A Reflection of One’s Karma Phala

II बुद्धियुक्तो जहातीह उभे सुकृतदुष्कृते । तस्माद्योगाय युज्यस्व योगः कर्मसु कौशलम् ॥

[With mind focussed (on Isvara) give up (anxiety) over positive and negative outcome, If you focus on performance of action, your action by itself reaches you to excellence]

Session: 1

Nia, F, 40+, 9/10, 2/5, K
Secondary Dominant Sense: V
Theme: Why does my brother treat me poorly? – 10/10
Pain Level After: 3.5

[The client had many themes to work on; however, we tried to obtain answers for all of them.]


  1. Work on My Sensitivity

  2. Work on My Relationship Issues [Husband, in-laws, Mother, Father etc.]

  3. Is My Son a reincarnation of My Father?

  4. What is My Purpose of Life?

  5. Why does My Brother treat me poorly?

  6. Which Profession is good for me to proceed?

  7. How can I work on improving the relationship between my husband and me?

T- Therapist

C- Client

– Therapist Remarks


Nia, 40-year-old women conscious about her height, wanted to become a heroine like Madhuri Dixit but never pursued it. Nia’s family consists of her husband, two children, her mother, and her elder brother. While she had a loving relationship with her parents, her father sometimes got angry with her, although he understood her to some extent.
Initially, Nia shared a strong bond with her brother. After their father passed away, her brother became physically abusive towards her, but only before her marriage.

During her marriage, her brother troubled her a lot. He didn’t want her to get married and wanted to see her on the streets to teach her a lesson that 'A MAN IS BIGGER THAN A WOMEN’ However, Nia wanted to teach him the opposite lesson that ‘IT’S NOT ABOUT GENDER; THE ONE WHO LEADS THEIR LIFE PROPERLY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.’ Due to all this, she developed a fear that her brother will slap her in front of many people.

After marriage, Nia’s relationship with her husband was challenging. Despite his love and care, they faced conflicts like anger and misunderstandings. There were incidents where he slapped her, and she slapped him back to resolve the anger. Over time, they learned to understand and value each other’s perspectives.

Nia had a tough time conceiving a daughter as she had been married for only 8 months and wasn’t prepared for it. She faced conflicts with her in-laws and husband, not just about behavior but also finances.

She also dealt with health problems like migraines and high blood pressure. The migraines started just 2-3 days before her father passed away, and the high blood pressure happened because of her lifestyle.

She is also close to her buaji [Aunt], with whom she doesn’t share everything but still shares a lot.

Recurring Dream [Client’s Own Words] – Two years earlier, I used to have a recurring dream. In the dream, someone is behind me, and I am running. Sometimes I feel that we are good people and that the people who are not good are chasing us, and I am hiding here and there. Though I had never been caught, I always escaped, and after running and running, I floated above and disappeared. I have witnessed this dream many times.

Session -2

INDUCTION- Dave Elman-Staircase- Garden-4 happy memories

1st Happy Memory:

[The client was happily dancing with her father at her brother’s wedding.]

2nd Happy Memory:

T- And now, feel yourself going back to another happy memory in this lifetime.

C- But that happy memory got disturbed with the bad memory.

T- What is the bad memory you are experiencing?

C- One day when I wanted to go for a job my father said that ‘You have to go over my dead body’

T- What was the feeling you were going through when your father had used these words?

C- It was very bad.

T- Ok, now let’s share your feelings with him and understand his perception too?

C- He was afraid… that something bad can happen to me….

T- How are you feeling now?

C- I am feeling fine… He can use the direct words that he would be afraid if I go there.

T- Allow yourself to ask your father the reason for using these words?

C- He was thinking that I will not understand him.

T- After knowing his perception what is it that you are feeling?

C- That he is not able to express his so many fears because whenever he might have expressed, nobody understood him.

T- Do you still feel bad?

C- No, I feel pity… I am not able to express… but I am feeling bad for him, not because of what he said but what he is going through.

T- Would you like to convey some messages to him?

C- Just that, I am with him.

T-Allow yourself to ask your father if he has any messages for you?

C- He is asking me to be safe… He is asking me to take care… I just can see that his eyes are filled with love.

