Case study: feel cheated and manipulated and financial insecurity and dilemma what to do next

This case is my first ever case of PLRT . I had a very Cooperative client and am lucky to have her as my first ever PLRT client. All credit to our beloved master Venu , Divine Powers and my dear Amaranthians. Kindly go through the case and give your valuable feedback.


Session 1

Gender: Female

Hypnotisability Score: 9/10

Dominant Sense: K

Secondary Dominant Sense: Visual

Eye Roll Test: 2.0

History taking- The client is a well educated lady, articulate, artistic, and emotionally expressive. She has been mentally abused by parents and been cheated by them and being manipulated by them to force her into second marriage. She is a single parent of a teenage boy. She was independent financially when unmarried, but now is struggling hard financially and emotionally. She has severe backache due to which she is unable to work double shifts and at present is very disturbed and confused as to the further line of action to be taken.


  1. to find the reason for her severe incapacitating backache and get relief from pain

  2. to understand the reason for being back stabbed by all whom she trusted

[C-Client and T- Therapist]

() - Therapist Remarks

… Pause

Session 2

Dave Elman- Garden-

Progressive Relaxation

Visualization- Ball of Light, Tunnel of Light

Body Language: Flickering of eyes,


She regressed very quickly and as soon as I completed my Dave Elman she started having flickering of eyelids & flashes of visions.

C- I see myself running in the market place

T- what type of a market?

C- it is an old type of market with many small shops and narrow lanes…. I am just running aimlessly and I am lost…

T- How old are you?

C- 7 to 8 years old.

T- Are you a girl or a boy.

C- I am a girl.

T- what is the time period? can you see? Are you aware of the year?

C- Probably older times in India…. some village around 1850……

T- Are you running away from someone or towards someone?

C- I don’t know…. I have run away from my family.

T- See where do you reach after running, where do you stop?

C- Can’t see anything…. probably an old pond.

(She couldn’t see anything more after that and was feeling lost, increased BRV)

T- At the count 3-1 go to a significant event in that lifetime before this event

C- I am in my house.

T- look around, who is there?

C- my mother… same mother from this lifetime…. she does household work.

T- where is your father?

C- gone for work…. different father from this lifetime……

T- See your house, how does it look?

C- it’s very dark and small made up of mud and bamboo.

T- what is your name?

C- Sukriti

T-At the count of 321 go to a time when your father is home and look at the relationship with him?

C- (there was absolute dejection on her face and started crying) he is back from work… he does physical labour…. both parents are very detached… no closeness is the relationships…… I call them maa, baba… Bengali household…

( She suddenly developed severe pain in left hand).

T- What is the reason of this pain? what are you experiencing?

C- my left hand is fractured and is in a bandage…. mom is scolding me for being naughty….( laughs)… I fell down from a rock while playing and fractured my hand.

(Again she is standing alone and lost at home).

T- Go to the next major significant event in that lifetime.3-1…

( Can’t experience anything…. after relaxation again asked her to go to the next significant event in that life. She jumped almost 20 years ahead)

C- I’m wearing a bright red saree… in Bengali style with jewellery… Mang tika…. married …. big house with brick walls… but is dark…. I see pictures hanging from the walls… black and white in colour.

T- Move towards the pictures and see if you can identify with someone you know from this lifetime

C- no can’t see or identify anyone… it’s too dark.

T- Who is there along with you in your house?

C- only myself… I do not have kids…. but we have servants who take care of everything.

T- Go to the most significant event in the lifetime related to your backache.3-1

C- I am 65 years old and sitting in a wheelchair… dressed in a white saree…. and can’t walk with both legs. There is a male about 25 years old… looks after me.

T- look at your son (trying to cross check)

C- no…… he is a servant.

T Go back to the time before you became wheel chair bound 3-1

C- I see myself as a 35 year old… happy and giggling…. and talking to my husband.

T- Look into his eyes and try to identify who he is? have you met him in this lifetime?

