Christmas Bliss


Date: 24th December 23, Sunday 3.00pm – 8.45pm. (05H.45 mins)

Client information:

Name: Suman
Gender: Female
Age: 39YO
Hypnotizable score: 5/10
Assessment of Dominant sense: Auditory: 4, Visual: 8, Kinesthetic: 3
Eye roll test: 1
Pain level: According to client it was TWENTY.

Theme: Mental Fatigue (Relationship issues and financial burden).

Medical history: Client is suffering from Insomnia since a year now.

Suman has always been concerned about her looks. Her height being 4.9”, she plans to undergo treatment for height extension. Past few months, she is having acne all over her face which makes her feel less appealing and more depressed.

(she is a good observer too, as during one of our sessions she said: “You have a good height, but you also have a double chin” :blush: )

Client history:

Suman is the 1st child among four siblings (two sisters and a brother). Parents are conservative, especially father who wanted only male child to take his family name ahead.

She has experienced numerous traumas as a child. Father was really severe and used to smack kids for anything.

Coming from a middle-class family, the father wanted his children to complete their basic education and pursue jobs that would provide earnings for the family. As a result, following her tenth grade, she had to fight her parents for college admission, and worked part-time to pay for her educational expenses.

Suman had been into multiple relationships however, they never worked for some or the other reasons.

In 2014, the family got her an alliance for marriage to a United States of America citizen. The weeding was conduct in India itself. After marriage within a week, she realized that the man (husband) was alcoholic, he uses to physically abuse her saying he has been forced for this marriage by his parents.

After a month, the husband went back to United States of America and asked her to apply for visa from India. On the day of her visa interview, while the husband being in US wrote an email to consulate requesting to decline the application.

The family stated cursing Suman, they didn’t want her anymore in their house. Enven the youngest brother raised his hand on her.

Suman was devastated and went into depression. She also tried committing suicide by slitting her wrist (the scar is still there reminding her of those days).

Few months later she managed to get a divorced. She left her parents’ house lived in a Paying Guest. Got a job and lived her basic life.

Two years later, through common people Suman met Harish who is understanding and caring person. During COVID period they both got married in a temple and now living in Mumbai.

It was Harish’s idea and support that Suman left her job and stated her own business. While she has been doing well in her professional world, travelling across globe the other side she and Harish lacks intimacy.

While keeping their upgraded lifestyle maintained, Suman is burning herself out as there is a huge financial repayment pending. The stress keeps increasing day-by day, which makes her impolite with her family and staff’s. (During the discussion the house help lady offered me tea and I said “thankyou”, immediately Suman said how can you be so polite? For me (Suman) it’s their job!)

Off lately Suman feels that “she doesn’t belong to this materialistic world. Her journey is somewhere else”.

During history taking I did ask her about her preferred places as she mentioned as beach, jungle mostly wherever there’s silence and peace (No crowded places).


T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

As per client’s comfort - sessions was done in English.

Session 1:

After she was comfortable, we began with a prayer, Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation.

Happy childhood memories:

Suman, recollected being in her age of 10 YO, standing outside her house just strolling around. Going furthermore younger age when she was 5 YO, she found herself in a hospital meeting her brother for the first time - brother’s birth (facial expression: she was smiling too). Moving further, she saw herself as a baby wherein her grandmother arguing with her mother to get her malish (oil massage for newborn’s) from an old lady who resides nearby.

Suman recollected that the old lady pressured her leg hard and due to which her one of the keen bones is extended out which could be the reason for her short height.

We worked on giving forgiveness to the old lady for her unknown action. Suman did that, but she also said I can never forgive my grandmother as she was the one who forced my mother to get the malish (oil massage for newborn) done from that old lady.

Coming back to beach, we worked on box exercise wherein Sumna placed all her past and future worries and pushed it into sea.

I asked her to rest and feel the comfort, the stress-free, happy, and refreshed you and ended the session with counting 1 to 10.

Suggestions given after session: Shared video for guided Yog Nidra.


Date: 28th December 23, Thursday 3.30pm – 5.45pm. (02H.15 mins)

After Suman was comfortable, we began with a prayer, Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation with a ball of light.

Entered the garden, from there landed in a forest which was dry, moving further to a lonely beach.

T: Relaaxx…. take your moment, feel the breeze, the sound of waves, and look around and see if you find someone.

C: No… there’s no one around.

T: keep looking at the seas, somewhere you may notice a ship coming.

C: (After some time) yes, there it is.

T: This ship is for you; you may board and sail to your preferred destination.

