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Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of Supreme God, mahadev, kaal bhairav, spiritual guides, spiritual buddies (amaratian friends) and with grace of our dear master Venu, I successfully conducted my first PLR session.

Client Details:

Female : Mrs. KKG, 33+ YO

Hypnotizability score : 7

Primary Dominant sense: Visual: 8, Secondary sense: Auditory: 5, Kinesthetic: 1

Eye roll test : 1

Pain level : 7/10

Theme : Poor married life, Husband having affair with another woman who is elder than him and already having 2 children.

Client history:

She was born into a very religious, middle-class family. She studied well and wanted to do job as a teacher. She was already inclined towards spirituality and have some visions and sensitivity since her childhood. She was able to feel the spirits around her and sometimes get messages from them. During her marriage, at the first night at her in laws house her grandmother in law (who was no more in her body) came to her and told that her husband is already having a relationship with a woman, but she ignored that as she was a spirit. But later few months she realised that what she heard from the spirit was right and every family member knows about that realtionship. But her in-laws family supports and love her a lot. Since this makar sankranti she is at her paternal house, and want to do some job from there only.

From this PLR session, she wants to know the connection with that lady who is having affair with her husband and after lots of heated conversations and violence that lady is not leaving her husband.

Session 1: 3rd October 2023

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

*Finding the reason behind her marriage failure
*Know the past connection from that lady.

Session 2: 3rd October 2023

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with her again.

Later we had a short break and some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (checklist was ensured). Informed her to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (talk, cry, laugh and moving/adjusting body parts). After she was comfortable, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: Therapist
C: client.

We started with a prayer.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method. The client was relaxed.

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden, which was surrounded by a big and green trees, view was like her village’s garden.

T: Let this garden be your safe place and you can always float back to this garden, if there is any distress.

As the client’s dominant sense is visual and secondary as audible, she was able to visualize this beautiful place and enjoyed being in there. She described the beautiful scenery and felt the trees and greenery around her.

Thereafter, the client could imagine a happy memories from her childhood.

From childhood memories, we reached the stage, where she was playing with brothers and sisters, enjoying with family.

She was happy and relaxed but unable to sense anything.
T: can you see or sense anything?
C: No
T: are you ready to go ahead?
C: few moments later… No
T: Whenever you feel ready to go back to the garden, you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some seconds). In a count of 3-0, we’ll go to the garden again. You could spend some time here in the garden, rest, relax.

T: are you ready to come back?
C: yes
T: Till my count from 0-10 you will return to your conscious state.
C: She returned and was conscious after the count.

Session 3: 4th October 2023 (pre lunch)

We discussed her experiences from the previous session, and I asked if she is comfortable to proceed? She was ready and excited to go ahead.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. From visualization of the garden to her painful memories and she started feeling pain in her legs.

T: Where could you be feeling this pain?
C: In my legs

T: In a count of 3, you could experience this pain to be more severe (increased to double, 10x, and then in extreme pain). Here C was feeling uncomfortable.

T: Instructed C to form a bridge out of this pain and link towards the source of her suffering. Instructed her that it is very safe to go further on this bridge. From further pyramiding we reached multiple doors, and the client was suggested to open the right door that could land her in the relevant PL memory regarding her theme.

T: Can you see or sense anything?
C: No…
T: Take deep breath, try to relax and try to look around you.
C: after few moment… I can only hear the sounds of birds.
T: Try to look around you except trees and birds? Place where are you now?
C: some ground like place.
T: Is it jungle? Garden? Agricultural land?
C: Garden
T: city? Village?
C: no
T: time? Year?
C: Unable to know
T: Can you see anyone around yourself?
C: no
T: Slowly move ahead and from my 3-0 count try to go to most significant moment of that life. (3-2-1-0)
T: try to reach the time and place where this pain originated.
T: Can you see anything?
C: No
T: Mentally pray to God to take you to most significant moment where you got this pain.
(She whispered)
T: Feel the pain and take deep breathings. Whatever you will see it’s already happened to you, so don’t feel any stress.
Few minutes later…
C: Hut and Math (मठ)
T: can you recognise the location?
C: no, but it’s very clear, environment is very good.
T: what else can you see
C: lots of saints (gents and ladies)
T: try to go inside the hut
C: it’s a big hut, an open space in the mid of the hut (aangan).
T: what is everyone doing:
C: everyone is having food.
T: what are you doing?
C: looking at them
T: try to find a mirror over there
C: yes
T: go in the front of mirror and look at yourself.
C: yes
T: how you look like?
C: i am wearing orange saree
T: go to most significant memory
C: i am lying down, not well
T: what’s going in your mind?
C: i will be no more
T: go more ahead
C: saints are trying to save me but I am no more.
T: what happens next?
C: they are going to burn me. One saint is there who looks like my father in law of this life.
T: is he your guru?
C: no, i just call him baba.
T: what is karma or lesson you learned from that life.
C: bhakti of mahadev.
C: now, with the count of 3-0, you will go to another life with the help of a bridge where you can find the reason behind your issues. 3-2-1-0

