Can PLR be the answer 🙃🤔

This is interesting… I find there is, also a Category called 'Matrimony:upside_down_face:
Wonder if, it is the exigent need to have an edge over the competition🤔

Am thoroughly confused… Maybe, I should have selected ’ Matrimony* instead of 'Uncategorized*
After all, it is the married individual who seeks sukoon more than anybody else.:yum:


य़ोग रतोवा, भोग रतोवा ।
सगं रतोवा,सगं विहीनह् ।।
यसय बार्ह्मणी, रमते चित्हः ।
ननंदति ननंदति ननंदतेवा् ।।

Ps: had started the matrimony in the hope that it would be loka kalyanartham :blush:


@Vagabond “jo ladoo khayee woh bhi pashtaye… jo na khaya woh bhi pashtaye”… atulji … sukoon tau ankh band karne ke baad milne hi wala hai… so right now "lets just rock …and work hard and regress mankind and dedicate a little change to make the world a better place…god bless​:pray::pray:

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Hi, thanks for the comment.
But, deviji jo laddoo kha ke pachtata hai; believe me (s)he has pathetic taste . His/her having taken birth is a waste & life is as good as doomed

As for your POV : I’am not pachtaving :wink:

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This is crazy, after logging in to respond to your message; I realised I have already sent you a mail.
Anyway for public record I’ll raise my objections again. :smiling_face:

This, ननंदति ननंदति ननंदतेवा् comes with a stringent rider… Unless you fulfill the यसय बार्ह्मणी, रमते चित्हः condition there is no way the former can be achieved.

This is like the attractive GOI schemes which have such stringent eligibility criteria that, it is more a denial for the prospective beneficiary rather than an actual benefit.

When you are in the grip of MAYA यसय बार्ह्मणी, रमते चित्हः is impossible.

The exception being,

  1. you are born in a shrest Kula (materially & spiritually well off family) where your sanskara’s, it is ensured are cut & polished so that you have the wisdom to act in a dutiful and righteous manner.
  2. You are lucky enough to attract a Guru in your life who takes control and guides you.
    Both the above are difficult conditions bcoz you are so busy:chasing your desires (inspite of having read the verse you have quoted. :laughing:)
    Without being aware you get into in the 84L loop. till such time that, one or both the above conditions are fulfilled.

On a lighter note with due respects to all eligible and offence to none.
I think, it was alright for Adi Sankara to have written this, his target audience was different. He moved on at age 32.
How do you actually sell this idea to those who are say 36 +++ and are busy with wanting to provide a better future not to themselves but their family.

Not sure if, I should be serious and sombre or laugh my guts out at this thought.
Maybe I’ll choose the later and enjoy ननंदति ननंदति ननंदतेवा् state; at the thought that, others are struggling with यसय बार्ह्मणी, रमते चित्हः :smiling_face:

Please have mercy and activate the Reply thru e-mail option.* :pray:*