An unfinished love story & Cancer- Session 2 & FLP


Please read Session 1 of this Case study here.

Client name(changed): Sneha
From Indore, India; Lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Job: Scientist.

Profiling: She meditates regularly, is self-aware, slightly psychic.

  • Hypnotisability Score 9/10.
  • Eye roll test - 3
  • Dominant sense - Auditory (40%), Secondary sense - Both Visual & Kinaesthetic (both at 30%)
  • Trigger word: Disappointment.

Session conducted over zoom.
T: Therapist

S: Sneha

Session 2:

  • What is the root cause of your health issues, especially Cancer?
  • Future Life Progression: For future possibilities.
  • Updates after 4 months.

T: What are you becoming aware of?
S: Lila, my name is Lila… There’s a 2-year-old girl.

T: Is her mom there? (Thinking if she is the 2-year-old or not?)
S: No.

T: What does she look like?
S: Middle eastern? Brown-skinned, tall. 35-36ish Colored hair
[I asked about the kid, but ok.]
[Zoom and internet is working but there’s white noise]
She is playing… playground…I have …thing (inaudible)

T: Look around & observe what’s happening…
S: There are people in the park. I’m wearing black shoes, white tights, a pink dress, a green sweater, I have a fountain pony. Green brown eyes… hazel…more on the green side…less on the brown side… I’m middle eastern, brown overall not white…but…not (inaudible) either (white noise).

[Our videos are gone for some time]

S: The playground has gravel in it.

T: Can you see what place is it?
S: Roads, boundaries…
Doesn’t look like middle East or India… Probably somewhere else…
She is stopping me from playing…
That I shouldn’t. I think I have a cold also… Little bit of cold.
She is explaining me why I should not exhaust myself…

T: What is the reason that she tells you?
S: She is telling me that we went to the doctor and he has told me I should not be overdoing it much…I have breathing issues.

My mother in this past life had me later on. I don’t think they were able to have kids.
Which is why she is over her middle age…

The black kid is my friend also…We are going out of the park… She is wearing jeans and jacket. Looks like she works in …tion (inaudible) or something… That profession.

The name Netherlands pops up in my mind…

But now we are walking to something. She is holding my hand and I have my fingers in my mouth. I don’t think I have a lot of teeth also.

T: Go with her see where you two go.
S: We are walking straight… I think she is getting me an ice lolly or something like that… Like a treat….

Now are at the home. It’s a rowhouse kind of a bungalow… they’re discussing… There is a man also now… possibly my father. Doesn’t have much hair… Very slim for… Glasses… Close to forty… Old… Wearing pants and red sweater…

T: Can you catch the name of your parents??
S: The word Rahman is popping in my head…Julia is the mother’s name…
Do you know the city where you are?
Looks like a big city. Looks like how Holland would look…
Black railings on the street. Houses like that. It could be Northern Netherlands also.

They’re discussing whatever the doctor said in the past about the upcoming appointment. I don’t think they know something is wrong they just know I have breathing issues.

T: Go to future and see what the doctor says.
S: I have lung cancer. I don’t think they have any treatment for that for kids at that time.
They’re putting me in a CT scan. I don’t think they had advanced scans at that time… it’s a scan…I don’t feel comfortable…

T: What treatment do they give to you?
S: He is saying the success rate is not much… But he can try.

T: Now go into the future and see what happen after your treatment…
S: I look very sick. I have toys in my hospital bed. I have pipe attached to my face. I have dark circles like really dark circles and I look very pale.

They’re crying.
I can’t see if I make it or not…

T: Move forward to the end of that life…
S: It doesn’t look like it lasted long…yeah… no…1987!!

T: This was the year of your death??
S: Ya

T: How old were you?
S: Two something.
It was spring time.
Spring months in Netherlands would be… June July August…

T: Can you see your dead body?
S: Yeah

T: Now you can review your short life… What were the lessons for you and for people around you in that life…
S: Everybody is just disappointed? Very disappointed…

I don’t think I knew what it meant. So, she is not regretful about anything. She just cries and gives up, I guess. Couldn’t take the treatment. She is upset because she can see her parents crying. She can’t say much because I don’t think she can talk much also. But she is also better because there are no medications or any tubes attached to her now. But I don’t think she was cured at all.

The dad looks like my dad. But my dad …was already born by then. But they look very similar. And they both have the same dressing sense??

