Anger issue, Lessons from past life as a "Hearing tree" and life changing messages from Guide

DP, F, 30, 8/10, K, Anger issues and purpose of life

Dear Amarantians,

This is my third case on this forum, I am grateful for all the support I have received from Dr. Venu, Neha and my dearest forum members.

Please take your time to read and provide valuable feedback on this case. It is little unusual and interesting case.

Session 01: 27-02-2023

Time: 3 hrs 15 mins

Clients Name: DP

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Hypnotisability Score: 8/10

Dominant Sense: Kinaesthetic

Secondary dominant Sense: Visual

Eye roll Test: 1

Theme: Anger Issues

Pain Scale: 7/10

DP is an entrepreneur and mom of 2 kids, she is very active and has a caring heart. However, her reaction to some issues is extreme anger which mostly results in lot of destruction. She quotes her anger as ‘dangerous’, she had a love marriage and has a loving family however some episodes of anger have earned her a title of ‘Angry women’ and she feels at the heat of the moment, she is not able to control her anger or words and feels guilty later. She wants to find out answer on how to control anger.

After history taking, we headed for lunch.

Session 02: Same day after Lunch

Duration: 3 hrs 3 mins

Same day after 3 hours Started Induction using Dave Elman, Progressive relaxation.

Visualization: Garden, Tunnel of light

DP saw three joyful memories of her childhood.

Session 03: 28-02-2023

Duration: 3 hrs 38 mins

Started with Bell chant video

Theme Finalization: Anger Issue

Induction using Dave Elman, Progressive relaxation.

Visualization: Garden, Tunnel of light

Got feedback through IMR

(Through tunnel of light reached the hall way with doors on both the sides)

T: Walk through the hallway and look at all the closed doors, your Subconscious mind knows which door to select to find answers to your Anger issue.

(Dp takes a few mins before speaking again)

DP: I can feel one door to choose among all these, I have come near that door

T: Wonderful, Take a deep breathe, keep your hand on the knob of that door

DP: I have kept it

T: Now as I count from 3 to 1 push open the door your subconscious mind has selected for you to find answers

(DP opens the door, eye movement and actions like concentrating on something observed)

T: What do you see or feel? Keep taking deep breathe.

DP: I see multiple flashes

T: That’s alright, just keep breathing and the flash will be still, take your time. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do. It’s time to relax

DP: As soon as I open the door I feel like there is not much information in this door, try something else, there is a intuition like maybe I should go to some other door or try finding answer by some other way

T: Okay you can come out of the door, take some time and think about an incident in your life when you felt really angry, go to that moment, replay that memory and feel the emotions and feelings at that moment

(DP takes a few minutes)

DP: I have packed my clothes after an argument, I am very angry, I just want to leave the house and I am screaming and I am walking out of the house. Grand ma is trying to stop me

T: H ow are you feeling? Feel those feelings, make them as a bridge and flow back to the time it all started. Can we do that?

DP: Yes

T: Perfect, make these feelings a bridge and as I count 10 to 1 flow back to the time the anger issue has started, your subconscious mind knows which moment to pick.

(Counting 10… Make this feeling as a bridge…9 take a deep breathe… 8 flowback to the time it started… 7 Your subconscious mind is picking up a memory…6 Relax the muscles around your forehead… 5 your mind knows where these feelings have started from… 4 Take a deep breathe in to that experience from where this anger has started…3 Breathe in to that experience slowly from the source of your anger started…2 It can be in this lifetime, it can be from other lifetime…1 We are here to address it today, flow back to that feeling)

(DP takes a few mins to concentrate on the visual)

Do you see or feel anything? It is slowly coming to your awareness.

(DP is shivering)

T: What is happening? Relax take a deep breathe

DP: I am shivering, its cold please switch the fan off

T: Okay, take a deep breathe, what is that comes to your awareness

DP: I can see a dusty land

T: Okay look at your feet

DP: I don’t see my feet

T: Okay look around

DP: There are some people around

T: Okay look at your hand

DP: I can’t see my hands

T: Okay what does this surrounding look like?

