing"is one of the basic features of the Universe, and the wisdom recieved in the process about the importance of it is what caught my attention!
Thanks a lot for sharing this case with us


Commendable, Monesh, you have really not only conducted the sessions in highly professional manner but also presented it in a systematic way. You also remembered to ask for any message for yourself. Correlation and integration of essence as learning outcome by the client at the end is beautiful. Congratulations. Keep it up. More power to you. God Bless !


What a wonderful session Monesh, you have done an amazing job. Perfect execution and loved the way client could receive messages and answers for her issues, I wish you all the best for all your future cases.


Dear Moumita,
Thank you so much for the wonderful words of encouragement. They mean a lot. Special thanks for connencting the client with me…it was great gesture from your end. Like all PLR cases, this one too established the potency of the therapy and brought out very beautiful lessons for all of us to imbibe.
Best Regards

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Dear Mr Sharma,
My heartfelt gratitude for sharing such wonderful thoughts and feedback on the subject case. May the almighty bless the AMARANTOS Family with many successful opportunites of bringing solace, peace and love to the ones looking for a resolution in their lives.
Best Regards.

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Dear Indu,
Thank you so much for being a constant supporter and the amazing comments. Yes BALANCING indeed is a very quitessential attribute for living a fulfilling Human Life - A lesson I too learnt from the session.
Best Regards

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Dear Shewta,
Heartfelt thanks for all the support and wishes. Such encouragement only provides for the strength and wisdom to carry on with the magical PLR that we all have learnt from our Guru.
Best Regards

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Like i had been pedantic, you have the IQ and EQ to be the PLR therapist I look up to. :pray: it’s an honour you let me share my only treasure with you.

Just look at the precision of this one statement for example

To facilitate I of IDT, you were so perfectly using present tense.

For the lifetime of Kanchana , we could have elucidated the KMF to Classical pattern to ensure no residual.

Is mainly for priming the “Anthakarna” and might not be necessary once the contact has been established with the higher consciousness. Would request you to read the chapter titled, “Reframing and Rescripting” in your workbook.
All in all, an excellent session @Monesh_Bathre, very well done.

karma of chronic worrier suffered in current life as menstural problems!
Makes us ponder on how important it is for us to be balanced!


Dear Dr Venu,

My heartfelt gratitude for sharing the amazing treasure of PLR with us all. It feels no less than a consecration to me personally. On this journey I always look forward to your blessings and critical feedbacks. As I had anticipated the true learning values for future augmentation and refinement of practice have come from my Guru. I take it as onerous responsibility to improve upon those.

Feeling Elated to receive your feedback and blessings.

Warm Regards,


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Beautiful session Monesh very professionally done… you also asked if they was a message for you…
All the very best…


Dear Mandeep,
Sincere thanks for all the encouragement and support.
Best Regards


Very Well Conducted the session Monesh :slight_smile: The messages received regarding ‘Balance’ is outstanding and really has a deeper meanings. Very good job done :+1:


Dear Sandhya,
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support.


Very well done Monesh. Very detailed report and thanks for sharing your case.



Monesh sir :pray: well done