Blessings received from many masters and goddesses

Dear Amarantians,

Presenting my next case with the blessings of almighty and Venu. Its a long one. Please be patient and give your valuable feedback.

Date: 11th Sept 2023

Session 1:

Hypnosis score 8

VAK score: 4,5,6

Dominant sense : Kinesthetic

Eye Roll score : 2

Client History:

CCC, 74YO,Male

CCC is a very intellectual person. He has many technical degrees in his kitty. He has completed all the degrees before their respective stipulated time.

He used to work for public sector but took VR and started his own consultancy firm. He resigned from that firm couple of years back when Chinese took over it.

Now he is writing books on varied subjects. He recently published a book named ”the path to entrepreneurship”. He is working on many other books to be published.

He use to follow a guru named Nagraj Sharma who is no more but he claims that he communicates with him and the guruji is guiding him on writing a book on a particular subject related to spirituality which is his life’s mission now.

He has self regressed himself before and have many super natural experience himself.

Health Issues:

He has pain in his calf muscles since long time.

He has 90% artery blockage since 1997 but he took alternative treatment for that and didn’t underwent surgery. But now one is 100% blocked which needs immediate surgery. He is mainly living on collateral arteries support and blessings from the masters.

He has some issues with his wife. Sometimes when they fight, wife wants to leave him and go. He has to persuade her very much to not leave him. He wanted to know the exact reason for his.

Session 2:

11th sept 9pm to 1 am

Theme: Why my wife wants to leave me?

We started with prayer.

CCC was taken to trans using Dave elman and then progressive relaxation.

Started Visualization of staircase and garden but CCC has started getting pain in his leg. Made the affect bridge of the pain to lead to the cause of the pain.

T: Feel the pain two times more and make the bridge of the pain and walk over it as I count from 10 to 1. Go to the root cause of this pain. Feel fro where the pain is originating.

10…9…8 take deep breaths (C was in lot of pain)

7…6…5.(we are just going to reach to the root cause)

4 …3….2…1

T: what are you experiencing?

C: i got some gun fire bullet hit my leg

T: Experience what is there around you?

Who fired the bullet?

C: Feeling water around me.I am in prison. My cloths are white. It’s near sea.

(Later on client told that this place was cellular jail in Andaman and Nicobar).

T: How old are you?

C: 26…26 years old.

T:What is your name?

C: Narayan

T: Who shot you?

C: we are escaping from prison and someone shot me. I fell down.

My colleague friend put me on boat.we ran away. We are running.

T: Who is your friend? Could you recognise him from this lifetime?

C: He is my father in this life

T: What are you experiencing?

C:We are in sea and we are drowning.

T: What are your last thoughts?

C: Bharat Mata ki Jai

T: How are you feeling now?

C: Feeling peace,feeling relaxed

T: Take in all the peaceful energy with you. Let me know when you are ready.

( IMR )

(I thought as CCC has pain in his leg from many years and we didn’t do anything about it so asked him to revisit the bullet shot scene.

Here i should have asked for carry overs but it didn’t strike me. I rescripted which was wrong on my part.)

T: On my count of 3 to 1 go back to the time when bullet hit you.

C: Oh my leg is paining.

(Had done stress management here)

T: Ask your friend to take out your bullet.

(After sometime)

C: He tried but we drowned.

T: Before boarding the boat see if there is any of your friends who can help you. Who is near you?

C: There is Arman ji(name changed and this person is know to client in this lifetime…he is his guru bhai) .

T: Ask him to take out the bullet from your leg.

CCC was silent for sometime

T:is he helping you?

C: He tried to help but firing is going on.

T: Look around or feel there may be a safe place where you can go.

C: Yes behind the wall

T: very good. Go behind the wall.

Take your friend with you.

Now ask him to help you.

C: We don’t have knife.

T: Look around you may find one.

C:(after sometime…no there is nothing)

T: No. problem. You could ask your friend to get one.

(All this while CCC was in pain and was guided to manage stress through Breathing and EMDR )

(After sometime when the friend didn’t return)

T: You can try taking it out yourself.

(After sometime)

C: Doctor has come and taking out bullet.

Arman ji has told him.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Still pain is there but less

T: Ask the Doctor how you will be relieved of the this pain?

C: He is giving me some Jadi Buti

I am relaxing. Let me relax.

(His facial expression has changes to relax, little smile on the face )

Gave him sometime

C: My name is Puran Singh not Narayan. I am from Punjab.

I am feeling totally relaxed.

As our session started with pain and CCC went through a past life so i thought to take him to childhood memories and reframing now.

T: where are you relaxing? What can you see and feel around you?

Client tried to focus but couldn’t tell

T: ok see or visualize if there is a cliff nearby.

C: yes its there.

