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Congrats on having thoughts about getting married!
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PLR and Marriage

Based on all my past life regression therapy work, I can conclude that people who died with their family around had better journye ahead!

May be this is why marriage is an institution created in every culture as it matures the soul!

Are You Commitment Phobic?

No marriages are perfect, but for that matter nothing is perfect, but we continue to live with them isn’t it?

Love is a verb and not a noun. Marriage gives us an opportunity to exercise our muscles of love and compassion. So great ready to sacrifice if you want to be successful in marriage.

Fine print: This is yet another initiave which a labour of love from Amarantos. You are responsible for your choices and do participate in this at your own risk.

Please remove all the above content and fill up the data below and post! May your life be blessed with a partner who would will fill you life with joy.

Remeber this is your greast investment, so put your whole heart and mind into filling up the details, do not procrastinate.

  1. Name
    Father’s name
    Mother’s name
    Marital status (unmarried, divorced, widowed, separated etc.)
    Highest Education qualifications along with the institute where you studied.
    Birth details like place, time and date of birth.
    Details of your family- brothers, sisters and extended family; family type ( nuclear, joint etc.)
    Remember never to begin your CV with your weaknesses. It puts off the reader! Don’t start with saying you are a
    Manglik, that’s ok nearly 40% of people are or I am 41 years old and never married. You obviously didn’t find the right partner. Let your biodata be friendly and inviting.

  2. Appearance
    Height, weight, build, looks, complexion.
    Photograph - Make that extra effort to get a nice photograph made. Always ask friends and family which
    photograph is the best. You’ll be surprised by their choice but make sure you go by it.

  3. Lifestyle
    Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian, Smoking, Drinking

  4. Contact details
    Mobile number, landline number, email address and postal address.

  5. Partner Expectation
    Create another column, next to where you have written your information, and write what age, caste,
    educational background

If you are planning to send a CV then the above information is sufficient. If you are meeting a potential partner then it will help to work on the next five points. Share this with your partner, only if you are comfortable doing so.

  1. Ambition and Goals - State your desire; something that you wish to achieve, whether a job, power, fame or wealth, something that you are ready to strive for. Be realistic but don’t hesitate to state your aim in life.

  2. Values – think of the qualities that are most important to you. Write them down. Here’s a list of values to choose from, if that makes things easier for you. You and your family members might have different value systems. Mention both yours and well as your families’ priorities.

  3. Likes and dislikes- simply state what you like and what you do not like. Hope your list of likes is longer than your list of dislikes.

  4. Something you would like to change about yourself. Be honest with yourself. It’s alright if you don’t wish to talk to your partner about this.

  5. Get your partner’s views on all of the above but be ready for surprises. Your partner might think in a completely different way from what you had wished and hoped she/he would think. Pause and reflect, are you ready to accept these differences?

When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory. Friedrich Nietzsche.

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