DP: It is like holy place

T: Okay what are you doing there?

DP: I am just there

T: Can you look at what you’re wearing?

DP: I can’t see what am wearing

T: What do you see around?

DP: Lots of birds and its very loud around

T: Okay what placed is this?

DP: Holy place in some country, not sure

T: Which year is this?

DP: I don’t know

T: Okay can we progress little further and go to your home?

DP: Okay

T: Perfect as I count from three to one go to your home from that life time

DP: Okay

T: 3 TO 1, take a deep breathe go to that lifetime

DP: I am still here in the dusty area and that is my home

T: Can you float above and see yourself?

DP: Yes

(DP has surprised expression, takes a few mins to process the situation)

T: Take a deep breathe, What do you see?

DP: I am a tree, is it even possible? People whisper in my ears

T: It’s is possible. What do they whisper?

DP: They whisper their problems in my ear and worship me and tie some threads around me

T: And how do you feel about it?

DP: Well, I feel good because I am like their friend and an important part of this temple. But there are birds that are pecking at my body. It is very loud. I am not able to hear what some people whisper but I pray for them.

T: Is there anything else to explore here?

DP: Yes, I listen and care for everyone who comes to me, many wishes have come true for many people, they come to thank me and hug me. I feel good that I am able to help everyone. Many birds rest on my branches, they can talk to me, we can communicate.

It is very happy and relaxing lifetime; I really care for everyone who comes to whisper in my ears.

T: Wonderful, do you want to feel the happiness for sometime?

DP: Yes

T: Okay be here for some time before we move to next event and feel the happiness from that lifetime where you cared and helped people. Let me know whenever you’re ready

DP: Okay

(DP took sometime and was seen smiling occasionally)

DP: I am ready

T: Perfect. As I count from 3 to 1, can you please go to significant event in that lifetime

(3 to 1) What do you see?

DP: I have become very old, people are talking about me saying this “Hearing tree” had been here for more than hundred years. Many people have gathered around and discussing about me.

T: Can you make out what they’re discussing?

DP: They are discussing about cutting me down

T: Oh, why they want to cut you down?

DP: Because I am old and the temple had been demolished during a fight few years back

T: How do you feel about it?

DP: I am feeling sad and angry

(Paused for 5 mins) I listened to them for years and cared for them but now they are ready to cut me down, they will sell my wood and earn money

T: Yes, it’s obvious to feel sad, can we go little further and see what happens?

DP: I have not been worshipped from the time they demolished the temple and I was in the centre of that place, small children used to play in the shade. Old men used to sit in the evening and chat, now they feel I am in the way of making new roads and buildings so they are cutting me down.

I was angry before but now some people are standing holding hands to prevent me from cutting me down, they are mostly children and women, maybe I am old it’s okay that I be cut down

T: That’s sad can we go further and see what’s happening

DP: Yes

T: As I count from three to one, go to the last moments on this lifetime

DP: I have been cut down and I am looking at myself from above, there is a white light I am moving towards it

T: What are your last thoughts?

DP: I was angry on people and found them very selfish, I helped and cared for them but they cut me down but now I feel it’s my time to leave, I should not have expectations from anyone, expectation results in disappointment and disappointment makes me angry.

T: What are you carrying from that lifetime as hearing tree to this lifetime as DP?

DP: That I have to continue helping and caring for people and just improve my behaviour not let external situation affect my temper.

T: That’s good. Where are you going?

DP: I am in a beautiful place but I have no body, they are evaluating my life

T: Who is evaluating?

DP: My guide

T: What are they telling you?

DP: They are telling me that this lifetime was to teach me become selfless, they are telling me that I have to let go of my ego and just care for everyone, serve others.

T: Can you ask them what is the purpose of this lifetime

DP: I am trying to hear, its almost like a whisper…They are telling that I have to not make everything about myself, surrender to situation sometimes, the purpose is to surrender myself and not keep proving each and every point or arguing on that point, getting angry if someone criticizes or doesn’t accept my way is wrong, I should not do it. I should not expect myself to be centre of everything, just let things be as it is and not press my opinion on people around me.

