Chronic Backache of 22 years healed!

|Name: R | Gender: F | Age: 67 yrs|

Hypnotisability Score: 23/28 | Eye Roll Score: 3/5
Dominant Sense Assessment Score: V-10 | A - 8 | K - 7
Pain Level Before: 8 & Pain Level After: 0

Client History Highlights:

  • Being the eldest Sibling, she felt responsible for her younger 3 siblings. Therefore, chose to marry after settling everybody else.
  • Chose to get married to a Widower with 3 kids because of her secret fear of bearing a child. She told me that she never disclosed this to anyone except her deceased husband, who eventually revealed the same to her parents.
  • Went through an extreme marital discord as the husband was cheating on her & was ruthless enough to admit that he chose her over his love interest as she was prettier & had a better occupation. Never treated her well & even beat her up many times. Always put her down publically & even accused her of attempting to murder him, while he tried killing her. Eventually, she started living separately from 1993 onwards. The husband refused to divorce her, so she continued living separately. The children blocked contact with her after husband’s death in 2009.
  • She developed a Slip-Disc problem in her spine and was recommended a surgery in 2000. She opted for alternate treatment therapies instead of undergoing a surgery. Even remained bedridden for quite some time due to this problem. Had a temporary blindness due to Dengue in 2017. Had a surgery for Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) in 2020 which was suspected to be cancerous but the reports came out otherwise. She strongly believes it was a miracle as the doctor was pretty sure about the possibility of cancer but she prayed with her heart & soul for the reports to be normal.
  • She retired as a Volley Ball Coach in 2017 & started following Oshodhara.
  • Has witnessed the loss of her parents, younger brother & brother in law back to back.
  • Overall a very humble & spiritual person. She seemed very sad 7 lost despite talking about her spiritual journey & daily regimen of meditations, etc. She couldn’t stop crying while talking which made me feel that she was too overwhelmed with the hardships & the losses.
  • What will make you the happiest? In client’s words, ”I visualise myself leaving the world while the Divine will take me under his wings when its time.”
  • And what makes you most sad? In client’s words, “My karma in this life & may be the past ones……. I hid from my parents that I did not want a child & married my husband against their desire, while they thought I could get a batter match. She felt she cheated on her parents & was upset that they got to know this from her husband in a very negative way. She developed a sense of repulsion towards men in general after a bad marriage.
  • Had experienced PLR as a part of the group in Oshodhara (1 hr session at a 2 days workshop) & another 1 hr session of “Out of Body Experience” as a group exercise. She sid she did see one of her past lives where she was extremely rich & was very beautiful, had all comforts at her disposal. Remembers this vividly with all intricate details. However, she was disappointed with the “out of body experience” as she could not experience it & also could not see the face of her Spirit Guide. [The client did tell me after the 1st Session that her experience of PLS with me w.r.t. technicality was way better & effective.

Themes Agreed Upon:

1.) Health issues (Disc dislocation causing acute pain since 2000; gutt issues & surgery area sensitivity)**
2.) I strongly feel the lack of total surrender to Divine – how do I achieve that?**

SESSION 1: 10:30 am – 2:43 pm (17th March, 2023)

Completed Stage 1- Stage 9. I noted down my observations of the non-verbals as well as the emotional & mental patterns while taking down the history of the client. These are as follows:

  • She said her childhood was pretty good despite the fact that her family’s financial status came down significantly during the initial years itself. Her parents never let that change get to the kids. However, she saw her father working very hard at the age of 14 years & decided to be the “eldest son” to her father. I sensed her urge/ need to be responsible for everything that her father did. Another observation was her “non-acceptance” of being a female – she could have shared the responsibility as the eldest daughter too.
  • She seemed so helpless & tired with the hardships that her priority was to find out a way to “ultimate surrender – bhakti vileen” as she thought that this was the only way to feel calm. Another healing she expected from this therapy was to be relieved of her multiple health issues – backache being the major & longest one.
  • She just couldn’t stop her tears whenever I mentioned her parents. Not just pain, apparently it was also the guilt of having caused unnecessary pain to her parents, which her parents never blamed/ criticised her for. Rather, they were highly supportive of her throughout her struggle.
  • She said she felt like crying all the time & finds it difficult to stop. Her surgery spot was highly sensitive to touch. I had to do a lot of consolation & comforting for her to be able to talk comfortably & share as much as she could. I made no suggestions throughout this suggestion & tried to be 100% receptive so that she did not feel “being judged” at any given time.
  • Left her alone during Stage 7 (Cognitive Fatigue Relaxation). Allowed her another 5 mins to absorb & process before getting back with her. Asked her how she felt after watching the video. Gave me a sense that she liked mountains & natural views.

