Be Fearless - Roar like a Lion King

With the grace of God, Gohonon, our beloved Guru and Guruma, fellow Atlantians and siblings, I am bringing before you - my 3rd case

Case 3

Name – AAA

Age – 39yrs

Sex – Male

Hypnotisability Score – 4/10

VAK – 6/5/4

Dominant Sense – Kinaesthetic

Secondary Dominant - Visual

Eye Roll – 2+1

Session 1 – 29th October 16:00 – 18:00

Stage 1 – Introduction and CBM done

Stage 2 – Non Verbals – Somewhat uncertain & anxious. Apprehensive about PLR Process.

Stage 3 – Pre Induction talk done. PPT shown. Doubts cleared.

Stage 4 – Contract signed

Stage 5 – Client Assessment Done

Session 2 : 30th October 08: 45 – 12:10

Stage 6 - History Taking – Done.

Client follows Nichiren Buddhism for past 10yrs+.

Client is Shri Hanuman Bhakt and regularly visits Hanuman temple every Tuesday for past many years.

Client had a happy childhood. Client has an elder sister. Client’s father passed away in Feb 2005. He was very close to his father.

Post childhood client developed fear before any major event/decision making time and gets irritated (develops anger) and has a tendency to close/finish off the event somehow.

Client got married in March 2014. The marriage too happened amidst a fiasco. He couldn’t marry the girl whom he liked (in the realm of arranged marriage). He had to marry a girl whom he didn’t love that much. He had to marry to please others in the family. Ultimately it ended in separation and got divorced few months back.

Client had suffered a heart attack in 2017 and has severe digestion problem.

Client is hesitant to take decision on his own and many a times have serious disagreement with his mother. However, he usually doesn’t go against his mother for emotional reasons (Mother shouldnot think that since her husband is no more, her son doesn’t respect/listen to her). This makes the client irritated and sometimes goes against the mother and takes some decisions.

Client is comfortable in a beach as well as a mountain. Client confirms that he is able to visualize and is not afraid of anything specific. However, client feels that if he deviates from a certain specific path like dinner exactly at the same time, improper food etc then he will fall sick.

Stage 7 – Relaxing the Cognitive Fatigue – Took a break for 20mins.

Session 3 :

Date : October 30th, 2023

Duration : 12:30 to 14:45

Stage 8 – Theme Finalisation.

Client wanted to explore the genesis of having fear before taking any decision.

He also wanted to explore the reason for anger.

Client doesn’t want to explore any other theme but specifically fear.

Hence “Fear” was chosen as the main theme.

Initial Pain Level – Client was reluctant to fix any pain level

Stage 9 : Check List

Gone through all the stages again. Repeated about PLR and expectations - concept of IMR, trance, life between lifes, masters, soul guides etc.

Stage 10 : Induction (70 mins)

Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Stage 11 – Visualisation

Ball of light was used as Visualisation technique. Client confirmed that he could visualize during pre talk, So we proceeded with ball of light and the colour of light was white.

Stage 12 - Regression

Then led to a garden and from garden to cliff.

In the cliff done reframing of present life traumas upto womb.

Client felt very light after reframing.

Brought back Client to bench in Garden and then emerged as per protocol.

Session 4 :

Date : 30th October 2023

Duration : 16:30 – 20:25

Stage 10 to Stage 12 repeated

Induction – Dave Elman + Progressive Relaxation – 80mins

Visualisation – Ball of Light – 25mins

Then from Garden to Cliff.

T : This is what the therapist said.

C : This is what the client said.

T : In front of you, there is a beautiful bridge leading to the other side of the cliff. Are you able to see it.

C : Yes

T : Very Good. As you start walking on the bridge and reach the far end of the cliff on the bridge, on the count of 3-2-1, you may find yourself in the life time, when the fear enveloped you for the first time. 3-2-1

What do you feel and see.

C : Very dark. Cant see anything.

T: Please move and feel around if you can find any doors or windows.

C : Nothing

T : Can you see yourself. What are you wearing.

C : I don’t know.

T : Is it day or night.

C : Night.

T : What dress are you wearing.

C : I cannot see myself.

T : In front of you there is a mirror. Please look into it and tell me what you see.

C : I see a swami in the mirror. He is wearing gerua clothes and has a crooked smile.

T : What is it that he is conveying to you.

C : Nothing. Just smiling.

T : You may ask him what he is trying to convey to you.

C : He is smiling wickedly……………. I don’t like him.

T : You may call your soul guide to help you to understand what the swami is trying to convey…

C : He has gone. As soon as I called my soul guide, the swami vanished.

T : (After waiting for sometime), what is the soul guide telling you.

C : He has left.

T : Do you feel anyone else is present.

C : (After sometime…) No. No one is here.