T: where are you?
C: haveli
T: what are you doing there?
C: i am rani
T: age?
C: 20-25
T: time or year?
C: don’t know
T: go to significant moment
C: i can see that lady, who is watching us.
T: who is with you?
C: my husband?
T: same husband as this life?
C: yes
T: what is that lady doing there?
C: she is our maid
T: What comes to your awareness?
C: actually she has done some black magic on my husband. She mix something in his food.
T: can you find the reason behind this?
C: no, she just want my husband.
T: go to moment when that lady left your husband. 3-2-1-0
C: yes
T: where are you?
C: sitting in room
T: what are you doing?
C: watching my husband playing with my children. I have twin children.
T: are you happy?
C: yes
T: how that lady left your husband?
C: i caught her red handed and punished her.
T: can you see anyone else?
C: yes, my sister in law.
T: same as this life?
C: yes
T: now go to most significant moment where your issues are connected
C: (stressed…)
T: where are you?
C: it’s dark room
T: how you are feeling?
C: anxiety, stressed, some one locked me in the room.
T: can you come out?
C: no
T: who locked you?
C: that lady
T: reason to lock
C: no reason

(Client was breathing heavily, so instructed her to calm down, deep breathing, look side ways, up and down)
(after few moment)
T: where are you
C: don’t know
T: try to look at your self
C: it’s my last stage
T: lying down?
C: yes, on bed. It’s day time.
T: what happened next?
C: i am dead
T: age?
C: approx 35
T: anyone around you?
C: husband, sister in law and twin children.
T: any lesson from that life?
C: no but I punished that lady and lady left my husband.
T: can you see or feel anything else
C: no
T: now using the bridge go to the significant memory where that lady was connected to you (3-2-1-0)
C: i am in a village, we are fast friends. But she always have affection with her belongings.
T: age
C: 13-14
T: now move forward towards the time when you were married.
C: same husband as this life. Friend is also married but she wants my husband.
T: age
C: 22-23
T: any reason behind this?
C: don’t know, but what ever I like she wants it.
T: by the count of 3-0, go to last moment of your life. (3-2-1-0)
C: i am ill, lying down at home
T: who is with you?
C: husband
T: what about your friend
C: she is at her house
T: what happened to you next
C: i am not in body
T: can you see around
C: bhole baba (shiv ji)
T: any message from him?
C: be in devotion, everything will be alright.
T: do you want to continue more?
C: no.
T: okay, from count 0-3 you will go to your safe place to your garden with the help of bridge, 0-1-2-3.
Now take rest at your safe place, and let me know when you are ready to come back.
After few minutes…
C: yes. I am ready to come.
T: okay now from count 0-10, you will come back to your consciousness.
Slowly and gently return to your body and give thanks to God.

Gave her little time to get relaxed. Post lunch we had little conversation about the theme.
Now we had decided to make our theme:
*Your karma connection with that lady.

Session 4: 4th October 2023 (post lunch session)

We again started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. From visualization of the garden to cliff climbing and getting connected to the significant karma. 3-0 count

T: now can you see something?
C: yes
T: look at your legs
C: shoes
T: are you male or female?
C: female
T: what are you wearing
C: frock, red in color
T: how you look like
C: white, big blonde hair
T: what’s around you?
C: it’s out of India, snow everywhere
T: where are you?
C: it’s a building, no… it’s a shopping complex with big glass windows.
T: can you guess the time?
C: it’s afternoon, can’t recognise the year but it seems that it is approx 70 years early from now.
T: anyone along with you
C: husband & twin children 5-6 years
T: go to significant moment
C: shopping at shopping mall, a woman beside me
T: who is that lady?
C: same (this life husband’s gf), fighting with me
T: what is the reason behind that fight
C: both liked 1 clothe, and she want to snatch it from me.
T: what is she saying
C: okay, you take it but I will snatch everything from you.
T: another moment with that lady in that life?
C: no
T: now go to last moment of your life
C: it’s my last time, i am on bed at hospital.
T: anyone around you?
C: children, but they are grown up approx 23-24 years.
T: what happened to you?
C: illness
T: what was your mistake and what did you learned from that life?
C: i hope i shouldn’t go to mall, and I must have given that clothe to that lady.
T: reason behind your problem
C: I was stubborn due to that I suffered. I used to attach with the material things.
T: what happened next
C: i am dead, body is at hospital, everyone is crying. Children are with their wives.
T: can you see anyone after you left your body?
C: Jesus
T: is he saying something?
C: yes but I am unable to understand but he is asking that what do I want and he is blessing me that I will get what I want.
T: what did you learned?
C: always have a big and giving heart.
T: is this the reason you are suffering in this life?
C: yes
T: anything more you can see or hear
C: Jesus is telling that your problem will be solved.
T: so do you want to come back or explore more?
C: i think i got my answer. I want to come back
T: okay then go to the bridge and with the count of 0-3 you will be at your safe place. 0-1-2-3
Now you can stay there until you want to come back and just smile when you want to come back

C smiled after few minutes.