I chose to do a brief session of relaxation & visualisation before closing the session. Sandwiched Dave Elman with Progressive relaxation, combined with deep breathing, I proceeded as follows:

[Pls note that the instruction language was a mix of English & Hindi to suit the client’s understanding. Since, I am translating the conversation in English here, a lot of questioning would vary in interpretation such as Why can be put up in Hindi in several ways so as to not to awaken the conscious mind in relaxed state & so on.]

T: Imagine you are sitting on a bench in the garden. It is very peaceful around you, isn’t it?
C: Hmmm
T: Now, recall the happiest moment of your life

(Eye balls moving. Huge smile on the face. Giggles like a baby! She recalled her visit to Canada where she had gone to a tourist place called “Fly over Canada”. Apparently a 3-D effect spot travel which makes you visit all the tourist places of significance in Canada. I allow her to stay here for a while.)

[Watching her animating the expressions of a 3 yr old happy kid was a treat to my eyes! I winded up the session by letting her have a hearty stay & then asked if she was ready to return to the garden. I emerged her back for a lunch break.]
T: Do you want to call somebody to be with you here?
C: [smiles – I let her be]
T: Who is it?
C: Meera! Meera Bai (the saint). She is soooo beautiful!
[guided her to receive her message through her conversation with Meera. She later shared that she asked Meera to guide her to become devoted like her. Meera told her to love. Client asked who do I love & how? Meera told her to love her Divine by considering Him to be her child. This was intuitively very suggestive for me w.r.t. the sessions to follow – I somehow had this feeling that much more will be known than we are asking for. P.S . I noticed a very eye-catching Meera statue on her fireplace shelf while I was seeing her off. She told me it was a gift from her sister]

SESSION 2: 3:20 pm – 8:10 pm (17th March, 2023) [PAIN LEVEL: 6]

[Started with Dave Elman & sandwiched progressive relaxation with affirmative visualisation until she was in trance]

