Can schizophrenic be treated with plrt?

With the blessing of our Guru & Guru Maa…

Date: 28/10/2023

Time/Duration: 9am/3hrs

Client Name/Sex: PT/Female

Eye Roll: 2+1=3

Hypnotisability: 2

Sensory Dominance: Visual(4), Auditory(4), Kinesthetics(7)

Age 45+

Session 1 & 2

C: Client

PC: Proxy Client

T: Therapist

Stage 1 Therapist Introduction

Done. Also related via niece.

Stage 2 Observe the non-verbals

Practices purdah

Finds very embarrassing talking to outside people

Seemed she was not comfortable and visibly pressurized by family members

Said she did not believe in this

Visibly frightened…

Stage 3 Set the expectation of the Client

Not able to express herself

Stage 4 Sign a contract with the client & Oath of Confidentiality (Data Protection)


Stage 5 Client assessment

Client is suffering from Schizophrenia. Hence cannot concentrate for extended periods of time.

Not able to express

The client is in a village setting.

Practices Purdah etc, Village setting in Uttar Pradesh

Feels awkward talking to (Forget about sharing personal details with outsiders)

Allowed client’s son to be in the session as client was unpredictive and cultural issues.

Stage 6 History taking

Done over a period of time, from multiple sources

Stage 7 Relaxing the cognitive fatigue

Tried the usual embedded techniques in Dave Elman, muscle relaxation, Pre-Talk etc. Since she is an advanced Schizophrenic patient, it was very challenging to get her attention anchored.

Stage 8 Theme finalization

Schizophrenic as the major issue pointed out by family members

Stage 9 Checklist preparation

As per guidelines from Amarantos

Stage 10 Induction

Dave Elman * Progressive Relaxation

Stage 11 Visualization

Could not, Patient was not stabilizing

Stage 12 PLR

Could not go as client was constantly opening eyes during the session, visually irritated

Stage 13 Integration/Inference


Stage 14 Closure/Mapping


Stage 15 Reports & Recommendations

Cannot be done

Stage 16 Clients Feedback

Client said, she was feeling very relaxed!!!..Surprising

Bridge Remark

Clients husband and Son were very interested and both of them failed to see anything. They did go into Trance but they were not able to see anything. During the trance of the client’s Son, the she repeated came downstairs and disturbed the session. At one point, she pulled her thumb finger of the Son’s feet! And the Son could not recollect that (Means he was in the Trance in some way!)

Therapist was bit disturbed and was upset as 3 days had just been wasted…Spend some time in contemplation. Suddenly in a flash got an idea and decided to try a “Proxy” and lets see what happened…

Date: 29/10/2023

Time/Duration: 10am/2hrs

Client Name/Sex: AR/Male

Eye Roll: >4

Hypnotisability: 9

Sensory Dominance: Visual(5), Auditory(5), Kinesthetics(5)

Age 25+

Session 3

C: Client

PC: Proxy Client

T: Therapist

Stage 1 Therapist Introduction

Done…Also related to main client through Niece.

Stage 2 Observe the non-verbals

Proxy client is a veteran of 5 Sessions (Totally 15+ hrs)

Stage 3 Set the expectation of the Client

Proxy client is helping the main client

Stage 4 Sign a contract with the client & Oath of Confidentiality (Data Protection)


Stage 5 Client assessment

Proxy client was explained by the Therapist as to why he is chosen for this attempt

  • The proxy client is related to the main client (Brother of daughter-in-law)
  • Proxy client was explained the ethics and values why this attempt was being made, as the main client was in no way able to go through this exercise. Hence it was be perfectly fine to do so.

Stage 6 History taking

Done already

Stage 7 Relaxing the cognitive fatigue

Proxy client is an expert and veteran of 5 previous successful sessions.

Stage 8 Theme finalization

Schizophrenic as the major issue pointed out by family members for the main client.

Stage 9 Checklist preparation

As per guidelines from Amarantos

Stage 10 Induction

Psycho Dynamic Looping (PDL) and Progressive Relaxation

Stage 11 Visualization

Proxy client is an expert Visualizer!

Stage 12 PLR

T: PC did a pooja in the garden at a MAA (Maa Kaali) temple, somewhere inside the jungle in the garden.

T: Anything coming in your awareness?

T: Can you see your soul guide?

PC: No MAA has come!

T: Oh!

T: You may prostrate and get her blessings

T: Got it?

PC: hmm

T: Pls ask MAA whether she is aware of your “BIL” & brother-in-law’s mother? Pls get it clarified.

PC: hmm…

T: ok

T: Pls request MAA to be with you…

PC: Hmm (Confirmed)

T: pls ask MAA why the client is suffering and what can be done about it


T: Is she with you?

PC: hmm…

T: Is she conveying anything to you?

PC: Hmm (After repeated aey, aey , aey…:blush:)

T: Did you ask anything?

PC: She is not there….

T: She was there only…right? Check carefully….

T: Go deeper into relaxation……5…4…3…2…1….deeper. You have prayed to her….she is there only….

T: Is she there?

T: Is your soul guide there? Check….

T: Has she come back?

PC: Yes….

T: Pls convey to gratitude to her….

T: Pray and request MAA to not to leave you….

T: Go deeper and deeper……you are in a deep state of relaxation…

T: Query her when is Vikas’s (Younger Son of the client) marriage going to happen?

PC: Next Year!

T: When starting, middle or end….?

PC: Towards the end…

T: Pls convey our deep gratitude….

[Later PC told the Therapist that he saw the face of the girl too for a brief period]

T: Request her to pls guide us as to how the client can be treated and help her to come out of this suffering?

