Almighty starts from what human minds can contemplate.

A collection of all priceless resources which have helped PLR Therapists. Ayodhya Ram Temple and Goddess Kali Connection.docx (22.4 KB)

I came across a write up by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I thought of sharing it when we all are exceited about resurrection of Ayodhya temple. Following facts of the write up sturck me.

  1. Hindu and Sufi saints collectively prayed at Devkali temple.
  2. Nadi leaves indicated that Kalidevi temple needs to be resored to end violence over Ayodhya temple. The leaves also indicated that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is required to play a role in bringing both the communities together.
  3. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had a prenomition that soultion would take 14 years.

Almighty has its own ways and plans. I read quite sometine back that Almighty and its plans can never be understood by human beings. He starts from what human minds can contemplate. This needs to be kept in mind during PLRT. Our Dear Venu also tells us that we can not play God. I also believe every case which comes to me is due to God’s intervention and His will to help the soul. We are only mediums for the same.

It also affirms my firm conviction that religion is one. Our Dear Venu also recently indicated that Muslims get benefitted by Hanuman Chalisa. I know a number of Hindus who got benefitted by visiting Mazars. I believe saints of all religions have power to help everone regardless of their religions. Similary religious places of all religions can help everyone by praying over there.