T: Try to revisit a happy childhood memory…… [She was in her mother’s maternal home & was happy to meet her maternal aunt & others. Vividly explained the details like who all were there, her siblings & their respective age, what she was wearing. She was 4]
T: Now go back to the time when you were about to be born…. What do you see?
C: Its very dark.
T: Do you hear something … any voice that is familiar to you?
C: my mother is humming
T: What is she humming (she imitated the sound that is similar to a locally traditional lullaby).
T: How are you feeling?
C: I am happy here. Don’t wanna come out.
T: What makes you feel so?
C: Its very tough…. Choking gesture… gets uncomfortable.
T: Go back to the time when your mother got to know about you arriving….
C: My mom is crying…. Starts crying… tears roll down. Deep breath…… She looks beautiful! Its alright (indifferent tone). I pause to let her process some information here. She had nothing more to say.
T: Go back to the place where you were before coming to your mother’s womb 3…2…1
C: Tense breathing…. Cremation happening – she saw herself burning on the pyre
T: How did u die? [no reply] How are you feeling to see yourself like this? [no reply] What were your last thoughts when you died? [no reply] How old were you? {eyeballs moving all the time, hence framed different questions to get a response]
C: 70-77 may be
T: Who is grieving the most?
C: Nobody…… pause…… I am alive…… nobody is around
T: How was your life before you died?
C: smiles…. My home…. I am wearing a sari [she later described herself as a dark complexioned woman, staying in a cute hut-like house which was comfortable. She saw her maternal grandmother in that house waiting for her – she could identify her when I guided her to look into her eyes.] Pause……… (around 1 minute)
C: moves her neck as if looking around
T: What do you see?
C: I am in the fields – ploughing [she had gone to another lifetime where she was a 25 yr old male. I guided her to identify the place, year, etc. she revealed she was not married yet]
T: Go ahead into a significant time in this life 1…2…3…
C: University (tone full of pride & cheer)
T: You study here?
C: I study with books…. Studying law…. Will wear a Black coat (sounds happy & ambitious) Order! Order! Pause
T: Have you become a lawyer? [smiles broadly & nods in affirmative] Got married? [he had got married to a village girl – Nimmo. Was very happy with his wife]
C: Nimmo! (calling out his wife) starts crying profusely (Nimmo has died. The client was working in the fields when his wife died. His son, Nandu had come to inform him of her demise. Lot of gestures of emotional pain at this loss. I smoothly regress her to old age in this lifetime)
T: How old are you?
C: 80…I am sitting at the door…. Alone… waiting for my death…. Will unite with my Nimmo (smiles in awe. Left the body – described how she saw all bones of her remaining. When questioned, she told me that she did not unite with Nimmo – disappointed expression)
T: Now, try going back to the lifetime that made you choose this life…. 5…4…3…2…1
[she was apparently a 12 yr old girl playing with other kids around. Described her looks & clothes vividly] Where do live?
C: Home (she named the town I didn’t know of, she mentioned Bengal as the state & gave me details of her siblings in this lifetime. Happy family… she was the youngest kid. Navigated her further in this life…]
C: I have got married to a hindu man. Smiles
T: How does he look? Handsome? Is he a friend? Look into his eyes… is he somebody you know from your present life?
C: (Smiles) Its my mother! (I asked random questions & enquired if she was happy in this marriage. She was in grief for being separated with her parents). [makes a painful noise – holding her stomach] He is beating me… tearing off my clothes (suggestive of brutal beating, not rape - Screams with pain!)
T: Take a deep breath. You are safe. Everything is in the past now… you can’t be harmed
C: [describes herself performing regular household chores. She told me she had 4 children addressing them in the local dialect for sons & daughters.
T: Are you happy now? Did he hit you again?
C: No [tough breathing……died due to old age – fell sick]
T: What did you learn from this life? What were your last thoughts?