T- Kindly convey my regards to your father.

[Client got emotional]

T- let yourself spend your time with father and let me know once you are ready?

C- I am asking that why he feels so fearful… I can see that he is showing a memory where he has been hit and he is lying fearful Infront of somebody… When I looked at him and he said ‘take care’, then I saw his eyes is full of love, then I asked him why he is so fearful? Then he couldn’t say anything, but I could see in his eyes that he is somewhere, and he is saving himself because somebody is hitting him.

T- What is the reason for somebody hitting him?

C- No reasons, he might be a child and then he must have hit by somebody, and he is lying fearful, he is saving himself from that.

T- How is your father feeling currently?

C- He went into his room.

T- After you spoke to your father, what is it that you are feeling now?

C- That he was feeling protective about me.

T- What is it that you will be carrying with you from what you have experienced right now?

C- Parents often have a better understanding because of their life experiences. I believe that children shouldn’t be excessively frightened by physical punishment, as it can have long-term effects. Parents might struggle to openly share their fears with their children, leading them to use harsh language instead.

T- Great, would you like to stay here for some more time, or shall we move on?

C- Move on

3rd Happy Memory:

[Another happy memory was of her birthday which she celebrated with her in-law’s and her husband in a hotel]

4th Happy Memory:

[When she finally got married to her husband. It was some sort of victory she was feeling]

[After the session, the client felt better. Despite her father’s watery eyes, she saw love mixed with fear. Her father had polio, which limited his movement early in life. He used to take food to his grandfather, who was staying in a godown, but the grandfather used to mistreat him. The day her father passed away, he looked at Nia with fear in his eyes, possibly due to financial worries.]

Session: 3

Theme: - Why does My Brother treat me poorly?

INDUCTION - Dave Elman-Staircase-Garden-Progressive Relaxation
Visualization: Door-Tunnel


T- Have you passed through the door.


T- What is it the place you are right now.

C- It’s a Garden… no, It’s a field… It’s a green field.

T- Are you able to see or feel yourself?

C- Yeah, I am wearing one dress, and my hair are wavy type.

T- Look at your feet, what is it that you are wearing on your feet?

C- Brown, flat belly

T- Look at your body, how does your body look like?

C- I am a female, It’s beautiful, It’s nice, it’s slender.

T- Good, what is your age?

C- It’s around 19 or 20.

T- Ok, Is it a daytime or nighttime?

C- It’s an evening time.

T- What’s the date or year?

C- I have no idea.

T- Ok, What country is this?

C- I don’t know…it’s a beautiful place and there is a beautiful river is flowing down and then there are some hills where I was walking there is greenery, and I am happily walking.

T- Would you like to spend some time with the nature?

C- Yeah, I feel like, sitting there, I’m thinking how beautiful it would be if the world were only of ladies and no men because I’m feeling very good to have ladies around and fewer men. The ladies are so gentle, loving, and understanding, whereas men are not very understanding, loving, or gentle. I’m just expressing what’s on the mind of that girl. She is thinking about how nicely her mother cooks food and then about men, their voices are harsh, they speak nonsense, and they are insensitive. I’m just imagining a day in the house; I don’t feel like going inside. I feel very protected in nature, with the river flowing, and the sun shining beautifully.

T- What is it that is stopping you to go inside the house?

C- I want to lie with the calmness in the sweet weather and I am feeling more protected.

T- Ok, who all are there in your family?

[The Client visualised an elderly woman, possibly her mother. The men in a rugged clothing, like what we would see in the countryside. The women are dressed stylishly, as if they were in a place like Switzerland. The men work hard to bring home money but aren’t very polite.]

T- Ok, Now let’s go little forward in time?

C- I am feeling that there is a lot of yellow light.

T- Are you comfortable with the yellow light?

C- No, it’s too much, and I am feeling if something is burning. Some fire is there in the village… There are lot of cries… People are crying, they are putting water and then…. When I came back here, everything is burnt, I am just crying…

T- Let’s go to somebody around you and figure out the cause of the fire?

C- An old person, a little older than me, I am asking what happened? So, he is busy… he is saying no, I don’t know.

T- Ok, allow yourself to ask him about the year?