T: ok go to the cliff.

(Waited for sometime)

T: Are you on cliff now?

C: yes

Here the CCC was asked to do reframing of the hurtful memories or anything which he wants to let go.

He doesn’t get a single memory to be reframed. In this life he has already forgiven everyone who had hurt him. He doesn’t keep anything to his heart.

Then I took him to the childhood memories.

T: what is coming to your awareness?

C: Me and Kala (name changed, she is his Bhabhi, brothers wife) are playing in school.

(She was his classmate)

She is lively….she takes good care of me.

She loves me a lot.

I enjoy her company.

T: On. Count of 3 to 1 go to next significant memory of this life…3…2…1…

C: My brother is getting married to Kala

I am very happy. I am dancing. They are also very happy.

I am also getting married. Everything is ok . No problem.

Now i am finding bhabhi and my wife (Asma, name changed) didn’t like each other. I am disturbed. I am deprived of love from bhabhi.

Asma wanted to have big nursing home. (Asma is doctor). She was promised by my Father.

After marriage she has to look after everybody. (It was a joint family).

She wanted to study further after her MBBS but got pregnant. She is annoyed.

Then she was pregnant with 2nd baby. She wanted to abort that baby.i had a fight with her. Then. I persuaded her to keep the baby. I told her we will work together to make nursing home for you.

I think that is the reason.

(Decided to go further and asked him to pick a door which will take him to relevant memories.)

T: What is coming to your awareness?

C:Big Havelli, Kanpur

T: Are you a male or female?What are you wearing?

C: I am a male…young …Brahman cook

I am very knowledgeable but forced to do cooking at some zamindar place.

Asma is the youngest wife of zamindar. I cook and take it to her where she lived. She liked me, my food, my knowledge. I used to teach her Sanskrit.

We started loving each other.

T: On count of 3 to 1 go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.

C: something happened to zamindar. Asma got widowed

C: OK zamindar died and I married Asma.

T: Ok , Zamindar died and you married Asma then what happened?

C:I married her in spite of resistance from the society. They expelled us from the village and cursed.

We came to live in some other place. We are facing hardships.she was not used to this kind of life. When i married her i promised to keep her comfortably but i was not able to fulfill it. She left me.

I am feeling rejected. Annoyed with her. I am unhappy.

(Managed the emotions here)

T: On count of 3 to 1 go to the next significant moment of that life time….3…2…1

What comes to your awareness?

C: i am in a Holy place….Banaras

T: which year is this?

C: It’s 1743

T: What is happening in Banaras?

C: i met a Panditji.

T: Do you recognise him from this current life?

C: yes he is my guruji.

(He had his Guruji Late Nagraj Sharma in this life time)

C: he is counselling me. For any problem he guides me. Panditji told me to forgive everybody… He taught me about 50 values like love, gratitude, patience, justice, affection, truth etc…

(Later on client told that when he met guruji in this life for the first time he got instantly attracted to him and became his disciple)

T: What was your learning from this life?

C: Not able to fulfil her expectations. That’s the reason…whatever she wanted she couldn’t do. It’s too late. I can’t promise. I don’t want to lose her.

Feeling pain…

T: We will go back in time and see from where this pain is emerging.Feel this emotion two times more. (CCC was in pain)

(Made affect bridge )

T: what is coming to your awareness?

C: She (Asma) is my mother. I am her son. She had a business , an empire. She wanted me to take over it but i had no interest in that.I didn’t like that. I wanted to become saint. She cursed me. I wanted to search for truth. Forgive me. Please forgive me.

I became a good saint. Everyone coming to listen to me.

T: what is your name?

C: Parmanand

T: which place are you in?

C: Varanasi, Dashmesh ghat

T: What is coming to your awareness?

C: I was a big astrologer. Many people have told her (his mom/Asma) about me. But mother is not satisfied. She is saying, what should I do with that? No one is there to look after the empire/business.

Mother is annoyed.

T: how are you feeling?

C:May god bless her. May god give her love to understand this.

T: on count of 3 to 1 go to the next significant moment of your life.

T: what’s coming to your awareness?

C: My mother is on her death bed.

When i saw her she said,” i have forgiven you. You teach me.”

(Later on client told that she wanted me to teach him so in this lifetime client has taught her with his actions and deeds. She is very much improved. She loves me now.)

(He saw some of other people from current life with him in that life)

(Later on client told:

My mother was strict.Her behaviour was not good. Because of her behaviour i became saint.

I went to temple. Changed my clothes and became saint.

In Banaras i met many colleagues of this life, studied a lot, all vedas, philosophy, palmistry, astrology,I used to make my own food.

In this life client has very good culinary skills)

T: Ok on count of 3 to 1 lets go to the next significant event of your life….3…2…1…

T: what is coming to your awareness?

