Choice or unconscious shift?

Recalling what Paa said in last forum call, “when we get the learnings, there is a sudden shift in us and it’s very quick” and the very well-known quote “making the unconscious conscious to restore choice”; I wonder if the clients who undergo PLRT have a choice to overcome the recurring patterns where maybe making a choice in their favour is easier or is there an unconscious or mystical change/shift in them?


thanks for sharing this question with us my blessed Siddhi,
a bit of a correction in my quote, it is, “when we learn the lesson from a particular episode we might be going through, suddenly the entire scene changes and we move on to the next level!”
Reaching the scripts deeply embedded in the unconscious requires tenacious effort which the 15-stages in 4 sessions accomplishes and when no residue is left the will be a shift in the unconscious which in fact is the creator of the reality!