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Had a question -

Is it ok to use the same type of induction (for example, progressive relaxation) in multiple sessions for the same client? Does it become too predictable or boring for the client to go through the same induction again and again? Or conversely, does the fact of already doing a particular induction in the first session make it easier for client to go in hypnotic state in further sessions?

Also, is there scope to fine-tune our induction basis the representational system of the client? For example, a specific induction type that goes well for a kinaesthetic client?

Any perspectives/opinions will greatly help and thank you.


Thanks for asking such thought-provoking questions Beloved Abhinav,

You are right, using the same induction every time the client comes can be boring after a certain number of times.

I use an induction twice or at the max thrice but not more than that, as it could be disengaging. But I also recommend that an induction technique be used at least twice. Clients might take a while to get acquainted with the process the first time but generally are very comfortable by the second time. So you are right in saying

Yes for the following one,

Which is the reason we do the assessment for dominant sense in Stage 5. Having known the dominant sense of the client we can improvise on our induction techniques. For example, if the client is Kinaesthetic, then increase the verbs or the stress upon them. Imagine walking into a garden of healing where you can relax…feeling the breeze…

The inductions I use on Session 2 of Day 1 are:-
I pyramid so they seamlessly flow into each other,
Dave Elman
Cosmic alignment
Progressive Relaxation

Which I might generally repeat in Session 3 Day 2 and depending on the theme from stage 8, tailor the inductions used in the final session. Sometimes I might just use a non-hypnotic or affect bridge or rapid induction…

Please read FAQs 1, 14, 29 of your workbook to know about this.

use of inductions in past life regression therapy


Hi Abhinav the best answer is derived by documenting past induction experience and client feedback. But I have noticed progressive relaxation puts the client at ease majority of time and while relaxed most people don’t mind the predictability or you can change the visualisations a little bit. The best input would be received by client which you can collect during history session or post the session to plan induction in the future session.

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Hi Bhuvi

Thanks a lot for your response. Thanks for the suggestion regarding incorporating client feedback post the session and plan the future inductions accordingly. I will include this in my future sessions. Thank you so much!

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Hi Venu

Thanks a lot for such a detailed response. Thanks for such valuable inputs and I will try to incorporate in my future sessions. I think I can master a few more inductions to be used depending on the client and use it as per the needs of the client. Thanks again.

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