C- no I haven’t met him yet in this lifetime…. But we are happy …and entering the back of our car…. we are going for a drive ….we meet with an accident…… My husband dies in that accident…… and I get hurt and lose my ability to walk…. I don’t have any children in this lifetime……

By this time I was calling Venu for help to process further, I was too excited, exhilarated and nervous as well to take a client to post death status.

T-Go to the next significant event in your life.

C- I am lying on my bed dying…. servants standing beside me in the room…… just waiting for me to die……. there is no attachment to anyone…… I die in my bed alone ……nobody of my own…… this life seems meaningless.

T-What do you experience further?

C- now I see the light… it is very peaceful ……


T- what did you experience in this lifetime?

C- I was lonely and detached with everyone

T- what is it that you bring into this life from that lifetime?

C- the detachment from my own family ….and loneliness……


T- what is it that you need to learn from this life?

C- I need to forgive my parents for the detached behaviour so that will probably improve the relationship in this lifetime.

T-Take your time and when you are done let me know.

Integration & closure

The client was very happy on emerging from the session to have forgiven her parents, she felt relief from her back pain and calm…. pain level came down to 2 she developed a sense of enthusiasm and was looking forward to better state of mind and peace in family.


This time on history we reached two themes

  • her issue of back pain again and
  • feel cheated and manipulated and financial insecurity and dilemma what to do next.

Session 3

Started with video for cognitive fatigue-induction with Dave Elman- garden.

3 happy memories

T-Now visualize or imagine yourself going back to a happy memory in this lifetime. it could be a childhood memory or from adulthood. What is the event coming to your mind

C- award function

T- what is this award function about?

C- this is when I got an award…… when I was 16 years old.

T- Okay that’s very nice what are you being awarded?

C- for dance …… classical Kathak

T- who all are there?

C- me, on the stage.

T- who is giving the award?

C- government official

T- what level award is it?

C- state level

T- enjoy this moment of your glory, of the appreciation in your art, your beautiful performance, enjoy this moment completely…. let me know when you would like to go back to another memory…

C- okay

breathing… relaxation

T-allow yourself to visualize or feel another happy event in this lifetime, go to another memory.

C- X is born (her son)

T- so sweet!! how old were you then?

C -30 years

T-what are you doing with X?

C- I am looking at him now……

T- what do you feel?

C- I’m most happy …… satisfied

T- enjoy his company…. feel all the love… the peace of having this baby with you… enjoy the love …… remember this love is always there with you… let me know when you would like to move on

C- yes

T- find yourself relaxing again in this beautiful garden…. filled with peace and tranquillity and move to another happy memory in this lifetime. are you able to visualise or feel any other memory

C- there are a few moments… I was enjoying with my sisters…. glimpses that came with my younger sister… small, small moments

T- enjoy those moments and come back to this Garden when you feel like, take your time.


T- allow yourself to come back to this Garden and enjoy the peace and tranquillity…. increased Breathing and relaxation ….

(Started snoring and slept deeply for 20 minutes, tried to arouse her from her sleep… but the client kept drifting into sleep and slept for almost 40 minutes…. after enough relaxation BRV-ball of light- tunnel)

T-go back to a time when this backache started from

C-I am having visions…. but unable to see anything as such… body is very stiff and cold…. unable to go any further…. I want to come back …… please release the stiffness and …. release the pain from my body.

T- okay, let’s do that. you are now able to relax whatever pain and stiffness you are experiencing… we’ll release it at the count of 321… take in a deep breath in…now release all the stress…. release all the stiffening and loosen all the muscles… are you feeling relaxed? is the stiffness gone?

C- not yet.

T- Allow yourself to let go, releasing the stiffness in this beautiful garden… allow yourself to be healed completely from this pain and stiffness… (gave some time to the client) Are you feeling better now? Any stiffness now? Any pain?

C- no…. am feeling good now.

(emerged the client from Garden… the client said there is a difference …… confirmed that she had a wonderful relaxation and went in trance very soon but that she slept a lot as she has not been well for the past 1 month and was on antibiotics.

She commended me on my patience as she slept a lot and felt guilty. I convinced her for another session as she was now well rested. so that we can address her issues.)