T: now from the count 0-10, you will return to your consciousness

We both gave thanks to God and gurus.

In this lifetime her husband is having relationship with another woman and with lots of efforts he didn’t came back.
She learned from her past lifetime that she was very much materialistic and get attached with things and don’t want to share with others, and that was the reason behind her suffering. The lesson she learned that we all must have a big, kind and giving heart. Sometimes your stubbornness makes your suffer for lifetime or more lifetimes.

Pain level (post session): 1

*PS: Immediately after the session, the C described her head being heavy, which subsided by drinking glucose water. She was very much happy and continued thanking me.
It was my first PLR session but i really felt proud on myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

With Love & Regards
Pusparag Jauhari


Hi Pushparaj,
Nice one! Enjoyed your meticulous process which you followed, taught at Amarantos!.
You were very patient with your client and understand that when things do not go your way it becomes daunting. But you handled the sessions with professionalism. Good start!


Well done Pushparaj! You just rocked. First client who travelled from long distance just for the session. We are trying it on our own friends and relatives and you got an unknown person as first client. That is such a grand success. Wish you many more successful sessions.


Dear Pusparag,
Wonderful! Your client was so focused. And experienced the relevant visions according to the theme. Congratulations :confetti_ball: Pushrag. Wonderfully conducted.

So proud of you too.
Loads of Love
Stay forever blessed


From this session, i learned that if someone is interested in fighting, so let it go…If fight can be stopped by giving the materlistic thing, then it is good to let go instead of clinging .
Pushpraj, you handled the case with patience and in a professional way.

All the best !


What a well documented and to the point case study Pushparaj. I really enjoyed traveling with you and your client to all these past births of her and realizing how well connected we are to each other even though our conscious mind may forget this in every birth we manifest.

Also I saw a clear connection to that lady saying with such forceful energy that she was going to snatch everything from your client and coming back over and over to do it. ‘Real-izing’ her own declaration made unconsciously.

Hence it is said ‘words’ are spells and come to form. Both are living the karma of being ‘materialistic’ if seen in another way.

This may raise a question in some that why us this lady so hell bent upon gaining the clients husband if the fight was over a piece of cloth in the previous life?

The answer to this that came to me is ‘this body’ is material too. Yet we fall for it rather than for the ‘spirit’ occupying this vessel and start considering this body as ‘mine’ or ‘ours’ leading to severe attachment to the human we can ‘see’. Attachment is attachment whether to body or to the ‘labels’. ‘My husband’, ‘my child’, ‘my body’, ‘my money’, ‘my feelings’ etc are all indicative of attachments. No one is ours for eternity and yet they are. That is the beauty of having appeared for playing a drama on the screen.


Congratulations Pushparaj


Kudos to u dear @pushparag.j9019… an expert jauhri like u can oni give justice where koyle ki Khan se hira chmka sakta hai…u awesomely slow and steadily moulded her to her pain and wooowww what a teaching…lesson to learn and let the today’s materialistic world also know about it that we should never be selfish and stubborn …the more u give the more u get :pray::pray::pray::pray: God bless​:pray::pray:


Well done @pushparag.j9019 this session is an true example for all of us - “do NOT hold on to materialistic things”. :blush:


Thank you @Pooja ji. Yes we learned the right lession


Thank you @Kaynaz_Ghista ji, don’t have words to say, i just love the way to express, have lots of humors and makes us smile as well.

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Thank you Preeti ji for your love.

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Right. It’s like we came alone, we will leave alone. And this is the universal truth.
Thankyou for your compliments

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Thank you Neelam ji, yes we too learned the lession from our clients.

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Thank you Seema ji for your love and support. This really motivate me to conduct more sessions.

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You were always supportive and helped me all the times Ashish ji, 50% credits to you too for this session

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Thank you for your support Ananda ji

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Beautifully executed Pushparag!! The message was simple but wonderful: do not hold on materialistic things… so true…all the best for your future sessions :blush::tada:


Thanks a lot for your support. I really appreciate your support.

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V well executed… Congratulations on your success Pushparag. As a therapist, we really need to have presence of mind to steer the regression in the right direction and you did exactly the same.
I pray and hope that your client finds peace and the karma between her, her husband and the other lady transforms into a harmonious bond.