T: Pls request MAA as to how to treat the client, she is really sick…pls guide us

T: Can we treat the client with PLR? Without your help we cannot do anything….

PC: She cannot be treated with PLR. It will not be beneficial to her….MAA clarified.

T: So so thankful to MAA…

T: MAA you know the medicine is having side effects on the body, what to do? Kya parihaar hai iska MAA

PC: Suddenly the PC indicated to me to immediately asked to clear the Session room.

PC: Poh, Poh,…….(Go, Go….)

PC: POH (Shouted and blasted them with a finger click)

T: PC is Panting, heavy breathing……no worries

[Actually, to make them aware and familiarize I had invited them to be a spectator (Client and her son) from a distance. They were sitting on the COT placed to my backside. MAA became very angry and shouted at them through the PC. She was asking me to literally “Kick them out”. Therapist was totally unprepared for this. Immediately signalled them to go outside, thereafter I overlapped the door and continued with the therapy.]

T: Its all for our daughter……

T: I give the word to MAA, client will be treated well…

PC: “Paricharanam” (MAA speaks mostly in Sanskrit and I do not know from where the beloved mother gets all these hard nuts to crack words :blush:?)

T: Therapist later checked in the Sanskrit dictionary. It means “Change the support/attendant”. This means the client is not being properly looked after…

T: MAA pls guide us how to treat the client?

PC: Lots of love, deep love, Izzath (Respect)……

T: Pls request MAA why she is so angry on them…reason?

PC: They should not witness this….

T: I ask for forgiveness on behalf of everybody….

T: Is she happy now?

PC: Hmm…

T: Is she happy and comfortable with me conducting this session?

PC: Hmm…

T: The “Hmm” from PC was of a undoubtable confirmation! Definitive yes!!! (Feel so fortunate and my eyes well up whenever I go through this line…)

T: Any message for me? Is she there?

PC: She is gone… (

T: Has MAA come back?

PC: Hmm…

T: Why PLR is not suitable for the client?

PC: Sugham Labhikilla (She will not feel nice…)

T: What would be good for her then?..Ayurveda?

PC: Hmm…

PC: Allopathy needs to stop

T: Immediately?

PC: After the Ayurveda is started for some time…

PC: Slowly need to be tapered off (Not to be stopped suddenly)

T: What else?

T: Yesterday I tried to do the session for Client’s Husband and Son, but it was not successful. What could be the reason (Even though they went into trance)

PC: Do “Shathru Samhara” Pooja One Time by calling a priest.

T: What else need to be done MAA?

PC: Ellam Sheri Aagum (In Malayalam, everything would be fine…)

PC: Do Kaal Bhairavai… pooja every day.

T: Anything else

PC: That’s enough….

T: Any messages for anybody in the family….?

PC: No….

T: Pls convey our deepest gratitude to MAA….

T: Counting from 1 to 10….pls open your eyes slowly…you are wide awake and in your conscious state.

Stage 13 Integration/Inference

PLRT cannot be done on the client as advised by the Divinity KAALI MAA. Goddess has suggested to follow the path of Ayurveda and to slowly taper off the Allopathy after sometime with the consolation of the doctor.

Stage 14 Closure/Mapping

Divinity KALI MAA has given set of instructions to follow by the client’s family. One-time pooja and daily pooja.

Stage 15 Reports & Recommendations

Points to note and act…

  1. Love and Respect to your mother by everybody in the family…

  2. Regular Kaal Bhairavi Pooja by client’s mother

  3. Shatru Samhaar Pooja by a Pandit including Kaal Bhairavi One Time

  4. Vikas’s Marriage will happen by the end of next year

  5. Start Ayurveda treatment and then slowly decrease the Allopathic medicine slowly with a doctor’s consultation.



Hi Ananda - Have gone through your case in detail. I am now, not commenting on the 15-stage and the process that we are supposed to follow for certification. So considering the above, my comments are
(i) Its a new way of doing PLR for someone who is not fit for PLR. Thus your session has opened up another dimension of this wonderful therapy, that it can even be done on people, who are not fit medically or mentally for PLR. My heartfelt gratitude and Congratulations from my heart.
(ii) Having dialogue with Maa Kali is not everybody’s cup of tea, knowing very well because we have been doing Kali Puja in our ancestral house for more than last 450yrs+. So please consider yourself as a “Good Soul” and a very fortunate person.
(iii) Getting the divine prescription on how to get cured of Schizophrenia is something totally unexpected, but as our Guru says, anything can happen in PLRT.
(iv)I faced the same problem of “Who am I to ask the Masters”.

Well Done. Congrats

  1. A synopsis in the beginning would be helpful. While the topic is catchy, to know the answer (or your opinion) one has to parse through the whole case. So, a synopsis of your opinion would enable easier reading.

  2. PLRT would be a trial-and-error treatment, as is the case with other ailments. IMO, treatment of Schizophrenia would require medical expertise.

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Hi Deepak,
Thank you so much. Yes I sometimes feel, may have done something good somewhere before! Now the problem is people are finding it difficult to imagine that GOD/DIVINITY is amongst us! People have a general perception that GOD/DIVINITY is very difficult somewhere very far difficult to reach place on earth. Infact its the opposite. GOD is within us and very near to us. We are being observed constantly!

Yes the Divinity has aptly suggested parallel Prakrithick (Ayurveda) along with the Allophathy and then taper off with the doctors consultation.

A new dimension to the therapy by going through a proxy is a wonderful learning for us… Very interesting indeed…
As you rightly said, divinity is within us all, not far away, and you are such a blessed soul to be speaking to the maa energy… Bravo!!
Congratulations and very well done Ananda

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“Sarva Mangalam Bhavathu”…She is for all of US…So Bholi…