Clairvoyance in Trance induced using the Amarantos 15 Stage PLRT Process

To the complete surprise of Dr. X who is just out of the most recent Amarantos batch, her client detected that she was pregnant while she herself wasn’t cognizant of this fact!

below is an email from the therapist.

Dear Venu Sir, Greetings for the day.

"I am delighted to share that a special message shared by masters during my session with a client had come true. I conducted a session on 16-Jan-2023 and while the client was getting messages from the masters, I concluded by asking if there is any message for me and I was told I will be blessed with a baby girl. This came as a surprise because I was not expecting it and a few weeks later I found out that I am pregnant. I am actually thrilled that it has come true and want to thank you for introducing me to such a divine work.

I also want to share that one of my clients has dramatically shown a change and left few of his addictions after the session.

Enclosed is the screenshot of the email


Dr. Venu, is the above message from the master or a clairvoyance. As the therapist has mentioned that its a message from the master.


Dear @venu Ji
This seems very interesting case and please share how to deal with such case where the therapist and the client got similar vision? Is it because the client is unwilling to integrate the lessons for long term or something else?


That is so awesome :two_hearts:

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In every stage you are encountered with countless surprises. This arena of human dimension has immense capabilities. The sooner we understand and realize it the better it is for our future!-Ananda Krishnan

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