The mom looks very different. Her hair color is like me…

T: What message does she have for Sneha??
S: She is saying, its ok??
She is saying, “But you will win this time.” [She overcame cancer in this life.]

Now she is hugging me.

T: What is the root cause of your cancer?
S: This was since birth.

T: So let us go back to the root cause, where it all started.
S: I see a very small child, a very tiny baby who is just born.
Not a girl no it’s a boy. Black hair. Decent size. no clothes??
He is just born he has no name.
Everybody is very happy everyone is picking him up.

T: Who all are there?
S: His mother is there. His father is picking him up… they’re all Indians. The whole family… Like the grandparents also… they look like MY family. But the father doesn’t look like MY father.

I have 3 grandpas in present life. The older grandpa on my father’s side is there. I can see him.

T: Can you see what place is it?
S: It’s a hospital room…Rajasthan is popping up in my brain. It looks bright and sunny outside. People are smoking…

T: What language are they speaking?
S: Rajasthani.
I think they are Rajput family who does like hookah and all. There is a celebration more so because I’m a boy…and I see smoke…

T: What year is it?
S: Very old Regal cars I see. 1900 something. They’re royalty or some kind of Rajputana. They’re very rich also. But the cars look old…like…very old…older than Maruti…

[pause] I think smoke is the cause.

T: Move forward and see how your life goes.
S: I think I picked up smoking.

I’m a young guy wearing pajama and kurta and I’m smoking. I must be like 8-10years old…and everyone is ok with it. I’m playing but I’m also smoking.

It looks like I smoked for the rest… By the time I was 16-17 I started coughing blood. I’m taller and everything now…ya I’m coughing up blood… Can’t even breathe properly.

Somebody’s screaming. It could be my mother…
They took me to the hospital. I have a long face, narrow nose, black eyes, dark hair, very slender. Everybody is disappointed. They’re waiting outside until the doctor says something.
It feels as if I stopped smoking and I started drinking…a basically life of indulgence. That’s how I died.

T: At what age did you die.
S: Not more than 25. Or maybe like 30ish

T: What was the cause?
S: Excessive drinking. The whole system gave up.

T: Now can you see your dead body?
S: Yes…

T: Review your life…
S: He was not happy. Which is why he started drinking and maybe the lifestyle he was brought up in. He was sorry about that. It was ok to smoke and drink. But he doesn’t want to repeat that.

T: What was his name?
S: Rana??

T: What message does Rana have for Sneha?
S: Don’t smoke and drink.
It seems as if he has major throat and liver issues…
He is not saying much…I don’t think he was that old to have much messages. He was ambitious though but couldn’t do much because of his bad habits.
It’s probably in early 1940s or something. He said he didn’t know any better.
My bade baba is also there. He also died of drinking and smoking. He looks exactly the same.

T: Is there any message?
S: Focus. That’s all he is saying now.

[I asked her if this is all that there is about cancer, she said yes. So we are exploring the issues of weight gain now]

T: Now let’s go back to another lifetime where the root cause of your weight gain is.
S: I see a girl who is eating ice cream and her mom is trying to comb her hair.
It feels as if her mother would smother this baby with love. And this love was everything.

T: What was her name?
S: Nikita.
But she also looks sick. She is fair but her Under eye dark circles are very bad. She has a lot of deficiencies. I don’t think her parents give her the right food. My nails are also different [common in deficiencies].

Wearing white frock. Mom is wearing a saree.

T: Which place?
S: North India.

T: Go to a significant event of this life.
S: She collapsed. They took her to the doctor. The doctor is saying that the baby has deficiencies. She is 3- 4 years at max. She has ribbons in her hair. My dad doesn’t live with us. He works far. There’s only my mom who takes care.

The doctor said he will pack me up on medicines and stuff but have to control the diet. Whatever she is giving me she has to change and give me a proper meal and everything. But I feel like this kid has a hard time dealing with this now.

T: Look into her future. What happens to her health?
S: I see that she lives just fine. She was stuck with her relationship with food… Maybe she was depressed also. She now goes to college wearing suit and everything. But she’s grown huge… And very tall also……Yeah she seems to be living just fine… Not happy about it but she’s given up or accepted…I give up. I am what I am.

T: Try to move to the future & see how her life goes on.
S: She got married. People were saying there will be problems but she did get married.