C: I am 86 years old. I am surrounded by so many disciples. I am leaving my body in sitting position. I am in Param Anand state while leaving the body.

T: After leaving body, are you with someone?

C: yes good souls

T: What message are they giving you?

C: Go back and do lot of good work.

T: You have blocked arteries. You can ask them what can be done for it?

C: they are blessing me. They are saying “we will take care of you”.

T: You can check about Asma with them.

C: they are blessing her. Asking me to keep no expectations.

You do your work for which you have been sent.

T: ask them what work has to be done?

C: that i know

C: (ecstatic) i can see so many Masters…Bambleshwari Devi, Vaishnodevi Devi, Amba ma, Durga Maa

(CCC folded his hands , he started crying and saying I am so grateful)

(Initially he was lying on the bed but now he changed the position and did shastang Pranam to all the gods and goddesses).

I gave him time to be with master therapists. CCC saw a very bright light. According to him room was filled with white light.

After sometime he just opened his eyes (didn’t gave me chance to emerge him.)
C: they all went back. Didn’t you see any light?This whole room was filled with a very bright light.
T: No I didn’t see.
C: they all blessed me.
(Feeling blissful)


Client has leg pain because of the bullet shot.

As in Lifetime of Asma client has left her in spite of mother (Asma) didn’t want him to leave. So in this life she wants to leave so that client can feel the emotions what she felt.

Also, client promised her good life and nursing home in two lives and couldn’t keep promise so that might be the reason of clients wife wants to leave him.


Client leg pain has gone.

Client underwent open heart surgery and to everyone’s surprise he hasn’t felt any pain for a single second.

Client should concentrate on the work assigned by masters.

Client should meditate daily instead occasionally.


Superb session Aditi! Well controlled and executed with deligence. Session was navigated well till the cause of the theme.
Thank you for sharing.



What a wonderful healing result achieved by your client. Impressive!

Other than that pls ask yourself what made you want to take away the client’s pain in the moments client was in pain due to the bullet shot? As rescripting is REALLY treacherous so it needs to be avoided at all times. But since you felt a need to resript pls explore the deeper reasons behind your motivation to avoid feeling the pull again to do so in the future.


Hey Aditi Darling,

It’s amazing how you handled the case.
I am filled with pride for you.

May God always shower you with blessings.

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Beautiful session… Best wishes…

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I can understand the client’s pain - at the age of 74, during an illness, your spouse who works in the medical sector no longer wants to be along.

Suggestion for next time, wherein you may consider reframing questions


Dear Aditi,

Heartiest congratulations to you and compliments for conducting the sessions and bringing the needed resolutions to the client. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

My learnings are as underneath for your consideration pl:-

Info like this will lead to PII of the client. We may reconsider keeping it here.

What trauma to experience at the age of 74 !!! Rings a wakeup call for so many amongst and around us. :pray:

What coincidence…landed today at 4 pm from port blair and reading this at 9 pm.

We consider avoiding the NO PROBLEM here as it doesn’t provide for the much needed empathy/emotional support while the client is experiencing past life trauma.

As taught by our Guru, Dr Venu consider using EMDR only for reframing current lifetime traumas.

I have taken this learning that instead of changing course and attempting childhood memories/reframing now we could have attempted to suggest and lead the client to the source of theme/core issue.

Consider using THIS lifetime to strengthen the connect of client and past life experience.

Amazing soul connection from one life to another. :innocent: :yellow_heart:

Would be great if we could make our suggestions more indirect.

:pray: :pray: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

May we all (Therapists) develop the abilities to be able to experience such blissful and blessed moments during the session.

Wonderful lessons for us all.
:heart: :heart:

My best wishes for future sessions and healings.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks for reaching out @Aditi
Further to what Beloved @Monesh_Bathre, @Shilpa_Menon and @Pooja have written,

because you are a deep person, you seem to be attracting only such clients. Lucky!

isn’t it a common thing :slight_smile:

again it’s so difficult for me to resist my temper, can we not empathise here please! when some is hit with a bullet are the surrounds so important?


:pray: Pranam’s to this great soul, (I’ve never heard of him before, but such a blessed day to know of a great master)

Absolute disaster, @Aditi please go through “Why me” and a cases to work on improving your suggestions, stress management and resolution. As there is much more that could be done.

Wow, isn’t it phenomenal!


Thanks Monesh, Shilpa and Pooja and Venu for your valuable comments. I will definitely work on the areas mentioned by you all.

My understanding was whenever client is in distress then we can do EMDR but now I am clear that it is done for current lifetime issues only. Will keep this in mind in future sessions.

Definitely will not do rescripting in future. Will again go through why me to improve on suggestions, stress management and resolution.

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