A Word with Divine

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a recent session conducted by me. The reason for sharing this session will apparently become clear as you go through the details and attached audio files.

Details of Client:-

Age - 17 Years.

Gender – Female.

Issues – Self doubts, having guilt of not being a good person, fear of unknown.

After relaxation, deepening etc. the client was guided to go to a life from where she is carrying these issues.

Her body started shivering and she started complaining of breathlessness. At this time actually she was gasping for breath. After calming her down, she said that: She is a 60 year old man, on a hospital bed where Doctors and Nurses were trying to save him as he is not able to breathe.

On moving back in that life the details which emerged are as follows:-

  1. At the age of 60 years – He was sitting on top of some hill, where he had his hut surrounded by a garden. One lady ‘Emma’ cooking something inside the hut was calling him to come & have food. She is his daughter.

The date was 14 Nov 1745, and some war was going on in that area.

  1. At the age of 34 years – He was in his village with his daughter Emma who was around 6 years old. The village was burning and the scene unfolded like “I am sitting with Emma hugging me… I am telling her that everything will be fine, she is very scared… our house is also burning, my wife is inside the house only…I want to save my wife but I am also scared…Entire village gets burnt… Next day morning, I am going on top of hills & from here we can see our burnt village…”

The village identified by the Client was “Kamaha” or something similar to that. His name was ‘Boso’ and wife’s name was ‘Marry’.

  1. At the age of 28 years – “Night time… I am standing outside my hut… my wife is about to deliver a baby… I am praying …Ohh… it’s a baby girl, she is crying…very pretty and chubby… I just saw a shooting star… I am scared… because shooting star is bad luck…wherever it will fall that area will get burnt…and since I’ve seen it…I will also carry this bad luck with me throughout my life…”

During the prayer she used some other language which meant ‘Bless Us’ . I have attached the Audio of this prayer as Audio-1

  1. Went ahead in time again at the age of 34 – “It’s night time… I am sitting in hut with Marry & Emma, we are scared and concerned… it’s war time…People are shouting… ‘Amusho…Amusho’ which meant ‘Help Us’ … I hear my best friend ‘ Maro’ calling for help… Marry stops me from going outside… I kiss on her forehead and tell her that I will be back… who knew that I will be seeing her for the last time…Emma wants to come with me… I take Emma with me and ask Marry also to come… she says ‘No… you go out with Emma…’ Marry is crying… She is very brave and pretty…I go out with Emma to save Maro… his leg is stuck… before I reach…burning wood falls on him… I couldn’t save him…I hear Marry shouting and calling me ‘Boso… Emma…’ my hut is burning… Marry is inside… I couldn’t go inside… I don’t know what to do…I sit on my knees and trying to say something but nothing comes out… Emma comes to me and places her hands on my cheeks…She says we are brave… I wanted to apologize…but couldn’t…

We collect woods and construct a small hut….

(This was the second time she used some other language – Audio Attached as Audio -2).

  1. (She is back at the age of 60 years) I am inside hut… Emma is cooking… I am not able to breathe…she takes me to hospital… my body is shivering… due to lack of Oxygen…

My body is still…I am dead…Emma comes inside & looks at me… I want to touch her for last time & tell her so many things but now I couldn’t…I wanted to tell her about my childhood… I wanted to tell her that my mother died while giving birth to me…She is crying… I am looking at my body…so old & fragile…I can’t do anything now…I was the reason for death of my mother…I was the reason for death of her (Emma’s) mother… and now I left her all alone to suffer…

On enquiring that what all she is carrying from this life:-

“If I’ll not say, what I mean, what’s inside me… I will be miserable at my death because there will be lot of things that I need to say… I am not happy… I lost my wife, lost my friend and now Emma lost her father, I wish that I could go back… I knew that Shooting Star is bad luck… I left Marry to die and now I left Emma to suffer… I am carrying the fear of unknown… I am carrying the Concern / Tension… I am bad luck for people…I am a pathetic human…I have had punishment, hatred, pain in that lifetime but I am not done yet… I need to punish myself… I need to have more pain…”

On repetitive questioning that ‘what is required to let go of all these’ , she kept on telling that ‘I need more punishment & pain… I need to suffer…’

Now at this point of time, even as a therapist, I was actually wondering that what I should do to convince her to let go of all these feelings. In spite of my continuous efforts she was not ready to let go. Even as a Soul, she was not ready to move from the scene and she was not ready to forgive her.

Suddenly she said that someone is calling her. I told her to listen to the voice & go to the person who is calling her… Her reply was “Leaving all this ….No way…”. Somehow, I convinced her to talk to the voice, who was calling her. I told her to ask all her questions and doubts along with what she needs to carry from this lifetime and how much more pain / punishment she need to give herself.

Her first question to the voice was… “Why did you let me go on earth, when you knew that I will be reason for so many deaths, sadness, anguish…?”

Her further communication with the Voice is attached as Audio – 3.1 & 3.2 . Although this particular audio is 10 plus minutes, but it is worth it, even for our learning. By carefully listening to the audio, you can easily notice the difference in the voice, modulation and pain / peace in the voice when she was asking questions and when she was repeating the answers received.

One more thing worth mentioning is that, she did not recognize any one of her life mates in present life and reason for this will also become clear once you listen to the audio.

After the session, I tried Google language translator to search the meaning of above mentioned other language words. However, couldn’t find anything. Next option was name of the place but even that yielded no results because it might have been a small village or it might have been destroyed in the war. So tried the last option, that was searching for war in 1745… and wow…google gave me 15,10,000 results in 0.84 seconds… This was in Scotland and on further search I realized that the language used by outlanders at that time is now extinct and that is why I was not able to find the meaning of words used by the client.

Happy Listening….:slightly_smiling_face:

If any one of you have any suggestions, any queries or any comments. Feel free to post.

Thanks & regards,

Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma


Beautiful words of wisdom, can’t be from a 17 year old. Thank you for sharing the divine messages. So much of authority in the voice giving the answer and so much of clarity.


Going through all the video tapes, I am spell bound, by change of tone. So, much of clarity in the messages. Did she tell who was giving her these messages? Can I share this audio with others? Thank you.


Hi Harish… yes by all means you can share the audios as well as the write-up…
Even if one person gets some benefit out of it… It’s worth it…


What a session. So many messages. I am feeling so happy that I am atlest worth of listening to the audio. Thanks a lot for sharing. Wonderful, I am speechless. :pray:

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Dear Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma,
Amazing session, that too for 17year old, once again proved age is just a number. Thank you for sharing :pray:


Wow thank you for sharing, its such a pleasure to listen to these priceless words. So much guidance and so much knowledge clearly shows that age is for the body not for the soul


Hi Anurag, thank you for making so much of efforts in sharing about such a wonderful session.


Wow! Squadron Leader Anurag! This is so well done
This is a wonderful case demonstrating Xenoglossy thank you for sharing the audio files as well.


Amazing session Sharmaji!! Recording is awesome. lot of learning for everyone. Many thanks for sharing it here. Modulation in your voice is very soothing. Superb!!


Thank you for sharing with so much detail Dear Sqd.Ldr.Anurag it’s just mind blowing.


Dear Anurag ,
So so grateful ,

Eyes are wet and whole body is shivering listening to the audio !!

Forever grateful for this priceless sharing.
Much much love

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So so beautiful. Such impeccable words of wisdom.


Thank you for sharing this spell binding session with us. The audio clips are so resourceful for audience like us to understand and be touched by the knowledge that is deep within us. Also kindly please share how the session helped the client if you did have a follow up.