T: Who is her husband & how is he?
S: He is average-looking. Not as tall as her also but yes…

T: How is her married life?
S: Ok… she has kids also. She is not very happy but have accepted it. Lives a mediocre life. She is a housewife. She has 2 sons who don’t look like her, they look like her husband. She is a good mother. She takes care of her children. Kids look healthy. Very normal. I don’t think anything else happened. She was like this most of her life.

T: Now go to the end of that life and see how she dies.
S: She dies of old age.

T: What year is it?
S: I think she died around December 1970…. 7-8 December… old, huge. She is still wearing white saree.

[Rana’s life ended in 1940. If she was born immediately, it makes her around 30 in 1970. But Sneha says Nikita died old. Could these be overlapping lives?]

T: Now you can review your life.
S: She was never very happy. She couldn’t accept…as it comes…you should change if you don’t like it…

T: Do you feel anything more is there to know regarding your health?
S: No.

She rested in the garden for a while & I guided her to heal anything remaining of these health issues with white light.

  • Future Life Progression: This is my first ever FLP. I didn’t know how to go ahead with it as Sneha requested it on the spot. Just followed my intuition.

FLP: To explore her possibilities with Sumit.

After a 10 minute relaxation, guided her to a hallway with doors that have future possibilities with Sumit.

T: You can choose a door and open it.

S: I’m wearing my black heels with my black jeans & purple shirt. He is working at a site. He is telling the workers what to do.

[video goes off again, when we were talking normally, it was running smoothly]

S: I’m walking towards him. It’s daytime & it’s our city. Indore.

T: What year is it?
S: Almost Diwali time… 2025.

The workers are asking ke Diwali ke time pe jo holidays hai… he is saying wait up…it’s not….this year also getting over so soon.

I think me & him are married.

I’m asking him if he is done with the work for today.

He’s like not yet.we were supposed to go out for a lunch. He is wearing a (inaudible) in his hand. He is telling me to wait… tu ja…wahan ja ke khadi ho mai araha hu…

And he is having an argument with the contractor. Ke ese ni chalega…no apko ese karna hoga…

I think we have a kid also. Looks like a girl.

She is not with me right now. I’m going to call her.

T: What is her name??
S: I don’t know something… Asha and lai…I can’t figure the name… Nitasha maybe!!?

T: You can go back in time & see what choice you made that led to this.
S: I moved back home & I have my own business.

It’s called Potion.

I think he found me through its publicity. He found that I’m back. He is in my office. But I’m engaged to someone else.

I feel like I’ve seen this before. He is there but he is alone there. And he wants to invest in it. Or like wants to buy a franchise or something. I didn’t expect to see him. I’m surprised & so is he I guess.

But I’m telling I’m not looking to sell anything but he is welcome for any kind of service apart from selling my franchise. He is smiling & takes my card & leaves.

We keep meeting each other at various events.

Puneet is there too!

He is with me at that event. I was supposed to speak.

I am engaged to Puneet and Sumit is alone he is with no one.

I introduce the both of them & he is like… is he your fiancé. I’m like yea. He asks what he does. He says I’m an architect. Asks him if he is alone and offered him a drink. Does he have a wife? He doesn’t have a wife. I feel sorry. But I can’t see anything… I know it’s a banquet rooftop.

Puneet is telling him that he had to wait for me for 2 years. That we are struggling to pick a date. He is asking how do we know each other. I just lie and say that a long-lost friend

[too much white noise at this point, it’s hard to hear her]

I just go I say I have to pee. I think I’m crying in the washroom.

He & I start to work together. He has to open up a business related to food and he is consulting me. We are also getting close again like in the past. But I just shut it off Puneet is there too in my life.

I feel like I don’t want to leave Indore. For Puneet, I will have to move to Gurgaon which I don’t want to do. Which is one of the resistances in deciding our wedding date. He wants to get married real soon.

I’m crying and Sumit is leaving my office and screaming at him that why did you do this… like why… I start to scream its evening…I tell him that if you didn’t want to marry then why did you put us all through this again. But he is like he didn’t know. Now that he has seen me again he just can’t control it.

But I’m engaged now and with someone who actually waited for me instead of someone who couldn’t.

He is like it’s been all this while but we are here and we still this way…I just walk out… I leave.

I cry to my mom about it.

My mom is like I should do what I feel is right for me.

Days go by he doesn’t show up in the office for consulting or anything. Puneet goes ahead with the plans. I don’t tell anyone anything yet.