T: What do you feel about this message?

DP: Yes it is true, I understand why I am being told so, they are also telling that I have a caring and loving heart and its very easy to let go of this anger in future.

I just have to learn some calming techniques and meditate regularly.

T: Wonderful, how are you feeling after receiving these messages

DP: I feel good

T: Do you want to stay here for a while

DP: They have disappeared I think I am ready to go ahead

T: Okay as I count from 10 to 1 slowly go back through the tunnel to the garden

DP: Okay

(Counting 10 to 1)

T: Where are you?

DP: In the garden

T: How are you feeling?

DP: Relaxed, I got a visual of me wearing a rudraksh pendant and meditating. My face was looking very peaceful.

T: Good, take in the feeling. Relax for a while, let me know when you are ready to move

(DP relaxed for 5-7 mins)

DP: I am ready

T: As I count from 1 to 10 slowly open your eyes, rub your palms together and cover your eyes with your palm and open eyes whenever you are ready

(After a short break we sat down for Closure)

DP was radiating and happy about lessons and messages received from her guide. She also agreed to a few messages about the changes she had to bring in order to deal with her anger.

A follow up after few days over a call: DP informed that her pain level has dropped to 2 from 7 and she is calm and remembers her guide’s message whenever she feels like she is getting angry, She told during meditation in the following days she was able to get more visuals and messages and feels closer to her higher self.


Wonderful case dear Karishma. The past life of a tree is something so unusual. And after passing, it to moves into the light, and learns its lessons. Wow… the lessons are very meaningful. Beautifully conducted session. Well done. :blush:


Very interesting… Being a tree in another life and the life being evaluated by spirit guides…


Thank you Deepshika :slight_smile:


Thank you Dr Neeti for the encouragement, it means alot :slight_smile:

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Wonderful case study Karishma . I can relate to this completely as I had a client who was a cactus plant in a desert, dried up completely on the inside and died after living in the desert for many many decades and the learning for my client was- that he had to learn to be patient and weather all kinds of storms to evolve… The interesting fact was that my client said almost the exact same things like your client did when asked about the feet, the hands , the clothes etc, my client actually described himself as a cactus :cactus::cactus: like the ones we saw in Tintin comics!!

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Congratulations Karishma, It’s an amazing case… I could not resist myself from reading this twice… The client being a tree was very shocking and interesting for me… The client has received a wonderful messages too especially expectations which causes anger… Actually this is a very good example of the Past life where we could be anyone or anything… Great Job👍

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Dear Karishma.
Seeing oneself as a tree and the emotions and lessons that come with it is so powerful and thought-provoking. Wonderful Case study.

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Wonderful revelations, Karishma.
Consciousness evolves thru various life forms. Incredibly interesting and insightful session. Congrats !

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So interesting …
All the very best for more healing

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Thank you so much Mandeep :slight_smile:

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Thank you KKSharma for your kind words.

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Thank you so much Preeti, it does leave us thinking how different life forms we choose to live to learn our lessons and evolve.


Thank you Sandhya, every life lived in any form has so many lessons to teach us is what surprised me too.

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Thank you Brinda, it took me a while to understand that the client was a tree and from there the session was smooth.


Wonderfull healing session. Thanks for sharing Karishma


What a wonderful case Karishma g. Lifetime of a tree just to learn the lesson of giving and not expecting anything back, so true .
Before reading these kind of cases we would not be knowing that even Plant have souls & may be we also have lived a Plant Life !!
Amazing , Congratulations that the client got healed …


Woww… @Karishma_Telesra…so wonderfully conducted…lots to learn the most systematic way u took a kinesthetic person through the tunnel with her feelings . God bless​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


Dear Karishma
Thanks for sharing this. The first time I read this I was shocked. It was a different kind of revelation.
I feel we all are making the world a better place by increasing overall awareness for f self and of others.

Thanks again.


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Hello Neighbour,

Apologies for replying late…What a wonderful read. You are indeed a fantastic therapist,I know for sure :relieved:

Best Wishes and Heartiest Compliments

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: