Amarantos Atlantis Demo Case

Demo in Atlantis Batch 2023
[Now we pace]
He is already there so I will not pyramid

Stress is emerging so we need to manage it first

[F = Feeling ]
I will distract for sometime…


[See he is talking like a 4 yo]

[we are clear now, stress managed which is the most important part of what we do]
Feeling a pain in heart when parents….


[Engram may be]
[F is the anchor]
Now see all my questions will be non leading in nature
Because he is K

[now am para-prashing ]

[I of IDT]


[Now this is real Stress we need to be dealing with ]

[He is dead but I will make it come from him as our style is non-leading]
“My father also hit me”
My wife is saving me… Mandira

[See how we can navigate where ever we want ]

[lets see we if can get a much better relaxing place ]
KMF ==> Classic Pattern

[Social structure ==> ]
My wife is my sister

Someone will hit me…

[That is how we mange stress — ]

[we need to draw the correlation ]

[we need to ensure the client is in comfort, I will go back again]
But now I will manage the stress…

[Safe==> given as Post hypnotic suggestion PHS]

Spirit guide is Grand F.
He is like a pillar of light…

[I want him to be in a much more relaxed state to process the next experience and remove anything residual ]

“There is lot of energy… I can feel it in my body…”

[I need much more relaxation to process… ]
“I have to go somewhere”

“It’s a temple”
am a purajari

[This is identification of IDT]
35 or 40Y…

I belong to the upper cast, I’m powerful…
It’s in srilanka
It’s a powerful shiva temple…

[Social structure ]
My present mother is my wife…
She tell me to take money… from temple from people…
I’m not suppose to take that…
[can you see how much of a stress is emerging… ]
Avantika my daughter
[I sometimes need to distract to manage stress… ]
Gyan …

[Feeling guilty for having taken money… ]
My wife is ill
She is 40 or 50 yo…
Feeling bad and good
My wife is suffering and she is getting what she deserves
She will die of a skin disease….
Bad death…
I have to pay for her karmas…
I could have said no…
I wanted to please here…
[asking about daughter to distract…. ]
[Realisation is this… isn’t it amazing that she was your default then and now also]
She is a male… she is the head pujari…
She is a very high soul…

[Death is always a great release ]
My daughter prayed for me… they are with me…
In my house…
Sons… 30YO…
I have some heart ailment…
I die of heart failure…
I’m totally at peace…

[Thank god there is death isn’t it!]

[Learning ]
I should stand up for the truth
I’m safe… this bright light is protecting me…
It is all around… it is so huge it’s everywhere

[phew! Now we can end but I will work so that we don’t leave anything residual ]

Karma will be absolved!
I was told this…

[I’m silent because I need to give him space as he is with the Master Therapist! ]
Lord shiva is guiding me in this life also!

[where else and in what else can you come so much face to face with the only Reality that exits!]

I’m blessed!
My daughters came to help me they are higher souls…

[we need to speak and take the permission as it’s his session, he doesn’t want to work on Gyan and Kishan’s life]


[Systematic desensitisation ]
Go and say no to everyone can come back!

Common between and gyan and kisan listens to other…
Gyan listened to his wife and Kisan listen to his friends and stole
Because he was afraid…


Believe that you are safe…nothing can harm you…

Breathe to remind of fearlessness!

This fear led to my psoriasis

I was repressing the pain my Sub Con…
I need to release them… the psoriatic arthritis and pains will reduce…

[It’s very difficult for someone who has suffered for so long to imagine that they can let go of it… but lets see if he gives me the permission we will strive]


[Guilt was stopping him to heal himself…
Now that he has forgiven himself…]

[shall we test what we have done so far?]
[Going back there, there shouldn’t be so much abreaction if the healing has happened!]
They were suppose to do this!
To humiliate me!
They are carrying their past karmas…

[any pain ]
No pain!

[I don’t want to leave any residual so want to work on kisan and gyan]
Masters took care of that!

Experience ing happiness!
Now it doesn’t not matter!


Such an insightful demo session. I was amazed to see the intense pain initially & healing happened in the process. Thanks a lot for this sir.

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Blessed Venu,
Always feel so blessed to have been in the field of this experience.

The change of voice, the childlike innocence of the client, the extreme
anguish , the blessed feeling on meeting the masters and the culmination on
receiving masters and their messages…

And then the complete healing…

It was / is the real world…


Thank you Venu,
It was a blessed day not only for the client but for all of us to experience the moment of healing and learning.


It was a session full of energy from above.
Thank you very much Venu.


Thank you so much dad …for the awesome demo session… it felt like experiencing a different world and also helped to build the belief system that v can also make it happen​:innocent::innocent:


I feel it was a very well managed demo. The abreactions were very high but Venu managed them very well. The overall, experience was life changing for the client too. Thanks to Venu for being a true Guru and Healer.