T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you will find yourself at the next significant event of this life time. 3-2-1

What do you see or feel

C : I see a ship.

T : What kind of ship is it?

C : It is a passenger ship.

T : Are you on the ship.

C : Im in the water. The ship is over me

T : Who else is with you

C : No one. It seems I fell down from the ship.

T : Is any one there to save you

C : Few people are watching me. Few people are in the water to save me. There is a girl wearing a skirt also looking down.

T : Do you recognize any of the people.

C : No

T : Please try to look at their eyes and try to recognize them.

C : (After some time), no I cannot recognize.

T : What is your name

C : (After some time….) I don’t know

T : What year it is.

C : I don’t know.

T : At the count of 3-2-1, the year will flash in front of your eyes. 3-2-1

C : (After some time) It seems 1975

T : Which place it is

C : It is somewhere in Equador.

T : What do you feel. How did you fell down. Did somebody push you.

C : (after some pause) I was drinking and slipped.

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to the last moment of this life time. 3-2-1

What do you see.

C : Im in water.

T : Please look around, you will find your soul guide.

Please ask him the message for this life time.

C : I see my soul guide.

He is telling me to be Pavitra.

(Since Master was here, I I was thinking whether intrude and clarify the meaning of Pavitra, when the client himself responded)

Pavitra means not have drink and non veg.

(After a good pause, I enquired whether Master is still present and the answer was negative)

T : Now at the count of 3-2-1, lets go to another life time from where your feeling of fear started prior to any decision making. 3-2-1…….What do you see

C : I see a big office building. There are many people going and coming. I also see a girl in skirt.

T : Is it the same girl from the ship, in previous life time.

C : I don’t know.

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you will go inside the office and will be sitting in front of the girl. 3-2-1

C : Im in a big conference room. At one end, Im sitting and at the other end the girl with skirt is sitting.

T : What type of feeling you are getting – fear, love, respect, anger….

C : Neutral.

T : Can you recognize the girl – is she somebody from this life time.

C : No

T : You may look into the eyes and try to recognize her.

C : (After sometime) No.

T : Any discussion happening between you two.

C : (After sometime) The girl now put her feet on the table and relaxing. I think she is my boss.

T : What type of feeling you are getting when you are so close to this girl.

C : (after a long pause) Im happy. Im relaxed.

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to the next significant event of this life time.

C : Im at a stadium. A cricket match going on. Im sitting with other spectators (later client confirmed that it was an old stadium, unlike today’s stadium with very less crowd and he was quite young…around 12-13yrs old). The sitting arena was collapsing and his left arm got broken (fractured).

T : (After waiting for sometime). What do you feel.

C : My left arm is paining. Im getting up on my own. Not much injury to others.

T : Who else is with you.

C : No one.

T : (after some pause) At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to the next significant event of this life time

C : I see a train.

T : Who else is with you.

C : My wife and my son.

T : Do you recognize your wife and son.

C : My wife is the girl with skirt and I cannot recognize my son.

T : What is the feeling that you get, being with your family.

C : Happy feeling. Harmonious family.

T : Do you see or feel anybody in the train whom you recognise.

C : No

T : Where are you going

C : Home.

T : Okay. Now at the count of 3-2-1, please go to the next significant event of this life time from where fear has emerged. 3-2-1. What do you see.

C : The big office building has burned down.

T: Where are you? Are you inside the building?

C : No. Im outside the building and watching. I have a big car and a driver.

T : Do you recognize the driver.

C : (After some pause)….No

T : Why you are feeling upset at the burning of this building.

C : Im the owner of this building.

T : Whats your age.

C : Im around 38yrs

There are 4 men in dangdi (Maintenance Engg workwear). One of them made a mistake because of which the building got burnt.

T : Do you recognize those people. Pl look into their eyes.

C : (After some time) No.

T : Was it a sabotage or a genuine mistake.

C : It was negligence.

Since client was not able to recognize anybody in any of the lifetimes, I decided to take him to a happy moment in childhood with parents if he can recognize somebody

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you will go to your childhood in this lifetime, where you are having dinner with your parents and siblings. 3-2-1. What do you see.

C : There is a huge dining table. A father like figure is sitting at top of the table. On left side there are many children. Im one of them (later client confirmed that there were 5 children, all siblings). No one on the other side.

T : Can you recognize any body. Look into their eyes.

C : (After sometime) No.

T : what about your mother

C : Don’t know.

T : How do you feel having dinner with everybody

C : Happy and joyful.

T : (after some pause) Okay. Now at the count of 3-2-1, you will go the last moment of this lifetime, just before your death. 3-2-1. What do you see.

C : Im in the ship. It’s a party going on. I have thrown the party.

The ship is burning.

The ship is standstill and its got fully burnt.

T : What happened to you.

C : I have died.

