Blessings from BABAJI

SHE 30+, 5/10, 1/5, K, 1.Feeling of Abandonment, 2.troubled relationship with father, 3.feeling of insecure and not safe 9/10

Session Date -25th and 26th March 2022

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

The first thing I noticed as we met, client face was very dull, shoulders rounded and as she sat down anxiously, limiting herself to one corner of the seat
As we began talking she was getting comfortable in her new environment.
Three major theme came up after the cleint history and wanted to work on the third theme first
Session 1:
An hour of relaxation, applying Dave Elman , Progressive Relaxation, Visualization
Asked her to pick a memory from her childhood
C- she saw herself with her grandpa, spending time looking outside the house and in the garden

Gave her instruction to move in time in her present lifetime , from early childhood to the time she felt herself in her mother’s womb (being 4-5 months old )

As came out in her history taking, she had a lot innerchild trauma. The first Session was more on innerchild healing.
Post the first session her pain level reduced from 9 to 5

Second Session-
She looked a little more relaxed than ysterday
After a short discussion, client also wanted to work on the pain she feels in her chest, when the feeling of insecure and anxious is increased around certain people. Straight we went in for the second session

1hour of relaxation using same techniques

C - I am in the clouds
T - do you feel any presence of any other people or entity?
No response came, her eyeball making movements, Trying to figure out
C- I am in clouds only, but there is so much quietness and calm
T - how you feel?
C - I can see so much light, After a pause I think it is heaven, don’t know… lots of angels around
T - ok to move closer to them, … she nodded yes… is any particular angel trying to connect with you?
C - still trying to make sense of the place and figuring out… After a long pause… I can see so many angels …they seem to be all white …like light …one in middle looks very bright
T - do youl feel safe around them? She gave a faint nod…asked move a little more them to that angel… said ok
Try to connect with them, could see uneasiness on her face
C - they are all sat me around in ,am standing in the middle…
T - what is bothering you? Are you ok
C - Am feeling am moving in circle taking turns not able to stop myself.
T - seek the angels help to calm you down, also coached breathing
C- one of the angels hold my hand and Calm me down , I stopped moving
T - do feel better now?
C -yes, they are trying to heal me
T - how are they healing?
C - I am feeling myself as in black…and they all around me in a circle healing me …I am standing in the middle
T - what are they doing to heal you?
C- they are sending me their light and healing energy …Am turning into grey…
T - okay…is it making you feel better
C - yes I can feel the pain from my heart gone now
After a while …she confirmed she is white now.
T -do you feel better now ?
C -yes, much lighter in my heart
T- is it OK to talk to the angels
C - they are not talking?
T - try to connect with their energy , you may feel it
C - it was not my energy which was removed
T - you mean something was attached to your aura
C - no answer , I don’t know
T- is it OK to ask the angels,what made you choose this life ? Where you had to go through this feeling of Abandonment and insecure
C - they are saying it was not my karma. It is my ancestors karma which I had taken , so that they don’t have to go through it again
T - ok
C - I do not belong here
T - is it OK to move closer to the angel, whom you feel more connected to you
C- ok.
Moves a little closer, he is Babaji
T - who babaji ? Anyone from your present lifetime? (I assumed Sai Baba for a moment though)
C - he is babaji …who lives in mountains?
T- ok ( trying to calm myself)
C -the one who gave kriya yoga
T - you mean Mahavatar Babaji

C Yes. He says I do not belong Here (on earth) I belong with them
T- ok… what made you come here and choose this life
C- it was my purpose to take on my ancestor karma
T< What is you need to do in this lifetime
C - he asking to follow the practice and need to have discipline , and I can reach them( Kriya Yoga meditation)
T- what else you need to do fulfil your life purpose?
C - he says nothing, I don’t know…I just need to do my practice
T - will it revealed to you later in time , when it is right ?
C- after a while says yes… I need to do my practice first
T - ok,
Tempted to ask, is there any message for me
C - you néed to rest…you are stressing too much …and have more trust on the Gurus, you can reach them by your practice
T ok, (thanking Babaji mentally and praying to them)
is there anything that you would like to ask?
C- signals nothing
T - how do you feel now? In their presence
C - peaceful and much lighter
T - who are other angels as you mentioned earlier?
C They are all his disciples. They are also gurus
Few more closing conversation and summarizing the whole experience

Her closing line’ - I feel blessed

After waking up, her face, her skin was glowing, as if dullness was removed

Her pain level was at 4 now. A little disoriented with her experience, with sense of peacefulness all over


Amazing session Preeti…‘I feel blessed’ - I am sure,the client feels immense peace and when uttered those beautiful words.


Wonderful experience by reading this case.
Thank you so much
Neelam Samnani (Atlantis)


This is an amazing experience

PLRT has opened up all parallel dimensions together .
Time is just a timeline…
Space is ever so expanded…


Thanks for sharing this Preeti. Your suggestions were very apt also want to share that I got goosebumps when I read. Felt like Babaji was asking me to deepen my practice and be disciplined! It’s amazing to see how we are all connected and belong to the same WHOLE!

With heartfelt gratitude,


Very well done @preeti_gupta, you are so blessed!
And I also appreciate how well you were able to ascertain that we can all have only one purpose per lifetime! Once achieved we move on :slight_smile:

Thank you Venu , for encouraging us always to be there for òur clients. She later wrote a wats app message to me a day after. That her pain has completely gone


Dear @preeti_gupta thanks for sharing with us the awesome experience. I am speechless.