C: It is tough… very tough… (frustrated & helpless) but what to do? Its His will
T: Are you angry with Him (God)?
C: Yes! He gave me so much pain & grief [screams in anger] I hit him (husband) back! [drifted back into the lifetime]
T: Couldn’t you leave your husband if he troubled you so much?
C: Because of the kids… couldn’t leave him. [ she went to explain how he hit her with a stick in her tummy & how she attacked him from behind. Starts talking to God as her friend] I fasted to have a good & loving husband. I called you out for help so many times but you did not come. [sighs]
T: Are you angry with God (shambhu as she addressed her God)?
C: No. I will let him decide – he knows what is best for me.
T: How do you want your next life to be?
C: I told Shambhu (God) to decide. [deep sigh]
[I allow her to rest in peace for a while. She seems drained with the pain she felt. And I notice her eyeballs moving & a happy smile dancing on her lips]
T: What do you see?
C: I am on the seashore [she was somewhere in a foreign land but she was an Indian. Her name was Jagmohan. She spoke her name in such a heavy English accent that it took me 4 attempts to figure out her ecaxt name & to ensure that it was an indian name. Throughout this lifetime, she spoke in a fluent foreign accent combined with an Indian Punjabi accent here & there. She started to describe herself as a female wearing a trouser but later said I am at the seashore with my girlfriend. She was a 31 yr old man who was a restaurant owner]
T: Are you on a holiday?
C: Masti! Enjoying (naughty-happy tone)
T: What do you do for a living?
C: I like her. Kashelaaaaa! [smiles fondly… tough breathing sets in] I left her [painful expression & voice]
T: What made you do that?
C: I had another girlfriend. Now I like another girl. Sohu! [pain & confusion in voice]
T: How is she better than your previous girlfriend?
C: No she is not! I made a mistake. Sohu loves me but I love Kashela!
[The client revealed that his 2nd girlfriend got pregnant so he had to marry her but he could not forget Kashella. I tried probing why he fell for Sohu but she went on ranting that she made a mistake & kept on crying out Kashella’s name – loads of painful cries, tears, body gestures expressing the pain of despair & separation. He was happy to have a child – a son who became an Aeronautical Engineer. But he could not forget Kashella while Sohu knew about his love for Kashella. Navigated her to his old age where he met with a car accident & died.Further questioning made me realise that his soul was following his dead body & not transporting to the other realm]
T: Are you ready to go? Leave your body?
C: Yes! I am dead [authoritative tone] [he again started explaining hospital, people crying around, etc.]
T: What is stopping you from leaving from here?
C: I want to meet Sohu. Please don’t cry dear [consoling his wife] [his son wasn’t around, he was at hostel.]
T: Are you ready to leave now?
C: butterfly! [exclaims – soul is transported]
T: What was your learning from this life?
C: I am sorry…. I didn’t do the right thing… shouldn’t have left Kashela [describes the whole body aching with pain. Profuse crying] Kashela did not forgive me… She spent her whole life grieving.
[she identified Kashela as her present life husband – Dilbagh. As soon as she identified him, there was a loud outburst of pain, crying & what not. I could literally feel her pain in my body & I was crying too. Once, she calmed down, I made her do forgiveness from Kashella as well as made her forgive her present life husband. I made her understand by making her realise how time had come full circle to make her realise the pain that Kashela went through because of her, which was similar to the pain she underwent at her husband’s hands in present life].
[I calmed her down & asked if she wanted to go back to the garden. We went back there. She wanted to be alone here & did not want to call anybody. I just practised coached breathing with her & then left her in silence. 5 mins later she spoke out that she wanted to use the restroom. She had emerged back on her own. I guided her to make some body movements before opening her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she hugged me & cried some more, out of solace I guess!]

