All your love made this possible

Dear Blessed Ones,
One of the school principal forwarded an article about us in Deccan Herald

Thanks to @Mehak_Mansukhani



Dear Venu

Hope all well with you and my extended Amarantos family

Thanks for sharing this article. Venu, if you allow me to I would like to
share this article on my social media handle We need more such information
to be shared in media The awareness to PLR seems limited and sadly what’s
available seems very fractured Meaning either people think of it as some
kind of a mojo or a hoax Even well educated people think hypnosis is where
a therapist is going to control and manipulate the client who is in a
vulnerable position will expose all their dark secrets Sadly this is the
stigma So I suggest the more awareness is created the better clarity will
prevail eventually allowing people to explore PLR as an option to heal
their health and emotional problems with a more positive approach

Shanthi Kumar

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Everything at Amarantos is Amarantians!
Feel free to share.
I’ve pondered a lot about spreading awareness but those who are blessed will find you :pray:

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Well written article!