C: (Few moments later) I have reached to a shore.

T: Can you recognize the place, where have you reached?

C: I think its Magolia or Laint America.

T: Which year is it?

C: May be 18 centuries.

T: Could you describe the place for me? How does it look like?

C: It’s a busy market. There are many people, all seems busy in their work.

T: Can you describe the people around.

C: People here are dark complexion. They are wearing different type of clothes.

T: Do you recognize anyone?

C: No.

(Client was moving very fast with her statements - I wanted to ask how she looks like, but…)

C: I can see a house.

T: What type of house is that?

C: A mud house.

T: Would you be able to know whose house is that?

C: I feel that it’s my house!

T: Reach to that house and see if you find someone there.

C: Its an empty house. Looks like no one lives here anymore.

T: Whom were you living here with?

C: My parents, but I feel they have died.

T: Look around the house walls, maybe you will find a picture of your parents.

C: No there’s nothing!

T: Okay…. Is there a mirror around?

C: Yes! a small hand mirror, it’s there.

T: Look into that mirror, see yourself, how do you look?

C: Am a young girl. Fair and pretty (she had a :blush: while describing herself)

T: What would be your age?

C: Twenty-five!

T: What are you wearing?

C: A frock!

T: What is your name?

C: (After a pause) I don’t know!

T: Come outside the house, see if you find any of your neighbors, you may know.

C: No! I don’t know them. They all looked busy. No one is looking at me.

T: Would you like to go ahead and see if anyone recognizes you?

C: No! I would like to take the ship back.

T: Sure, let us go back to the shore and board the ship. Take your time, do not hurry yourself.

C: (After some time) Am sailing again…

T: You may take the ship wherever you want. May be a new place of your choice.

C: I have reached to a city.

T: Which city is that?

C: Its New York (and she had her big :blush: again)

T: Where are you in New York?

C: It’s a pub.

T: Is there anyone with you?

C: Yes – I have my friends; we are celebrating by having drinks.

T: What are you celebrating.

C: Don’t know.

T: Do you recognize your friends?

C: Yes, they are three boys and four girls.

T: How do you look like.

C: Tall, fair, long hair … am wearing heels and short dress. Am not a Hindu, am Catholic! (and her big :blush: continues).

T: What is your name?

C: Gladiolus

(it’s a brilliantly colored flowers)

T: Go to another significant moment of Gladiolus life.

C: (After a long pause) Am in my house… dying… guess of old age…

T: How old are you?

C: Eighty!

T: Is there anyone besides you?

C: Yes – I have my friend; she’s holding my hand!

T: Do you recognize this friend in Suman’s life?

C: No!

T: What happened next?

C: I died!.. I can see my body lying on the bed.

T: (After a pause) Keep floating…Look around you may find a window open, take the way out and see if there’s someone come to receive you.

C: There’s a ray of light…

T: Go along with light.

C: Theres a big wooden carved door.

T: Push the door inside, open it, and find out what’s there.

C: It’s all cloudy… (after some time) there are many Hindu gods…

T: Bow down to them, if you have any questions, you may ask them. Ask about today’s Suman’s life…. Anything whatever you want to have answerers for… (and then there was a silence for almost ten minutes…)

C: I have all the answerers now … and there was a :blush: again…

T: Okay, if you’re comfortable, we shall now come back to the garden. Your safe place.

C: there was a nod for YES!

T: Gather the energy for the re-fresh, healthy, and happy you… as I count till 10… you may come back to your body senses… 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…tennnn… and now you may open your eyes.


Suman said she asked the God about her today’s suffering to which she received an answer as - this is because of her today’s behavior with people around. That’s a learning lesson but not for long. She will have a better life living internationally and with a happy partner. The future is defiantly cheerful!

Suman also mentioned while returning to garden there was sparkling energy within her and surrounding.

Suggestions given after session: To continue her daily mediation even its for 10mins in a day. Suman has also started writing journal of gratitude. Furthermore, she will be attending vipassana session in January 24.

Pain level after session: THREE

Suman seems to be calmed, had better sleep. Her facial /skin problems are also healing.


Therapist experience: The joy if lighting others becomes a Christmas Magic for you :blush:


Good job on finalising the theme @Pooja

why force a kinaesthetic client to see?

As this seems to be a therapist created session, I would consider it all to be in the Stage 11.

You can actually conduct a few more sessions for this client and submit the cases where we can get a glimpse of how you have conducted the Stage 12, demarcating IDT.

absolutely Pooja!