SESSION 3: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm (18th March, 2023) PAIN LEVEL 3 (no gut issues & body aches/ stiffness)

Before we started, the client told me that she was born with a problem in her eyes & had to be operated upon when she was just 10 days. Apparently, a nasal passage was created to allow her easy breathing & that she had a cut like mark on her upper lip which her mother told she got because of using a scissor during eclipse’s time. I assured her that if He wills, we will be able to explore this aspect during the upcoming session. I started with Dave Elman again & mixed it with progressive relaxation. Being aware of the revelations of her previous session, I decided to make her visualise the release of bad memories through “Black Box visualisation”. When we came back to the garden, she pointed out that there was no bench but a stool. I played along.]

T: Try going back to a happy childhood memory in your present life

[She was in maternal grandparents house with her younger brother (5 yrs old) & then in Agra with her parents (1 yr old).]

T: Try going back to the time when you were in the womb 3-2-1
C: My eyes are watery. I cant see or hear anything. But I am at peace here. [pause]
T: Go further in the past
C: My mother is not telling anyone about me – she is shy. But I am happy
T: What made you choose your mother in this lifetime? What is your purpose of coming here in her womb?
C: Shambhu!!! [sounds familiar!] Become a good person…. He told me.
T: How did you get the cut on your lip?
C: Got injured from a stone [naughty & proud tone… childlike] Hit myself while playing
T: And what about your eye?
C: I had hit somebody & got injured [casual tone… sounds like usual stuff]
T: Are you a naughty kid?
C: Very naughty [He was a 10 yr old boy born in a sikh family in a village in Uttar Pradesh. His father owned a gun which was symbolic to social prestige – he described his father a robust man with moustache (imagine the special effects of pride). His name was Govinda (10 yrs old) & he was the eldest son. Described his siblings, village set up etc. He played all the time & had no interest in studying. Wanted to be an influential man like his father when he grows up.}
T: What does your father do?
C: Nothing! He is the sardar! He owns lands & a gun! [enthusiasm]
T: What else will you do when you grow up?
C: Will get married! [rough breathing] There’s a fight happening [described random scene of how it was between peasants & the landlords in the ancient times. I regressed her further & she revealed that she (the boy) had got married to Sushila in his childhood. But she was yet to be brought to her in laws family – used typical vocabulary used in Uttar Pradesh & described customs & rituals native to this state & area.]
T: Alright! Now move on to another significant time in this life 1-2-3
C: Everything has changed. We have moved to the city… Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh). But I am still the same – Influential (in local dialect). I have the gun too! (authority & pride)
T: Hmmm. Try going to the moment that made you choose this lifetime
C: Army has arrived…. He killed me [I supposed this was another lifetime but it was not. The client described this to be the era of 1857 revolt. Army was asking to surrender pvt. Weapons & he did not want to part with his gun. She was fully in character of that man who was pretty possessive of his gun…. Literally spoke out as if reliving the whole scene] He hit me with the butt of the gun. I am dead!
T: Your last thoughts?
C: I would have lived if I had given away my gun [deep state of trance. Her speech is blurry as if intoxicated]
T: What did you learn from this life?
C: Sardari (landlordship) is useless! [disgust in tone]
[I tried navigating her but she was reluctant to move away from this lifetime. Went on to tell me that he went for quail hunting, his son had become a doctor, describing his wife. There was such rapid delivery of dialogue that I could no longer take notes & I had turn on my recorder as too much information started flowing with one odd question I asked after beating around the bush.]
T: Try going back to the lifetime from where you carried the pain in your back
C: I hit him in his back [He had hit the soldier trying to take away his gun. Used local slangs for cuss words (I only knew a few of them). Fully in character, he explained that nobody was supposed to take away his gun. I recalled how he had learnt & understood that sardari was useless & he would have lived longer if he had not resisted. I also repatriated that the backache in current life was such a botheration. She acknowledged. So, I made her understand that the soldier did not mean to harm him, he was just doing his duty. He did wrong by hitting him so bad. He would not budge. Then I asked who was the 1st one to hit – it was Govinda. I reinforced that he needs to be relieved of his backpain in his current life & therefore, needed to seek forgiveness for causing pain to the soldier – you do know how badly it hurts there, don’t you? I picked up on other physical ailments like gutt issues, body pain, etc. I even tried interacting with her as Govinda & asked if there was anything else that he wanted me to know. She told me his son had become a doctor & he was mighty proud. She described other cruel activities like hunting, beating poor people for revenue extraction, etc. Eventually, Govinda agreed to part with his gun but wanted to hand it over to his wife Sushila. I STARTED TO SUSPECT A SPIRIT PRESENCE BY NOW as the client was just not ready to float away from this lifetime – fully in character … like the arrogant man he described himself to be. The learning from this lifetime had been imparted & apparently nothing else was to be explored. I let her continue blabbering while I found a way out]
