Amazed at PLRT's ability in being able to tap into LTM (Long Term Memories)

In an email, to all my students I had once posted the below

Client: I am the captain

The year 1958 comes to my mind…

We call my ship Hans,

It has a long name but we call it Hans!

[Deep within the client is wondering how can a ship have the name, Hans?]

Validation of this post the session was looking the internet and it was nerve chilling moment on finding that there was a ship by this name “Hans Hedtoft” in the year 1958!

Source: MS Hans Hedtoft - Wikipedia

What I had not revealed is that, the client was me!

This session was my first experience of the 15 stage PLR process after 8 years of having developed this method, I finally got to experience it. The Therapist was one of you from the Amarantos Aster batch!

And the funny part of this session was that I’d ask my therapist to give me the suggestions appropriate for the moment and I worked as a client and a proxy therapist for myself!

Anyway coming to what happened today morning, I was inspired to chose the name “Vasi” for our upcoming December batch. (Short for Vasistha as this year’s theme is the Sapta Rishi’s, August one was Atri.)

The flavor I am working on for the the batch is Yoga-Vasistha.

And one of the commentaries prevalent on the internet is by one Swami Venkatesananda

Upon seeing him, the only thought I’ve been having for the past two days was, “Where have I seen him before?”
He is very familiar but I was unable to pinpoint where I had seen him before… This face also looked too strange to be a Swamiji.

Of course, being a PLR therapist, my theories that may be I had seen him in my past life and all that also played up!
So to tap into this memory during my morning mediation I used our stage 11 with a simple “tunnel of light” Visualisation with the command to go back into finding out where I had seen him.

I was quite skeptical if it would work, but lo and behold, it did, the thought of the movie, called “Accidental Prime Minister” surfaced… My conscious mind tried to cogitate as I had seen that movie long long ago.
(In 2019 when my leg was broken and all that I was allowed to do was sit and watch documentaries or movies. After my leg recovered I rarely get the time.)

So right after my mediation I tried to test what surfaced, by searching the net for, “cast of accidental prime minister” got the actor who looked similar to the Swamiji, the actor is Sri Prakash Belawadi!

Don’t you wonder on how megnanemous our unconscious mind is! Doesn’t It have the potential to take us to the point before all these memories (samskaras) shrouded the Real Us?


Amazing dear Venu…Lovely sharing it with us.
Yoga vasishta beautiful!

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Dear Venu
Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us it was indeed
interesting to learn them Yes truly the MASTER has always designed our
lives perfectly He has never failed in guiding us too But, it is we who
very often lose focus & direction for materialistic reasons in this world

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Amazing and Thought provoking. I wonder where the power of subconscious mind can take us.