Chronic pains are healed with PLRT

Name : Meera.

Age : 53 years.

Sex : Female.

Born : Kashmir, Bharath.

Living : Botswana, South Africa.

History taking :

The client was born and brought up in Kashmir. She married in 2001 and moved to Botswana. She visited Bharath in 2016, and while traveling in auto, she met with an accident. She got hurt on her neck, ribs, and back. This caused her severe back pain. Medicine and treatments couldn’t cure her back pain. While discussing this with a mutual friend in Botswana, she had suggested PLRT and shared my number with the client. The client called me from Botswana for an online session. After the discussion, I understood that the client has multiple issues. So, I suggested her Inner Child Healing and PLR.

Day 1 :

Session 1 : Inner Child Healing.

Day 2 :

Session 2 : PLR.

Theme :

1. Root cause for back pain.

2. Not able to progress spiritually.

3. Purpose of life.

Client Assessment :

Hypnosis score : 10.

Auditory : 2.

Visual : 6.

Kinaesthetic : 7.

Eye roll score : 2.

The session started with Dave Elman’s technique and was followed by progressive relaxation and light healing. Then, I asked the client to visualize and relax in the garden.

T - What are you aware of ?

C – I could see my Dada, Dadi, and Buva.

T – Take their blessings ? Talk to them ? Ask them for messages and answers for your questions ?

C – I asked them why I am not able to progress spiritually and what the purpose of my life. For that they are telling me that “(Tujhe to bahut jaldi padi hui hai) Don’t hurry. Everyone’s purpose is the same, help others.”

T – Ask them what the reason for your back pain ?

C – My neck and back are hurting.

T – What is that making you feel this pain ?

C – I am carrying something heavy on my shoulder.

T – Float above the scene and watch it from the distance as an observer ? No need to take any pain ?

C – I am lifting a cross. It’s too heavy.

T – Slowly look all around and tell me in detail ? What is happening ?

C – It’s a punishment. I have to carry this cross up hill and fix it upright.

T – Look at yourself ? What are you wearing ? What is your sex and how old are you there ?

C – I am 40 years old man. Wearing a robe kind of dress, and it’s too dirty.

(The client shared this pic and told me that she saw herself like this.)

T – Which country and year is it ?

C – Babylonia, 1872 BC is coming to my mind.

T – What is your name ?

C – Joe.

T – What happened next ?

C – I am fixing the cross on top of the hill.

T – How are you feeling there ?

C – Tired.

T – Go to the next SE of that life ?

C – My back is hurting. I am dying.

T – Float above the scene and watch it from the distance as an observer ? No need to take any pain ? What happened exactly ?

C – Pope/king is angry with me. He stabbed my back to death.

(After the session, I asked the client to search for a suitable pic and share it if you can find one. So, she was surprised to see this pic while searching. The client told me that she saw the pope/king exactly like this.)

T – Why is he angry with you ?

C – He is angry with me for listening to his secret conversation.

T – Look in to his face ? Can you recognize him in this life ?

C – He is my father-in-law in this life. I have gone through tough times in this life too cos of my father-in-law.

T – What are you bringing from there to here ?

C – I think hatred towards my father-in-law and the back pain for lifting the heavy cross and for being stabbed on my back.

T – Would you like to release all of them ?

C – Yes.

T – Now I will count from 5 to 1. You will release all the hatred, feelings, emotions, and thoughts that you have stored in your mind ?

C – OK.

T – 5 4 3 2 1. What are you feeling now ?

C – I feel calm and relaxed after releasing everything.

(The client couldn’t see/experience her past life in detail. But, she could see/experience only significant events of that life.)

After 3 days, the client called me to inform me that she could feel a better change in her back pain. Especially a particular muscle pain that she used to suffer is stopped.

I believe that everyone’s purpose is the same. Help others/nature/every living thing on this earth.



Great Naveen, as usual. I also got a client a few days back who got exactly same message to help others. I am amazed at this. I think, I will also share that session.


Dear Naveen,

Wonderful session and amazing results. Thanks for sharing it with us.