T : How did you die?

C : I fell into the water.

T : Did anybody come to save you.

C : five people came to save me but they couldn’t. Few people were looking down from deck.

T : Please look around. You will find your soul guide.

Please ask him what is the lesson from this lifetime

C : He is telling that I should know swimming.

T : What else is he telling.

C : Nothing

(after some time, once ascertaining that soul guide has left)

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you will go to the next significant lifetime.

C : Im at a beach. Miami Beach. Year is 1641.

T: What you are doing?

C : Im surfing. Suddenly a surfer while surfing, his razor sharp board comes in front of my face and there is a huge cut. Im bleeding. People have taken me to the hospital.

T : Are you badly hurt.

C : There are 5 stitches on my face

T : Is any of your family member around

C : Yes. My mother.

T : Can you recognize her.

C : No

T : How do you feel in presence of your mother

C : Safe

T : (after some time) Okay. You may go to the last moment of this lifetime, just before your death.

What do you see.

C : Nothing. I cannot see myself.

T : Okay. Look around. You will find your soul guide.

C : Silent for about a minute.

T : Is your soul guide there?

C : Yes

T : Who is your soul guide.

C : Hanumanji.
T : Please convey my namaskar and pronam to Hanumanji. You may be with Hanumanji for as much time as you want. You may ask all your queries to him and get appropriate guidance. Im waiting for you. When you are done, please lift your fore finger indicating that your meeting is over.

(after about 5 minutes client raised his forefinger)

(after confirming that hanumanji has left)

T : Do you have answers to all your queries

C : Yes

T : Would you like to explore any other theme.

C : No

T : Would you like to emerge?

C : Yes

The client was emerged after taking him back to garden and bench, as per protocol.

Stage – 13 Integration

Client had asked his soul guide, Lord Hanumanji, about his problems and fear in life. He was told because of anadar (disrespect) to his parents he is facing such problems in life.

When he asked that in this life time he has been respectful, client was told that they are being disrespected.

He was told not to use his mind or judge his mother, when taking decision which involves discussion with parents. Instead of arguing and going against mother, it needs to be explained in a very delicate and respectful manner.

He suggested to do Bhajan (by showing both his hands in kirtan/Bhajan mode), give alms to poor.

The client was also told to roar like a lion and not be timid and fearful. (Soul guide actually demonstrated by roaring)
Stage 14 – Closure

On discussion , the client agreed that he needs to be more respectful to his mother and not show anger/irritation.

He also got the way out to his problems and challenges – Doing Bhajan and Kirtans and be fearless, giving alms to the needy and poor.

Stage 15 : Report and Recommendation.

Client was told to observe dreams and thoughts for next few weeks.

Client was told to do Hanuman Chalisa in the morning as well as in the evening and chant abundant daimoku.


That’s so nice: roar like a lion and not be timid and fearful

This sums up the beautiful healing and answer to the theme too…
The mirror concept is a beautiful learning for us all too… Very well handled with great presence of mind…
Very well done Deepak…
Keep going on…


Soul guides can be funny too! :lion:


Wonderful Deepak, As usual a very healthy and bubbly session!. I liked the quick thinking about the mirror when client went negative to any visions. Also when we read its a learning for all of us, specially the parents interaction and behaviour of their children towards them. I am sure most of us can relate it in some form or the other.
Hillarious how Anjeneyar demonstrated roaring. How sweet!


I would like to add up some points after reading your case yesterday…
I thought the client would have got a lot of clarity if after reaching the death scene we ask them questions such as
-How do you feel about this situation?
-what was your last thought just before you left this body? (LT)
-what do you think you are carrying over from that lifetime to this lifetime? (CO)

  • what could be the learnings from that lifetime? (Learnings–> can be used as resolution for current life problems)
  • what happened after you left the body? What comes to your awareness? (LBL, as it’s the Golden State for healing)

Hey Fantastic session Deepak! Great Job!:clap: I liked it a lot. I see that there is a common thing happening in all his past life experiences. He is in water and a ship is passing over him
(some kind of FEAR is associated with this event while drowning). He was in office and it is burning down (again FEAR). He is in stadium and the sitting arena is collapsing (FEAR). He is in Miami beach - he said “a surfer while surfing his razor sharp board comes in front of my face and there is a huge cut” (FEAR) - I think this is called KMF - Key Moment Flow. And the residues or something to improve from this life time has been covered by our lord - Hanuman Ji. What a lovely lessons - Respecting parents, No intake of alcohol and non-veg, doing kirtan or bhajan regularly, being like a lion and not be timid. Fantastic Lessons :clap::clap:. What more lessons does a human being need to transform to a divine being. Both you and your client are blessed​:pray:. I’m very much glad to know that you have the grace and blessings of Hanuman. Both of your clients had made you experience Hanuman’s energy. You are a blessed being! Congratulations on successfully completing your Third case !!:clap::lotus:

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Dear Deepak ji,

Congratulations for the third case. :muscle: :muscle: Wish you many more divine healings. :raised_hands:

My feedback for your consideration please,

Well arrived at SINGLE WORDED THEME.