I call Sumit to talk. I think we are going to the place where we first met and we’re sitting down there and talking. And I’m asking about the past & the present and everything…like why… why so much drama & pain. He says he thought it was the right thing to do at the time.

He is apologizing.

[long pause]

The action is to not do anything. Just wait. I think that’s what I need to do.

[long pause]

T: Now come back to hall & walk down the hallway & look at another door that you want to open. 3…2….1…Open.
S: I’m in my office again… just working…India.

T: What year is it?
S: 2022.
I’ve to go to an interview to talk about my brand. There is my interview in the newspaper & he is reading it. He is smiling. I continue with my life I can’t see anything.

T: You two never meet??
S: He sees that I’m there he is smiling… I don’t think anybody is there.

T: Move forward in the future…
S: I’m single. I think again it’s some sort of event where I’m the speaker he is there in the audience & he just comes to say hi after my speech.

Says like you finally did it. Yeah I did it.

He is asking me if I want to get a cup of coffee sometime. And I’m surprised I’m like what about your wife. He is like I don’t have one.

Somebody is calling me so I just…

But he is saying give me your number at least. I don’t give him my number I give him my business card. This is my work phone. He is like I don’t want to give him my number or what…

let’s see I have to go now.

he is talking about stuff… his work…but I feel like every time he tries to touch me I don’t like it.

He is asking if we could start afresh all over again. I say I need time.

T: Try to move forward 2-3 years more.
S: We get together! He has glasses also….yeah we do…

T: Puneet was not there in this possibility?
S: No he wasn’t there at all.

T: Do you want to see more possibilities?
S: Should I look into a possibility with Puneet?

T: You can if you want.
S: Okay.

T: Choose a door related to a possibility with Puneet, if there’s any. At the count of 1 you can enter it. 3….2….1
S: He is flying back to India. At the airport. Standing there. Waiting for me.

T: What year is this??
S: 2023? He driving me to his home. And he is saying I want you to meet everybody. Everything seems ok only…nothing major.

T: Now you can move forward 3-4 years & see how your life is then.
S: I don’t like his friends. But looks like we are married. It’s like regular lifestyle. Nothing extraordinary though.

T: Is Sumit there in this possibility?
S: I feel like in my mind yes. It’s a comparison. This relationship doesn’t feel as fulfilling. Which is my I’m always almost irritated. He gets tired of dealing with my irritation. It does not look good.

She said she was done with all the options now. So I brought her out.

  • Updates after 4 months:
  1. Sneha feels detached from the whole situation now. She doesn’t feel the longing to marry Sumit or Puneet. She is learning to be comfortable with herself & if Sumit happens to come by, she will be glad. But she doesn’t feel sad about it now.

  2. A lot of men have come her way, since the session, teaching her many things about herself. She is frustrated by the number of men that are wanting to date her after the session. It’s almost funny & we laugh about it. But she is taking her time.

  3. She has become extremely psychic after the sessions. She can easily do remote viewing now. She could see Sumit’s girlfriend’s point of view in real time. But I quickly advised her to create energetic boundaries or else it would have been very disturbing. I tested her abilities by asking her to view me on different occasions & she described exactly what I was wearing & doing. This is something really crazy & I advised her to look for classes where they teach you to do it safely.

Side note: My own abilities started developing after working with her. She got Reiki sessions from me before the PLRs & for the first time, I saw visuals during a Reiki session. I saw Margret in a white corset dress & red lips smiling at me. Remember, this was before the PLRs & Sneha was just an acquaintance. I also started seeing different numbers in dreams & sessions after that.

Please comment about what you feel about all of this? Thank you for reading such long posts. Hats off to your patience :slight_smile: .


Very well worded

It’s a possibility. We can discuss this in our upcoming monthly call on how to go about FLP.

Due to the below Im still dilly dallying to offer online sessions.

This could be possible when we take into consideration the concept of split soul

Wow! This is hacking the chidakasha!

Very well done

Time is Is an illusion created by the mind
when we transcend it…
it dissolves!
Thanks a million for posting this splendid session

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Nice session and amazing how she got her remote viewing ability .

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Yes totally! I think everything is happening all at once, that’s why we are able to connect to different timelines & other people’s lives as well. Individual ego only exists in the human mind, otherwise, all of us are one.


@riokashyap This is extremely incredible experience you shared. Thank you :slight_smile:

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