Another session.

As you suggested during our GS workshop , tried regressing mani(husband) …
It went well…
Very happy n blessed to see his "MOM " still with him… I repeatedly asked , where is your mom.?.. Making intervels inbetween the question asked…all time, his answer was… Mom is standing near me.!!!.(he lost his mom at the age of 18, was very very close to her) …all he had was present life past time from childhood to present day life… Very vividly…with all emotions.


Beautiful Jyothi, what would make him more happy than seeing his mother. His heart must filled with joy after the session.

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That’s such a lovely feeling when you can be with your loved ones who have moved on and you realize they are still very much by you guarding and guiding you, that moment comes the understanding that there is no death.


This is just pure magic. During one of my sessions, “Value of Mother -1”, I had the client experience something very similar. I had goose bumps when he said his mother had a message for me too. I can understand how you must be feeling when you must have done the session.


Thank you Harish… for him ‘Mom ‘ means… a great missing :pensive::pensive::pensive: