A must watch movie - Sharif Sahib

This movie has had a significant impact on me, and I felt that it is a must watch for the following reasons

  1. Depicts the Guru and Disciple relationship beautifully
  2. Truth is beyond religions, caste or creed. Guru Govinda was a Hindu while the disciple he chose was a Muslim boy who became the saint Sharif of Shishunala
    Shishuvinahala, a village in Shiggaon taluk (in Haveri district), Karnataka. He was the son of an Imam Saheb, who was a disciple of Hajaresha Qadri, whose dream it was to unite Hinduism and Islam.
  3. Has all from Bhakti (devotion) to Advaitha… I wish someone translated this movie to English.

What inspired me the most was Guru Govinda telling Sharif, to not bring tears but to wipe them.


Santha Shishunala Sharif

I found it on YouTube, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have subtitles. But I so much wish that everyone watched and understood this priceless movie.