Session 4

Started with video for release of cognitive fatigue- induced with Dave Elman- progressive relaxation- Garden -tunnel -but was unable to reach anywhere. Back to Garden and with Masters help, holding her hand guided her through the tunnel into bright light


T- go to the time when this cheating and manipulation started from? where are you?

C- there are a lot of buildings around

T- what type of buildings

C- tall… tall buildings

T- what are you doing there?

C- I don’t know…. like lost there in the buildings

( increased BRV)

T- is there something written on the buildings? what type of the area is it? look around?

C- looks like Hong Kong

T-what time era, which year is it?

C- it’s not very clear

T- look around. may be it’s written somewhere. usually the names of buildings are written. look around

C- no it’s not clear

T- what are you wearing? look at yourself. look at your feet.

C- I am smartly dressed… wearing a suit…

T-what is it you are visiting this place for?

C- it is work related

T-what do you work as? what is the purpose of this visit?

C- came to meet people

T- what type of meeting is it?

C- came for a meeting… carrying a bag in my hand.

T- look in your bag ,you will get an idea for the reason you are here.

C- I am having a contract…. for making a building….

T- go to the meeting, look around.

C- there’s a big round to oval table… many people are sitting…. I am talking to them ……with everyone .

T-try and find the reason of your visit.

C- I have a proposal… but they are not liking it…. they are not interested…

T- look at the outcome of the meeting.

C- I am sad… disappointed…. they didn’t like the proposal that I gave…. I go back to my hotel

T-which country is it?

C- Germany…. Earlier thought came as hong Kong, but now it seems as Germany…

T- are you a localite or visiting from some other place?

C-I am visiting from some place.

T- okay, let’s go to the childhood of that lifetime

C- I am in India…. small child ….7 years old ……running and playing outside… I am a male.

T- let’s go to the dinner time and see who all are there in your family.

C- nothing

T-ok. Now go to the next most significant event in that lifetime

C- flash of mother

T- is she the mother from this lifetime?

C- no

T- try and identify your mother, how is she related to you in this lifetime.

C- my elder sister from this lifetime… not much clear…. the whole lifetime is getting scanned… fast track…. can’t understand where to stop.

T- go to the most significant flash, the most significant event in that lifetime

C- I am getting married…. my wife is wearing a saree… I am sending her off…. there is a cart…. bullock cart outside the house…… make my wife sit in it… she is going somewhere…. I have a good home…. wonderful home…

T-go to the next most significant event in that lifetime.


T- what is your age

C- 35 years old

T-what are you wearing

C-Lungi sort…. I am a lawyer… wearing a kurta on top.

T- go to your house and look around how does your house look.

C- I am going in… I have a very different pen…. like a different version of Fountain pen…… I start writing something …

T- what are you writing

C- my wife is a very simple… soft hearted person…. my wife is very caring…… very simple

T- let’s move to evening time and see who all are there staying with you

C- drinking from a very stylish cup…. Nobody else at home…. one servant is there who served tea….

T- try to find from servant where everyone else is, talk to him

C- I and my wife

T- where is your wife

C- she has gone to her Mom’s place

T- do you have children

C- no… no kids

T- what is your name

C- no can’t see… can’t make out…

T- let’s go to the moment when you are with your wife and explore this relationship

C- I am very caring… wife is very simple…. both are good… when I left her downstairs she was calm… we both had a great relationship

T- go to the next most significant event with your wife in that life

C- there are some issues with wife’s health… rest is not clear

T-is your wife with you now

C-yes …but not very clear

T- take a look at your wife, is she related to you in this lifetime

C- no

T- go to the next most significant event in that life where cheating and manipulation happened with you

C- I am not very happy… project was to be completed …someone cheated on me…… I am not happy …but I am calm…. Disheartened… I had done hard work for the project…… I was dependent on the project but it did not happen

T- let’s go to the time and experience the event when you were cheated

C- elders a blaming me …you had told this…. but it has not happened

T- which elders

C- family elders… I picked up something which was big… I couldn’t meet the expectations… fatherly figure is blaming me…. I am very quiet & calm person…. doing my work peacefully…. Writing…