C: Let’s go!
T: Ok
C: [interrupt my speech] Who are you? [don’t even try imagining how I felt & what I felt! I just looked upwards & sought Divine protection & intervention as I went weak in my knees imagining to myself – what if it’s a spirit possessing my client’s body? And the Divine intervention happened within 15-20 seconds! I regained my composure & made my next move]
T: How would I know? Its your life… you tell me
C: [pause… eyeballs moving… processing the visual…. Facial nerves relaxing… arrogance going away & now I see a fascinating smile on her face] Kanyaaaa! [gestures an amused tone – the joy of seeing a happy kid!] Don’t take off the stole on your head! Jut don’t! How beautiful she is….my Kanya!
T: Where are you? [She had moved to another lifetime as Sardul, a 6 yr old boy in some village in Haryana. I was amused with the change in accent once again! This lady has never known this culture. Kanya is 4 yrs]
T: Alright. Move on to another significant event in this lifetime 1-2-3-4-5
C: I am a poor guy (28 yrs old) – Hakim (Vaidya)
T: Are you good at your profession? Are you popular?
C: No I am not that great. Kanyaaa! (exclaims) [the client described that he was in one sided love with Kanya. She has become an Officer & visits his “dawakhana” for inspection. She is landlord’s daughter She got married to another officer & went away. He would visit her town occasionally to catch a glimpse of her & also watch her from a distance when she would be visiting her father in the village.]
T: Did you tell her that you love her?
C: No I cannot. I want to become rich like her father – a landlord.
T: Then you should have worked hard & become the best in your profession.
C: I made a mistake…. Twice. [repeats]
T: Tell me
[She told me that he gave a wrong medicine to a pregnant woman by mistake. She suffered a miscarriage & he realised his mistake later. He could not tell her because he feared punishment from society. I questioned if he apologised & admitted his mistake. He was particular to point out that men are not supposed to have such liberal conversations with the women of the village.]
T: And your 2nd mistake
C: Kanya [He explained that he was aware that it was a sin to eye a woman who belonged to other man. I questioned why he did it if he knew it was wrong? He could have asked for forgiveness from God & mend his ways. He was like what is the point? Ill ask for forgiveness & do the same thing again! I am helpless.] Kanya…. Kanya… My Kanya.
T: What do you think is the solution to this problem?
C: I’ll wait for her.
[took her in older years of her lifetime. His “dawakhana (clinic)” had grown big & he had become popular]
T: Are you happy now?
C: No. How can I be happy without my Kanya? I miss her a lot.
T: Still waiting for her?
C: Yes! I will wait … even if it takes a lifetime. I did not even marry.
T: How old are you now?
C: 90 years (He has retired now. He still misses Kanya. I last saw her when her mother passed away. She had come to attend her funeral.) But she belongs to another man. [sighs]
T: How did you die?
[she died of old age. I asked who was with him when he died & understood her answer to be “my son”. The client corrected me saying how can I have a son when I never married. I am impressed!]
T: Your last thoughts?
C: Wish I could see Kanya one last time.
T: And what about your learning from this lifetime?
C: To wait
T: That’s it? Are you sure?
[He then said that I should not have eyed her when she got married. I know that God was watching me while Kanya was not aware of my doings.] Did you not fear that God will punish you for your wrongdoings? Nothing remains hidden from him?
C: What could I do? [starts crying painfully…. Choked throat… hick ups] Oh Lord! Please let me see my Kanaya one last time! Please
[I reinforced that he should seek forgiveness from the Lord for his sins from the bottom of his heart. He followed the cue but continued to cry in pain]
T: Calm down. Now try to remember, is there somebody in your present life who reminds you of Kanya? [pause]
C: [exclaims with joy! Can’t even express the expression of relief on her face] Ha ha ha [continues smiling]
[And what followed next, left me frozen for a while. Nothing short of a miracle!]
C: Yes! She is Hardeep’s wife! (speaks in a whisper) [Turned out that Kanya is Me (the therapist) & the lady had known my husband only by his nickname, while she addressed him with his formal name!]
T: See! Your prayers have been answered! You have finally met her. Your wait is over. Now all will be fine. [I asked if she was ready to return to the garden & she refused because she did not want to part with Kanya. I explained to her that Kanya is not here in this lifetime. However, if you return to the garden, then you would meet your Kanya – Hardeep’s wife? She was instantly filled up with joy & agreed].
C: Thank you so much Bholenath! Shiv Shambhu! Really grateful! United me with my Kanya! [held her sobbing… deep breathing followed.
T: Come back to the garden now … 1-2-3-4-5… sit comfortably on the bench
C: It’s a stool! Not a bench
[I am thrilled & amused, both! But no time to emote right now! Later may be.]
T: Now call upon your Spirit guide & request them to render the guidance you need to move forward from here.
C: hmmmm [loud breathing! Suddenly becomes aware]
T: Did you receive a message? [long pause]
C: Shambhu said – do good deeds. Your sins have been forgiven but stay on track – don’t forget your lessons. [long pause. I am observing the client trying to process the visuals] You & I are being blessed by Shambhu! His hands are on our heads.
T: Pls thank Him on my behalf & yours as well. [pause] Its time to come back now.

