Can we do PLRT on people who are in coma

I have my father’s friend who met with an accident and is in coma, bedridden, only he can blink his eyes…For one year he was in hospital now at his house. Since, last 3 years he is in this state. His parents have tried all kind of medical help, but they see no hope from anywhere. So can PLRT help?? Revive their son’s life, bring him out of the coma state


I think you should go for proxy PLRT. N can see results.

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Can you also guide about how to begin a proxy session.
What are we supposed to tell the person who is the proxy. I mean rest process may be the same. I just want to know that how can we guide him to think about the other person and not about him self during a PLRT session.
Thank you



I too have a similar doubt that PLRT can be done on someone who has Paralysis and is bed ridden for last few months or few years. ?



Brilliant question Dear Pinaki,
One of the most fascinating things about us, is that we continue to be the Atman… Awareness… Soul even in comma or sleep… what is lacking in this situation is lack of expression.
Though am sorry about the situation but glad that our Dr. Winfred Blake’s book has techniques of talking to the patient in comma. Please find the book in this forum and read the part two, you will find the techniques.
@Jagriti_Sharma 100% you can, we need to remember that we are not physical beings going to have a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a physical experience… so you can communicate with anyone in an ASC.

Do keep us posted.


Thank you sir. How do I locate the book in forum

I think this is the book, Venu Sir is talking about.
But this is part one.
Part two I was not able to find.

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Aatma namasthe…

There are healers who do serogative plrt to such clients who are in coma…

I have never done it…

But now I will surely try to make me equipped to carry forward with such

Jyothi sankaran
Aatma Holistic Healing
94477 15300.

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Dear All,
Any leads for a good PLR therapist in North Bangalore?

Love & Light

Thank you Jagrit, will surely download

There are many in Bangalore …
Geeta vishwanath,

Good evening ma’am,

I feel , it’s not advisable, and surrogate way of doing PLR, I feel it’s quite meaningless, but as well said by Dr Venu sir , human mind can moulded and assessed in many ways when one could control all indriyaas……

Nice and informative things I also learnt from your messages, thanks a ton ma’am,

Commandant Yogesh Dutta,
Psychologist (Defence)


Thank you yashjii… Gratitude venu

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