C- He is very busy.

T- Is there anyone else?

C- My house is burnt, and I don’t know if there is anybody in the house.

T- let’s go a little back in time so that we could figure out, who all were there at the time your house was not into fire.

C- I imagine there’s an old lady, but we don’t share a mother-daughter bond. She’s sweet. There are also two men who look scary but don’t scare me. They come after finishing their work, and we serve them water. They act hungry, so we serve them food, and then they sleep outside on a charpai.

T- Does any of these family members resembles to your current life?

C- She [Old Lady] looks like my buaji [Aunt], but she is very quiet… with the smile she does everything.

T- Let’s go to the dinner time.

C- We are not having food with them… Gents eat food first.

T- Allow yourself to ask the lady about the year? What year it is?

C- 1750

T- What place is this?

C- Right now I am imagining that it is Spain. Everybody is similarly dressed in white and red color robes. She must be my mother only, what I feel.

T- Allow yourself to find any pictures on the wall?

C- Some men are there in the picture and on the side of a river, but my attention is going to the river… The men are fair skinned, I am also fair skinned, and the ladies are also fair skinned.

T- Let’s go a little further in time, where the fire had started.

[The client witnessed the event from her present life when she entered her old house. Suddenly, her brother slapped her, all because she jokingly called him “paagal” (crazy). She felt awful because she didn’t mean it seriously and realized that he doesn’t have a sense of humor.]

T- Allow yourself to express your discomfort in one concise statement.

C- I felt bad that he is slapping for such a small thing. I said that because we used to love each other.

T- Place yourself in your brother’s position and see what insights do you get? what was the reason that your brother has slapped you?

C- Bhai is thinking that ye chhoti hoke mujhe paagal kaise bol rahi hai.

T- What are your thoughts now after getting your brother’s point of view?

C- I am just thinking that he has never thought I am equal to him, Bada Chhota is ok but at the same time I am his sister, he shouldn’t have slapped me, it didn’t go well with me. He could have just said that ‘don’t tell me paagal [Crazy], I didn’t like it’.

T- Relive the moment when your brother has slapped you?

[The client relived the moment]

T- Allow yourself to convey the same thing to your brother.

C- I didn’t like that you slapped me, you could have just said to me that you don’t like me saying you paagal [Crazy]. When you slapped me, it hurts me. [Pause]…. I told him but he did not say anything. After I said that, he went to his direction, and I came to my direction….

T- Shall we move further?

C- Ya, but I am remembering all the episode but at the same time I don’t want to go into that.

T- Once you face it, you will be relieved forever. Let everything come out from within…. And now let yourself express, whatever you are feeling in one statement.

C- I am feeling disheartened.

[Present Life Incident- The client was feeling disheartened Because on her 15th birthday, guests were at home, and her mother was washing dishes. Her brother didn’t help with anything and asked her to wash dishes because her mother was doing it. She was shocked and felt hurt that he wasn’t helping but asked her to do it]

T- Place yourself in his situation and then let’s figure out his perception as well.

C- Because my mother was washing utensils, and he was thinking that because of me she is washing utensils. According to me on that occasion he should help out. If you are caring for your mother then it’s my birthday also, you should care for your sister also. He should understand that I was a part of a family. I also feel that he is jealous of my happiness because something happened in his life.

[Helped the client to walk along the tunnel and to find a door]

C- The door, yes

T- What is it the door made up of?

C- It’s a Metal Tunnel, Metal Door, it’s an iron door.

[The client was experiencing pain in her hand, so I instructed her to float above]

T- Are you able to float above.

C- Yes

T- How is your pain.

C- Better

T- And now as you are floating above, let’s witness the lifetime from above… let’s go to the root of the problem.

[Long Pause]

C- It could be my imagination but then somehow, I went into a same lifetime where he [Brother] was a king and… trying to see that he is happy and I am his sister only and I am not feeling happy.

T- What place is this?

C- I am not sure, he is wearing something blue color velvet and red color velvet. Although I am very simple person, but I am alone at that time and he is happy and I am not liking it.

T- At the count of 3-2-1 let’s go to the dinner time.