[emerged her as per the process. Let her remain lying & left her in silence. Told her to call out for me when she felt like it. Offered her water but she wanted to rest. 15 minutes later, we both had a cup of tea (which we were missing since past 2 days!).

Session 4 (Integration & Summary): 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm (March 18, 2023) Pain Level: 0

Since the client claimed that all her quest has been addressed & I was of the same opinion, I decided to utilise the 4th session for a detailed discussion on findings & help the client to join the dots. During our tea break, she explained to me how she now realised that some underlying issues in her present life had also been addressed during the sessions, which were actually not of importance to her earlier. But now, after the overall experience, she held the whole learning to be valuable & clearly understood the importance of the intentions behind every deed & how the “karma” is carried over across lifetimes.

The enlightenment the client received according to her understanding:

  • Marital discord & suffering explained completely & clearly.
  • She understood that her fear of bearing a child did not stem from the anxiety of seeing her sister suffer in pain. Rather, it was collectively stemmed out of 2 lifetimes where once, she ditched her love because of a pregnant love interest (which was merely a distraction & not her true love) & another lifetime where she unknowingly caused the miscarriage but chose to live with the guilt of that mistake made.
  • In her current life, she stood up against the atrocities of her husband & filed for divorce. Unlike her previous lifetime, where she suffered in silence, she chose to stand up for herself. She seized to do that in another lifetime when she did not own up to her mistake publically.
  • In one of her lifetimes, despite being the eldest son, she chose to live a life of flamboyance & arrogance. She did not take her responsibilities seriously & felt entitled to treat people ruthlessly. Hence, in her current lifetime, she was put into a situation where she had no other choice but to accept what it was. Till date, she is looking after her siblings as a parent guardian.
  • Meera Bai coming & telling me to treat my Divine as my child – that is the only form of relationship I did not experience in my current life. She taught me a way of accepting things that are not our way, but we still have a way out.
  • I know it now that my Spirit Guide is Lord Shiva (shambhunath) although I still couldn’t see his face eye-to eye. I feel that is because He wants me to do more in order to be entitled to witness His magnanimity.
    • I also drew her attention to the fact that in one of her past lives, her present life mother was her husband who left her feeling worthless & helpless. While in the present life, she was her biggest source of strength! So, you see, you don’t get only “challenges” to learn what you need to learn, you also get rewarded for doing things right!

Conclusion & Suggestions:

I am truly blessed to have witnessed this miraculous healing in my 4th session itself! Really did not have to catalyse any understanding for the client. However, I suggested her to practice “forgiveness” from the ones who wronged her in present & past lives. Likewise, also to seek forgiveness from the Divine & others (from all lifetimes), who she wronged knowingly or unknowingly. I feel, every time she will do it, she will subconsciously relive the past experience & a consequent “reconditioning” will occur where acceptance would settle in & this will leave her calm & content. As we say, when there are no “Whys”, we can focus on “What & “How”. And then, magic happens! My client knows what happened & why it happened. She has also received the message as to how to move forward. All that she has to do is remain focussed & be consistent.

As I am submitting this case study today (30-03-2023), my client’s Pain Level continues to be ZERO & her backache has not returned so far. She has not cried post the therapy & feels happier. She was able to sit through a static posture for 4 hours in a row, the very next day!



Whoa, what a session, it felt like am living the session while reading it, I congratulate you on such an amazing session, so many lifetimes, so difficult to connect but everything made sense in the end. I am so glad that pain hasn’t returned and pain level is zero. It’s truly an achievement. All the best for all your future sessions.


This is wonderful. This made me do some self-reflection work on myself. I lied to 2 of my friends during my college days. One doesn’t know I lied, but the other knows. They weren’t my close friends but still good friends. Till date I just cannot forget that I lied and I am yet to say sorry to both of them. Our life drifted, but for some reason I cannot get over that. It was not a serious lie, just a causal one to cover up some stuff but it made me guilty eventually. After reading this, I decided that I need to call both of them and say sorry. They might not even remember the incident. But I need to forgive myself, I will call them today itself if possible, since tomorrow is my 25th birthday, and I want to enter it with a strong resolution of “Stop lying to myself and other to cover up stuff, tell the truth to others, apologise, and seek forgiveness from others, and eventually forgive myself”. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Ram who is a symbol of truthfulness and yet here I am who lies spontaneously to just come out clean superficially. Hope I stay intact to the resolution. Kindly pray for me :pray::blush:


Amazing… :clap:. Like the way you drive the whole session and lead to the closure


Dear Shachi,
Heartiest congratulations to you on a very well conducted, guided through and integrated case. Reading through it was so thrilling for me alongwith with the lessons brought out during the conduct. My compliments for this one and best wishes for future sessions!!




Excellent case study Shashi, for me as i am a beginner, I got so many guidance, on how to proceed the session, with" Last thoughts at the time of death " was a reminder from Master Venu Sirs coaching sessions. Excellent Monesh Sir also has given you the mark of being a adept PLR Therapist. :slightly_smiling_face: :dizzy: :clap:

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Hello Shashi! Going through your session has revived my faith in my why of having done a PLRT certification! The multiple lives, the common thread of consciousness, the repeating soulmates, the presence of the formless itself and the forgiveness of sins and lessons are all so inspiring to explore plrt as a miraculous way for healing once again.

What an experience? If I am so enthralled reading about it, how captivating it must have been for you!?

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