Balance & Truth

Client Name –Mr.Mi


Age -36


Occupation –Software engineer

Reason for hypnosis – Curiosity to explore past life and possibility to see any past connection with current wife.

Dominate sense : Visual, feeling

Hypnosis responsive questionnaire score-9

Eyes ball score- Good

Relaxation- Used breathing technique to relax client more. Used Dave Elman eye ball counting technique for rapid induction

Past life- Client entered into past life, seeing himself as male.

Client –I am seeing church and marriage happening—later seeing his best friend is getting married and client identified his best friend as his current life brother who is one 1.5 yr elder then him and have friend kind of bonding with him. He is very happy seeing him getting married.

T-Go to the significant scene of this life?

Client- I saw meeting his girl, seems like my girlfriend and she was waiting for me. She didn’t come in marriage party of his best friend.

T-Go to another most significant scene

Client- I am getting married to her. She is tall and beautiful, everyone is dancing and singing , we are in church, saw just married board, everyone is there except my best friend , I See 1886

Client name was Thomas, and recognized her wife as current life wife. They got married in church, its small town

T-Another significant scene?

Client- Seeing with child male could not identify it. But he is naughty and playing with my father. Seeing father and mother. It seems that child is my baby brother and very naughty laughing .Father resembled current life eldest brother. And mother looks like current life sister (in this life sister treats client as own child only instead of brother and have good relationship, they have very casual relationship like friend kind of relationship with elder brother where they uses slang to talk to each other. But with eldest brother have normal relationship of respect )

T-Go to next Most significant scene what’s coming in mind?

Client- Going to work with my best friend

T- What kind of work you do?

Client – I see newspaper , French newspaper , I guess I am working in Printing newspaper, working in factory seems in French newspaper , there I met with accident .Got hurt in hand ,my hand is paining.

But after sometimes he took break and went back to work again

T-See significant scene?

Client -seeing himself in hospital and dying, I am in late 60s , seeing wife and son and other family member… Seeing my wife sad. But she is not crying. Feeling bad leaving wife. Only that feeling was there while dying.

T-Now leave your body and see yourself

Client- I am Seeing myself as cloud and seeing my body down. Feeling peace only feeling of leaving his wife was causing sadness n meeting his guides and friend .

What did you learn in that life time - You should always publish truth as a media person and should not bend in front of govt. Its is big responsibility given to newspaper to expose corrupt govt and educate town people .

Review with guides - I did good in this life and fulfilled my purpose and spread truth about govt to people and life was quite successful and they were happy with my progress.

( This life time shows client affinity towards France and French language , He have done diploma in French, always wanted to go to France and went to France first time on his honeymoon and only spoke French there not even used English )

Another significant past life time.

Client- I am feeling sadness , I am Seeing myself in big house . Eating alone in this big house, I am old.

T-What coming in mind .

Client-I feel in late 50s and I am wearing suit and pant and I am white male and being alone.

T-Go ahead and explore more why you are alone in this house

Counting down 5-1 ………scene coming more clearer clearer .(client had hard time visualizing due to sadness as he doesn’t want to experience it)

Client-Seems I m alone my wife left me with kids.

T-Why you are getting this feeling?

Client-I am getting feeling of loneliness and they left me cause I was not giving them time and I was very busy. Was never available for them

T-Why you were not available for them

Client-I am feeling very sad and loneness, I am very rich and successful due to my business I was always out.

T-What business you were doing

Client -Its seems I am very prominent cloth merchant ,I have everything accept family. They left me. What I am going to be going to with all these things. Car, house, money. I did for them but ……

T-Go to significant scene what else is coming

Client-I am sad very sad and I died

What was the lesion of that life time - Balance, Balance is very important in life. Personal and professional balance should be there, Family is priority…They need love and time. I didn’t give them time…Rest I did good.

Now client understand why he is not workaholics like his father and for him his family times comes first then work. His emphasis on work life balance a lot. No official work on sat and Sunday. Developed expertise in delegating work .