C- I am there fully, very delicate, and reserved. While I quietly eat, he talks about the girls they have watched while they were on field. They are saying something as if that day will do sex with them, enjoy with them and we kill them. I feel invisible to them, but I am uncomfortable with their behavior. Earlier, I mentioned not liking his happiness because he behaves differently in private, he is not a nice person from heart, he is just showing up.

T- Ye Kahan ke raja hain?

C- Indian, they are very fair again

T- How old are you?

C- To be 16

T- In the same lifetime let’s go 1 year ahead.

C- And then I went to a market area and we were talking that this king has done something miserable… he is not a good king… exploiting women… While sneaking around, I overheard people talking about a major incident where he did something wrong to some gurus and I am feeling disgusting and angry. May be that is the time, I could gather some courage I mean that day in my sneaky form I shot him.

T- Let’s relive the moment that how did you plan and shot him.

C- After hearing that I went to the fort to confront my brother but when I saw him in his private area, he seemed happy and unconcerned. I cried all night thinking what to do, what not to do. I am actually feeling that there is a motherly figure there. Who is like a caretaker for both of us and I went to her. She looks like my mom in my current life. And she is very gentle… and when I told her what happened, she said that ‘Why are you worrying, Why are you bothered, what happened to other people, you just enjoy your life, why are you worrying about those praja people so much when they are not related to you. He is your brother; you should not feel that way’ the way she is dressed up, the way I am dressed up it looks like some Muslim people. And aisa bhi lag raha hai that he eats non-veg and I am the only person doesn’t eat non-veg…

T- What is your name?

C- Amira

T- What is your brother’s name?

C- No, I am not getting.

T- Allow yourself to ask the caretaker, what’s his name?

C- Pakka vo Muslim hain kyunki mere muh se nikal raha hai ki bhaijaan ka naam kya hai?… Aslam… Aslam hai unka naam.

T- What is the name of the caretaker?

[The client addressed the caretaker as ‘Amma’, but her anger wasn’t subsiding, so she went to her room. She spoke to her friend, Banu, asking what she should do. Banu called her Shaheeda, but her name there was Amira. Banu said not to worry, as they couldn’t do anything and had no support. It felt like Banu was a younger version of her aunt.]

T- Ok, kya koi aapke husband se resemble karta hai?

C- Wahan ek funny insaan hai, mere husband jaisa, jo market mein hota hai. Vo businessman hai jo idhar-udhar se doosre gaav jaata hai. Vo smart lag raha hai aur young bhi. Meri baat usse nahi hoti hai, par achchi baat ye hai ki vo sabki izzat karta hai aur sabko hasata hai. Uske papa mere papa jaise lag rahe hain thode thode…Usko sab log kabira kabira bol rahe hain… Par vo mujhe nahi jaanta aur mein usse baat nahi kar rahi…

T- Aur papa ka kya naam hai?

C- Aakash [Name Changed] hi lag raha hai… Jo naam yahan pe tha wahi naam wahan pe bhi lag raha hai.

T- Theek hai, Ab mere 3-2-1 ke count pe aap wahan jaoge jis waqt Shahida unko maar rahi thi…3-2-1

C- Mere haath mein jaise bandook hai, aisa lag raha hai aur mein uske saamne khadi hun aur vo hass raha hai… aur mujhe nahi pata ki maine usko maara hai ya kya hua… vo clearly nahi dikh raha hai ki kya hua…

T- Mere 3-2-1 ke count pe aapko sab clearly dikhega 3-2-1

C- Vo hass raha hai ki mein bandook leke khadi hoon… Usko lagta hai ki mein kuch aise chalaungi nahi… Bahut tej tej hass raha hai aur fir maine goli maar di

T- Unko Goli kahan lagi?

C- Unke heart pe… aur bahut gusse se meri taraf aa rahe hain, phir maine ek aur maar diya

T- Aur vo doosri goli kahan lagi?

C- Unke pair ke ghutne par…. Aur main bhi khush nahi hun, ro rahi hun… pareshaan ho rahi hun… aansu bhi nikal rahe hain aur fir vo hilay tou maine ek aur maar diya … vo kandhe pe lagi… Right Shoulder pe

T- Abhi aapko kaisa feel ho raha hai?

C- Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai ki ab kya hoga… Mujhe bura lag raha hai ki maine apne bhai ko maar diya

T- Mere 3-2-1- count pe thode minutes aage jaake dekhte hain ki kya hota hai?

C- Mein apne kamre mein chale jaati hun aur bandook ko kahin se phenk deti hun aur sou jaati hun… Kisi ko nahi pata ki kya ho raha hai. 11 baje ke kareeb ka time hai….aur pata nahi matlab sab ko pata chalta hai ki aisa ho gaya hai, kisne kiya hai, kisiko samajh nahi aa raha hai… aur abhi kya hoga pata nahi

T- 3-2-1 count pe iss situation se thoda aage chalke dekhte hain ki kya hota hai?

C- Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai… Thoda sa aage jaate hain tou mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki hamara koi bhai, koi cousin bhai, use us padvi [Position] pe rakh dete hain.

T- Raja bana dete hain?

C- Haan

T- Tou kya kisi ko pata chala ki Shahida ne maara tha?

C- Nahi


T- Yahan se ab hum aapki life ke aakhri dino mein jayenge?

C- Idhar kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai… Mujhe lag raha hai ki mein wahan se bhaag nikli aur kisi ko mere peeche rakha hai aur usne mujhe maar diya hai aur mein mar gayi hun… as a girl

T- Now, let’s find out who hit you?

C- Mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki jinko raja banwaya unhone hi marwaya aur maara kisi unke karyakarta logon ne.

T- Jab aapko maara gaya tha tab aapke mann mein kya feelings chal rahi thi?

C- Mujhe achcha nahi feel ho raha tha par mujhe laga ki vo jaisa bhi tha mera bhai tha, mein protected thi wahan pe… usne mujhe protect karke rakha hua tha aur koi nai hai mera kyunki mere mummy papa to the hi nahi, daayi maa thi par koi mujhe protect karne wala nahi tha, tou kya maine maar ke theek kiya ya nahi kiya aur ye cheez ki unko maarne ke baad, mein kitna unprotected thi.

T- What are you carrying from that lifetime to your present life?

C- Ki family important hoti hai, aur vo kharab bhi hogi tou vo family rahegi ek ye cheez. Doosri ye cheez ki aapko strong banana chahiye, being a girl, you should have authority, you should be little stronger, physically, and you should be diplomatic, you should know what to do and what not to do. You should think about consequences… Mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe unko punish nahi karna chahiye tha, unki galti thi but I am nobody to punish anyone. Mujhe aisa lagta hai, ye meri problem thi that I could not tolerate his acts.

T- Abhi agar aap khud ko bhaiya ki position mein rakho tou aap kya sochte ho?

C- Unka perspective ye tha ki mein kuch galat hi nahi kar raha tha, jo sab log karte hain mein wahi kar raha tha… Mujhe lag raha hai ki vo iss lifetime mein bhi waisa hi sochta hai. As a boy what he is doing is right only.

T- Kya aapko aapke sawaal ka jawaab mila ki aapke bhai kis wajah se aapse bura behave karta hai?

C- Yahi mila ki vo apni life ko us hi glasses se dekh raha hai jo vo dekhna chahta hai. Aur vo baat sahi hai ki kuch aise hua tha pichle janam mein aur iss life mein hum bhai behan bane isliye kyunki mujhe guilt feel hua ki maine unko maara. Aur jo guilt feel hua maybe uski wajah se unhone mujhe iss janam mein jab bhi maara, bahut maara, jisse ki mera guilt khatam ho sake shayad. unhone mujhe goli nahi maari par slowly slowly mujhe maar diya.

T- Agar aapko apne bhaiya ko message dena hai tou vo message kya hoga?

C- Mein usko bolna chahti hun ki vo apne glasses ko utaare aur naked eyes se duniya dekhe ki kya achcha hai aur kya bura hai aur achchai ki taraf jaaye… Aur ye cheez ki ek aadmi aur ek aurat kuch nahi hota hai aur sab logon ka apna ek role hota hai, ladki ko waise banate hain, sensitive hoti hai jisse ki ek circle of life poora ho sake because khali men duniya mein nahi reh sakte hain. Like, mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki when I killed him, I was left unprotected tou mujhe samajh aaya ki ek aadmi ka hona jaruri hai. But he is a protector, he should understand that he is a protector.


