Certified Past Life Regression Therapist from Amarantos


I am Dr. Shipra Bhardwaj, trained PLR Therapist from Amarantos, Atlantis Batch from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Being spiritually inclined from childhood only, situations in my life took a turn to one point where I had a burning desire to know the answer to the questions like What is LIFE & DEATH? What is suffering? Where people go after they die? What is Karma? Is there any reason & cure of this suffering? etc. & these questions took me towards learning Reiki for healing self & others and then towards PLRT.

I went for my own regression and found answers and solutions to my problems and
journey is still on.

I was so fascinated by this that I enrolled myself to Amarantos and under the profound guidance of our Guru Dr. Venu & I got Trained as a PLR Therapist.

I work as a PLR Therapist & Reiki Healer now.

For living I run my own school in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
I am an MBA & Ph.D. & worked as Associate Professor in HR & marketing in initial 14 yrs. of my career.

I take sessions on Saturday and Sunday.
For details you may reach at:
(Mail: aatmansoulhealing@gmail.com / meditationhealingwellness@gmail.com)
WhatsApp: 8829993841
WhatsApp / Call :7014512742

Studio Address: 226, Dr. Shipra Bhardwaj
Aatman Soul Healing Studio, Sumer Nagar Vistar
Manasarovar, Jaipur


@shiprabharadwaj13 its pleasure knowing you. Your silent and calm nature has helped me know my answers too. Thank you :hugs:

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Dear Shipra,
A heartiest Welcome to another Blessed Soul to the Amarantos Family :yellow_heart:
Thank you introducing yourself and sharing your life journey. With Amarantos you have embarked upon the most enriching phase of your present life and I wholeheartedly wish you the best in all your endeavours. You are indeed a fortunate soul to have the blessings of undergoing PLR session by our beloved Guru himself. Body pain gone…!!!
:innocent: Multitude of realisations and learnings are still to unfold in times to come.

Best Regards

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Dear Monesh,

Thank you so much for the sweet motivational words. I really feel blessed to be a part of such beautiful family.
I am sure that this would a beautiful journey & as you said there is lot of learn …and lot to unfold.

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Thanks a lot, dear Pooja. I hope this new journey as a therapist will answer more questions for you & will give you all the healing, you require. You are a blessed soul to be able to reach Amarantos family & our Gracious Guru Dr. Venu, this will be an incredible journey for all of us!!

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