T- who are the elders whose expectations you could not meet and are blaming you

C- parents…. father is scolding…. mother is just disturbed but sitting quietly… I am quiet and not saying much…. not retorting in any way

T-can you see your father, is related to you in this lifetime in any way

C- no… can’t feel that

T- let’s go to the meeting again where you are cheated and see what exactly happened

C- they are trying to drop me… my project was logical…. but still refuse the proposal

T- who are these people who refused your proposal what exactly happened to you to be cheated

C- there was a project to build a building…. I already did some investment…. the building was to be made there…. big project involving the Railways

T- let’s go to the end of your life and review what happened in this lifetime

C- I have a peaceful death at home… mother is widowed…. wife is there…. no children

T-how do you die? at what age

C- die early…. mother is 65-70 …. not much

T- what is the situation? are you rich or poor or in debt, what is the financial situation in that life?

C- mother is stressed as my project failed…. that was very essential

T- let’s go to your last breath and see where you find yourself

C- peaceful feeling… very peaceful


T-review lifetime from this higher level and see what are the main points of contention in that life, what mistakes you made and what did you learn from that life

C- so much money at stake…. I had put a lot of money at stake…… and I lost it… but was not well to do at the time of death

T- learn from your higher aspect, what is the learning from that lifetime

C- “value money”…… I did not blame anyone…… parents blamed me…. I was always quiet and peaceful

T- is there anything from this life to learn about being peaceful and calm? has it helped you in anyway which you can carry on in this lifetime, maybe learn in this lifetime

C- it was just a mistake …. there is no need to carry it ahead and be blamed for

T- what are you carrying over from that life to this lifetime

C- I was managing things alone… wife was very quiet …homely female… did not say much…. parents are not happy…. dejected and father blamed me a lot… I was always quiet, composed and calm.


T-Would you like to have closure with all those who blamed you for the mistake? take help from your higher self, take guidance from them

C - “a positive time will come soon… don’t worry”

T- what else do you need to know so that you can be completely healed and not carry forward, take guidance and heal yourself completely

C- I am in peace

(she kept in peace for about 5 minutes)

T- do you want to enjoy the peace further

C- yes, 5 more minutes.

T- Are you relaxed now?

C- yes

T- you will always remember this beautiful healing and peaceful time and anytime you want it in your current life you can revisit this peace & relaxation and you will be able to recall this and feel the same relaxation and peace all over and around you. Thank all the entities for guiding you I will give you some time and let me know when you are done. (after about 5 min)


T- would you like to visit another lifetime

C- no, would like to emerge.

Guided the client to emerge after remembering all the lessons learnt.


I had a lot of flashes, oval table was very different. It is the first time I saw such tall buildings but without glasses (older architechture), my house was white in colour, was big, and inside was maybe before partition sort of. I couldn’t identify whether the people in meeting were Chinese or foreigner, but were definitely not Indian. Could identify with Indian railway work, but couldn’t complete my work. Flash of father being disappointed and blasting me and mother was annoyed & dejected but quiet. Wife never said anything wrong to me, she was exceptionally quiet and composed, never sad, always felt her support. She was calm even at the time of my death. Even when everyone is blaming me, wife was calm and there was no emotional turmoil with her. I was very peaceful all through out, even at my death. Usually I have pain during time of death, which is very common for me, but here there was no pain at all. It was very peaceful, even later was very peaceful, I’m gone so gone. Only significant was the financial loss which I faced due to which everyone blamed. The reason why I couldn’t know my name in that lifetime was that I didn’t feel the need to. I was not egoistic.

Regarding help from “SPIRIT GUIDES” I didn’t see a figure but felt a power that came in and held my hand and moved ahead. I had complete faith in that power, it helped me and driving me further and felt very relaxed, I knew I am safe with it.

“It was a wonderful session” in her words, she did not cough at all during the entire session (which she continued before and after the sessions). This session was a blessing…. BE AT PEACE. ALWAYS CALM. I was happy to see myself like that CALM, COMPOSED person. I would have fallen for such a person. No abuse. Its good. Thank you so much.