T- What is it that you have come to learn through this past life?

C- Ki emotions apne upar haavi nahi hone dena. Aapko practical rehna chahiye. Ek picture mein aap emotions ko haavi nahi hone de rahe ho par aap khud ko kud kud karke maar rahe ho vo bhi galat hai.

T- Kya aapko abhi koi guilt hai?

C- Guilt wahi ki shayad mein bhi waise hi ban gayi thi ki mein apne bachchon ko bhi waise hi maar deti hun tou hum logon ko kisi ko bhi nahi maarna chahiye kyunki usse uske mann mein fear aata hai. Jab bhi hume gussa aaye tou hume apne aap ko calm down karna chahiye aur unse baat karni chahiye jinko bhi hume samjhana hai.

[Nia has also realized that being sensitive isn’t always beneficial. It’s important to be sensitive but only to a certain extent. She felt like killing him wasn’t a solution. She needs to work on herself more; she should be practical and diplomatic. She can’t solve everyone’s problems. Nia also felt that she should have conveyed her feelings to her brother at that time and then moved on. Now, she understands that some things are meant to be let go, and it’s not our responsibility to correct everyone or to do bad deeds. She no longer feels guilty but certainly feels wise]

T- Aapko aisa kya karna chahiye aur kya nahi karna chahiye ki aapka aapke husband ke saath relations achche bane?

C- Mujhe apne expectations bilkul kam karni chahiye. Aur mujhe second person ke bhi viewpoint se dekhna chahiye. Mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki kuch chote se bada ho raha hai.

T- What does it look like?

C- Godly Figure [After long Pause] Mujhe Sharm aa rahi hai, Mujhe aise lag raha hai ki mein unke saamne jaane layak nahi hun.

T- Kyun na aisa karein ki hum unke saamne jaayein aur apne dil ki har baat unke aage bol dein.

C- Mujhe darr lag raha hai… Mere pair ke saamne kuch vibrate ho raha hai…. Phone lag raha hai mere ko

T- Par yahan tou koi phone nahi hai.

C- Maine koi question poocha hai, vo mein batana nahi chah rahi lekin unhone mujhe uska answer diya hai ki, “Ye maine aapko patience sikhane ke liye kiya”.

T- No Worries, Aap unse apni life ka purpose bhi pooch sakte ho?

C- Vo mujhe bol rahe hain ki Jo maine seekha hai vo sikhaun.

T- Allow yourself to ask him if your son is the reincarnation of your father.

C- Vo keh rahe hain ki mein iska answer nahi dena chahta, Vo mere liye hi achcha nahi hai.

T- Ok, allow youself to ask him if he has any messages for me? [ I apologize as I could not resist.]

C- Vo aapko bolna chah rahe hain ki aap apne baare mein socho. Matlab ki aap sab ke baare mein sochte ho tou aapko apne baare mein bhi sochna chahiye.

T- Please convey my gratitude and best regards…. Ab aap apne ko allow karo ye poochne ke liye ki aapko apna aur apne husband ka relationship strong karne ke liye kya karna chahiye?

C- Vo bol rahe hain ki unke Mummy Papa aur unki behan ko respect karo, Vo bol rahe hain ya tou kuch nahi karna, Phir maine poocha ki Kuch tou, unhone bola ki Unki respect karna jab bhi mile bas.

T- Kya aap unse khud ke profession ke baare mein jaanana chahte ho, ki aapko kis profession mein jaana chahiye?

C- Vo bol rahe hain ki aap kisi bhi creative way mein logon ko apne learnings de sakte ho. Routine banana chahiye aur everyday aapko follow karna chahiye, especially related to exercise, Meditation, unhone bola ki thoda aur niyam ka hona chahiye, aap ko pehle se hi decide karna chahiye ki aap ka agla din kaise jaane wala hai, uske hisaab se aapko vo kaam karna chahiye… tension nahi lena chahiye… unhone bola ki, ye poora time se aapko problem yahi aa rahi hai ki aap har din ek naya rule, naya din samajhte ho, par aisa nahi hona chahiye. Ek timetable ke hisaab se cheezein karni chahiye… Uspe stick karna chahiye tou usme mein healthy rahungi. Aur meri jindagi mein sab se kam problem aayenge. ye learning hai, ye discipline se kaam iss pe karenge tou sab cheezein theek rahegi.