We could have finished the suggestion at

What do you feel. How did you fell down?

Alternatively, we could have used paraphrasing here.

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to the last moment of this life time. 3-2-1

What do you see.

C : Im in water.

T : Please look around, you will find your soul guide.

Please ask him the message for this life time.

Death in a lifetime becomes the reference point for the subsequent lives. It is here that critical decisions are made for the future births/reincarnations.

Apropos, in my opinion, we could have let the client experience last moments in the lifetime attempting to explore the plausible cause leading to the THEME, seeking as to what were his last thoughts/feelings, what is that (if at all) he is carrying over/ any lessons and as resultant what would require to be done for the carry over?

Consider an open ended suggestion where the familiarity with this girl or the feeling client is experiencing gets validated or invalidated by the client himself.

Here, *What question (esp for a K client) is expected to bring up his surroundings to his awareness and a HOW DO YOU FEEL question is expected to bring up the emotions about the situation being experienced.

Consider paraphrasing and an open ended suggestion here.

Eg : Having gone back to this significant moment in this lifetime you have found yourself witnessing the building that you own to be on fire and I understand that you are feeling upset about it . What could have led to this situation? What comes to your awareness?

The client has come back full circle in this lifetime ie the first scene of being in water and then he dies. Here was our second opportunity to explore the death experience.

And Voila …he turns out to be a SURFER in next lifetime !!!

Amazing to have the almighty powers bless our sessions ! :pray: :pray:

In my understanding the all powerful and omniscient subconscious is bringing up the FEAR owing to the present approach and attitude of the client towards the parents. I am sanguine that with the understanding and life lessons learnt from soul guide the client would have a blessed times ahead.

Wonderful lesson for us all. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

My Best Wishes to you for many wonderful future sessions.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks Preeti for your appreciation


Thanks Ananda for your appreciation.

With Regards

Thanks Prashanthi. The client had something going on all of a sudden in each lifetime which is leading to “fear” in this life time. There is a pattern. Thanks for your appreciation.


Thanks Monesh for your wonderful and precise inputs. Few of them were pointed out by Siddhi as well. Yes, I did miss it in the heat of the moment (during the session). I guess, now I will remember it for all future sessions :smile:. Thankyou so much.
Infact I was wondering why you didnt comment on my 2nd case. :smile:

Thanks for your precious time and reviewing my case.

With Best Regards

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:clap: :clap: very appreciative.

:clap: :clap:… very imaginative… i like it

In every life he found fear source. Every life came with lesson .
2.Swimming( my take is believe in yourself)
3.Being non judgemental
4. Believe in parents( no arguments)
5. Bhanjans ( praising to almighty so he can feel that someone is there who is superior)
6. Roar ( again Believe in yourself)

Wonderful session.
Technically we might have to work more . But when almighty is showing his presence then in itself session is superb.
Blessings and all the best !

Thanks Siddhi for going through my case so intensely. Very true. I could have asked those questions…Actually, when you are in a middle of a session, some pressure is on the therapist too…so even though we know few things, we may miss out. It will come with experience :slightly_smiling_face:
Neverthless, since you have suggested these…It will be easier for me to recollect the suggestions during the session. Thanks a lot Siddhi. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thanks for conducting the session and also sharing it with all of us beloved @deepakchaks
Adding to what @Siddhi and @Monesh_Bathre’ feedback,

What is CBM?

Based on what you had written in the meta, please ensure you play the video hence forth.

It’s too broad to be a theme, please revise on how to finalise a theme. Maybe it could be “fear of making a decision”.

Doesn’t qualify as an indirect suggestion at all as it’s mind reading and neither calibrated (as client is K and suggestions are for V).

see it is these tiny little disasters that add up and not deliver what would have been easily possible.
My suggestion is please focus on your sadhana, only when we know how to dive within and be a master of our inner processes can we guide our clients and do go through the book, “why me” as you can do so much better my beloved @deepakchaks


Thankyou so much Venu.
Sure, I have already started going through the handbook again.
Will read the “Why Me” slowly again.
You are absolutely spot on, on Sadhna. My chanting has gone down due to various daily challenges and travel… but also understand that it has to be above all these things. Taking corrective action from today itself.
CBM - Confidence Building Measures - a term I use very frequently.
IDT - is my weak point. Would like you to address it in our next concall if possible. Meanwhile I too will try to work on it as much as I can.
Thankyou so much Venu.

With Best Wishes/ Deepak

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