The client emerged from the session relaxed and peaceful. The session was elaborate & both the issues of being cheated and manipulated and financial insecurity were addressed. She received the lesson to Value money from that lifetime, and to not worry much as a positive time will come soon . There was a time in her current life when she had a thriving business and earned a lot. She did not have time to count the money which she kept in her bag and drawer, and she did not care much about it. Her mother always told her that she doesn’t care about money, even though her father used to take it without telling her. She trusted her family, did not value money. And later landed up in financial crunch.

After discussion it was also evident that the dilemma of what to do next is also addressed. She had lived a lifetime with similar circumstances of being cheated, and also being childless, financial issues, heartache, but was never perturbed by it. We can draw parallel from that life, that even though she suffered so much due to being completely destabilised financially in that lifetime, but still I was always at peace. I realised that I was always quiet and peaceful despite being at a financial loss and being blamed lifelong for the same. I can draw onto the strength of being peaceful, not get agitated or restless and keep my patience as positive time will come soon.



T- Are you satisfied?

C- YES. I’m very happy

T- did you find the answer’s to your questions? did you find the resolution?

C- Yes, I‘m feeling very peaceful with the entire sessions today.

T- what is your pain level now

C- 1

T- how are you feeling after session

C- “It was a wonderful session” in her words, she did not cough at all during the entire session (which she continued before and after the sessions). It was a blessing…. BE AT PEACE. ALWAYS CALM. I was happy to see myself like that CALM, COMPOSED person. Thank you so much.


1.The peace that you experienced during that lifetime and after your death is the peace I want you to experience everyday, again and again, so that you can draw on to that strength from there. Feel that strength that you can still be peaceful even though you are so disturbed in all other facets of your life emotionally, physically, financially, but still you can maintain your peace and calm. You can still lead a life in which you don’t need too much. You will get everything, but face this difficulty with peace and calmness. She accepted that this makes sense that she was completely calm always in the lifetime lived & death as well. She did not have resentment towards anyone. All situations were bad, but there was no shouting or screaming on anyone anytime in that life.

  1. Remain calm and composed & Meditate regularly because she got a lot of help from her “SPIRIT MASTERS” and “GUIDES”.

  2. Stop expecting from your parents, so that you don’t feel hurt. Encourage the feeling of power you felt during the process, which gave you strength. Utilize and draw on it whenever you are faced with terrifying thoughts. Try to stop the nitty gritty questions of why and how, and pay attention to yourself and that will help you drive yourself in some positive direction.

  3. keep reading and use positive affirmations daily.


Very Well done Dr. Neeti :slight_smile: though it was your first case study but your insights made it much easier to proceed in the right direction.

Dear Dr Neeti,

Congratulations to you on your first healing !! Very well conducted sessions taking the client through the 15 stages of bliss. The finesse achieved in Id- Dis-id-Transformation-Integration has brought in the desired Closure for yourself and the client. Best Wishes for the future.

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Thanks dear Sandhya, for your encouragement and support. Hope to do better
and better. :pray:

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Congratulations to u!
Very well conducted session
Transformation part was quite interesting .
Plr is an amazing therapy to heal and transform lives
Thanks alot for sharing this case with us

Thanks dear Monesh, for your kind words. This case was a coincidence
builder. Entire credit goes to our dearest Venu, for the beautiful 15 stage
process. :pray:

Thanks dear Indu. This case is very dear to me, as it was the very first
During the entire session on 2 nd day, there was no abreaction, crying or
confusion, just calmness. It seemed that even I was learning how to respond
rather than react from the past life of my client.
Thanks again. :pray:

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Congratulations :clap:
Dr Neethi on your first session wishing you all the best for your future healing sessions
Be the way you are always smiling and spreading your ismiles to everybody Around you :heart:

Dr. Neeti, very well conducted sessions. Keep it up.

Thanks dear Mandeep for your beautiful comments. :blush:

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Thanks a lot dear Namrata. So happy for your feedback. It means as a lot.