T- Now you can spend some time with him, and if you have any questions in your mind, you can ask him? Take your own time, and once you are ready, then let me know?

C- Unhone bola ki meri zindagi ki sabse badi learning ye rahegi ki mujhe patience seekhna chahiye tha. mujhe sab badhon ki respect karni chahiye. Vo galat bhi bolein tou respect kam nahi karni chahiye, lekin aapka viewpoint alag ho sakta hai. Aapko unse jyada argue nahi karna chahiye… Aapko apne kaam aur routine mein kaafi jyada involve rehna chahiye, aur bachchon ka burden nahi lena chahiye aur unke saath quality time spend karke apne aap ko guilt free rakhna chahiye. Aap ek limit tak hi sab kar sakte ho. Humko apne aap ko guilt free rakhna chahiye. Jo bhi hua, Jo bhi kiya, aap apni taraf se best hi kar rahe ho.

T- Allow yourself to ask if there is any possibility where your relationship with your brother can improve?

C- Unhone kaha ki, past ka nahi sochna chahiye, expectation zero rakhna chahiye. Jo learning aapko milni thi, vo mil chuki hai iss lifetime mein. Unke saath rakhna ya nahi rakhna, ye aapka mann hai. Ab unse kuch nahi milega, kuch nahi seekhoge. Unko apne haal pe rehne do, Vo ab aapko intentionally hurt nahi karega. Vo baar baar keh rahe hain ki jo bhi karna chahte ho, uspe jyada dhyaan dena chahiye, duniya ke baare mein jyada nahi sochna chahiye. Apni learning par kaam karte rahna hai. Emotional ya sensitive nahi hona, duniya ko theek nahi karna. Relationships ko secondary rakhne ke liye bol rahe hain. Abhi ke liye vo bol rahe hain ki bahut overpowering raha hai, sab attachments ko kam karne ke liye bol rahe hain. Dheere Dheere vo kam hote ja rahe hain.vo khatam ho gaye…

[The client wanted to come back, so I brought the client back from the door to the tunnel.]

C- Abhi mujhe baar baar ek aur scene aa raha hai… Ek aag hai aur tunnel se ek pathway jaata hai, uske left side mein hi mein pehle bhi dekh pa rahi thi ki neeche aag jaisi thi aur aisa lag raha tha ki log usme jaa rahe hain, jaise ki log marr rahe hain, abhi wapis aayi hun tou phir maine dekha, meri right side mein vo ho raha hai… Aise log hawa mein udd rahe hain… bahut darr lag raha hai…

Hum recently Kamakhya Devi Mandir gaye the aur wahan pe Bali Pratha pehli baar dekhi. Jab mandir ke andar gayi tou unke faces bhi the, aur main bahut pareshaan ho gayi thi. Abhi bhi mujhe ganda feel ho raha hai jab log aag mein jaa rahe hain. Mera pathway protected hai par mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai. Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha, lekin lagta hai ki kuch logon ka marna jaruri hai.

T- Ek statement mein describe karo ki aapko kaisi feeling aa rahi hai?

C- Sacrifice feeling aa rahi hai, ki kuch logon ko sacrifice hona hai…

T- Aap abhi kis jagah par ho?

C- Mein wahi khade hoke dekh rahi thi ki vo kyun ho raha hai… kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai aur aise kuch halla gulla kuch nahi hai.

T- Tou usme kis tarah ke log hain, bachche, bade?

C- Lagta hai garib log sacrifice ho rahe hain, jaise laashein hi hain. Vo batana chah rahe hain ki, jaise mere bhai ne kiya, har jagah aise log milte rahenge jo kuch logon ki khushi ke liye sacrifice ho rahe hain, uske soul ko kuch prapt ho raha hai aur jo usko sacrifice kar raha hai, usko kuch bad karma mil raha hai. Ye sab alag cheezein hain, jiske aap kuch nahi kar sakte, aur vo heat aapko hamesha mehsoos hogi jo heat uss time mehsoos ho rahi thi jab log aag ke upar udd rahe the, it is a part of life. It is going to be there with you, for everyone.

T- Ye messages aapko kahan se mile?

C- Ye mujhe pata nahi.

T- How are you feeling after getting these messages?

C- Maybe I am trying to find some meaning of those sacrifices been made in that temple. Aur usme vo kehna chah rahe hain ki you just need to be yourself. It’s not your business kind of a thing. If you don’t like something like that, then, you just need to go away from it, it will not burn you but if you go close it will burn.

T- Ok, would you like to stay there for some time or come out?

C- Come Out

T- Do you have any pain in the body.

C- No pain

T- Remember, all of this is in the past. We only need to take learnings from here to make our present prosperous. We shouldn’t be affected by the past.

C- Ok

[Brought the client back]

Session: 4


T- Who was the higher self?

C- Some God Figure, Krishna jaise lage mujhe kyunki vo chote se aise bade hote hain na arjun ke saamne, waise hi aaye.

T- How did you like the session?

C- Mujhe aisa laga ki mein ye sab imagine kar rahi thi.

T- That’s completely fine…. What did you feel after the session and what is it that you have learnt from the session?

C- Mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki vo jo mujhe maara hai na, vo mera hi guilt tha. Usse mera hi guilt nikal raha hoga. Jaise maine usko maara, ab usne mujhe maara, tou vo kat raha hoga guilt.

[The client was questioning whether this was merely her imagination or if it was real, and she was uncertain if the insights she received were accurate or incorrect. I made my best effort to help her comprehend the situation]


T- Are you satisfied with the session?

C- Yes

T- Did you find the answers to your questions?

C- I found the answers.

T- What do you think about it,

C- It’s logical, it’s nice.

T- Did you get the resolution.

C- Yes

T- What is your Pain level Now?

C- 3.5

Reports and Recommendations:

  • Please read relevant portion of Gita in consultation with a competent Acharya

-Daily practice Meditation and Yoga

-Start writing a Journal like: Daily Activities, Thoughts and Dream Journal

-Spend quality time with your loved ones


Got so engrossed while going through this Case study. You have shared even the finest details of the session, elaborating upon the conversation between the therapist and the client.
Towards the end, making the client self- reflect upon their current situation well- defines your efficiency as the therapist .
Also, the client having the magnificent vision of Krishna reminded me of my own experience whereby I also witnessed entirely similar phenomenon and wondered if it was merely a figment of my imagination. But this experience restored my faith.
Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful journey of a soul .


Dear Sandhya,

Heartiest congratulations on a very well conducted and concluded session. :yellow_heart:

My feedback and Highlights are as under:-

Very well done as points like these are very pertinent during history taking. :writing_hand:

What astonishing way relationships are held, nurtured and transformed in our lives. Its very true that birth in Human Form is the most conducive for soul growth because in here we Experience Emotions which in turn are Experienced through RELATIONSHIPS.

Very well articulated. This way we get to know and understand the perspective of other Living Being. :innocent:

Amazing learning for the client which would have brought considerable change in her opinions and feelings for her father. :maple_leaf:

Do Consider : How are you feeling now about (paraphrase the situation) ?

Very well structured suggestion by you which gave us all profound learnings on such a delicate and core issue of Parent - Child relationship.

Another instance where you steered the session in an adept manner BETWEEN these two suggestions.

Knowledge of other’s perspective brings in tremendous Learning --Healing :orange_heart:

Life Lesson from the God Almighty Herself. :pray: :pray: :pray:

May be you could consider conducting further session to explore the first past life experienced (in spain ) with client’s concurrence.

Wishing you many more Blessed Healings… :tulip:


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear Pragati. I’m glad to hear that you found the case study engaging and that it resonated with your own experiences. Thank you once again :pray::sparkles::blush:

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Thank you, Monesh, for reviewing the case study and providing feedback. I’ll make sure to use the paraphrasing as suggested by you. :blush::sparkles::pray::sparkles:

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