Clean mind can see the God

Name : Sai.

Age : 9 years.

Sex : Male.

Duration : 1 hour.

Session : 12 mid night to 1 am.

Theme of the session : Just to relax.

After Progressive Relaxation.

Therapist (T): Go to one of your happiest moment in this life ? Tell me what are you aware of ?

Client (C): I am climbing the mountain.

T: Look at your feet and look at yourself what are you wearing ?

C: I am wearing shoes and a jacket.

T: How old are you ? What is your name ?

C: I am 19 years old. My name is Sai.

Sai is his name in this lifetime and he is 9 years. He had gone into the future.

T: Which mountain it is? Where is it?

C: I don’t know the name. But it is in Bharath.

T: Is it in Himalayas? Why are you climbing the mountain ?

C: Yes it is Himalayas. I am climbing the mountain to put a flag on top of it.

T: How are you feeling now? Look around you, who else are there with you?

C: Feeling very cold and happy. My friends are with me.

He said names of 3 of his friends. They are his friends now also.

T: See what happens next?

C: We reached top of the mountain and the flag is standing still. Feeling very relaxed and happy. It’s too cold here.

T: Now imagine a garden which is filled with happiness and full of positive energy, go to the garden and relax there?

C: Yes I am in the garden. I am relaxing.

T: Look around you, there is a staircase going down? Can you see the stairs.

C: Yes.

T: Go down through the stairs? You will find a door at the bottom of the stairs, open the door and go to the other side which will take you to your childhood, where you were a small baby?

C: I am playing with the toys.

T: Look at yourself how old are you? What are you wearing and Who else are there with you?

C: I am one year old. I am wearing Chota Bheem dress. My brother is here.

T: How old is your brother ? Where is your mother ?

C: He is 6 years old. My grandfather and my mother are sleeping.

Now he is 9 years old and his elder brother is 14 years old. He saw himself as 1 year old baby and his elder brother as a 6 years old boy. In both the cases the age difference is 5 years.

T: How are you feeling now?

C: Happy.

I know him since his birth. He has less immunity and he does not have interest in studies, because he does not remember much of what he reads. But other than studies, he has very good memory. So, I thought of looking into these two issues.

  1. Immunity.
  2. Studies.

T: Now go back to the garden, sit on the bench and relax ?

C: I am relaxing in the garden.

T: Do you like to rectify your health issue ? Do you like to see from where the problem is coming for you, for having less immunity in this life ?

C: Yes.

T: Look around you ? You will find a staircase ? Can you see the staircase ?

C: Yes. It’s going up.

T: Go up through the stairs, you will find a door, open the door and go to the other side, It will take you to a significant event (SE), from where the problem is coming for you in this life, of not having immunity?

C: I reached the door and it is locked. I found the key.

T: Nothing to worry, just open the door and go to the other side and tell me what you are aware of?

C: I am in hospital. My left leg is fractured.

T: Where is this place, look at your self, what is your name & how old are you ?

C: It is in Bharath. My name is Pranav and I am 26 years old.

T: See how your left leg fractured.

C: Someone dashed me with the vehicle while I was walking.

T: Where is your family?

C: They are outside.

T: Go to a SE where you were with your family in that life ?

C: I am at hone. My mother and father are here.

T: What is your father’s and mother’s name?

C: Don’t know the names.

T: Look in to their eyes, do you know them in this life ?

C: I don’t know them.

T: How old are you there and how are you feeling ?

C: I am 22 years. I am feeling bored here.

T: What happened to your fractured leg ?

C: It is ok after 6 years.

T: What are you carrying from that life to this life ?

C: Because of that accident, I think I lost immunity.

T: Now forgive that person who dashed you ? And pray to God for your health and ask God to give you immunity in this life ?

C: I prayed.

T: Do you think your immunity problem is solved ? Or anything else you want to see to solve the problem ?

C: My hand is scratched.

T: Is it in the same life ?

C: No, it is in the different life.

T: Look at yourself, what is your name, how old are you, who else are there with you ?

C: My name is Shashvat. I am 10 years old. My family is here with me.

T: Which place is it ? Look at your self what are you wearing ?

C: Don’t know the name. It’s an Island. I am wearing a silver colour pant, rainbow colours shirt and bandage on my left arm.

T: What are you doing ? How you look like ? Who all are there with you ?

C: I am crying, because I got hurt on my left elbow. I am medium in Color and my hair is brown in colour. My father, mother and my younger brother are here with me.

T: What are their names ? How they look like ? How old are they ?

C: My father’s name is Rishabh, mother’s name is Vijayalakshmi and my younger brother’s name is Suman. They look a bit similar like me. My younger brother is 6 years old and I don’t know the age of my father and mother.

T: Look into their eyes ? Do you know them in this life ?

C: My father in that life is also my father in this life also, I don’t recognize my mother in this life and my younger brother is my classmate Arnav.

T: Why did you go to that life ?

C: To see what happened to my family.

T: What happened to your family ?

C: Nothing. They are ok.

T: What about your health ?

C: It is ok.

T: Now go to a SE from where the problem is coming to you in this life, not having interest in studies ?

C: I got hurt on my head badly.

T: Look at yourself, what happened ?

C: I was riding a bike, someone came in the middle and I fell down and my head hits a pole. My head is bleeding very badly.

T: Are you not wearing the helmet ? Who else was with you on the bike ?

C: I was wearing but it came off. I am alone riding the bike.

T: Look at yourself ? What’s your name ? How old are you ? How you look like ?

C: My name is Krishna, I am a college student, I am tall, black hair and medium in colour, My head is full of blood.

He was feeling the pain again and making faces.

T: No need to take the pain again, just float above your body ? Watch it from a distance ?

C: I am unconscious.

T: See what happens next?

C: I am in the hospital, my head is full of bandage.

T: What you want to resolve in that life ? And what are you carrying from that life to this life?

C: I want to make my head proper. And I don’t know what I am carrying from that life.

T: What is the reason you not having interest in studies in this life ? Is there anything related to that life ?

C: After the accident I became mental, my head is paining.

T: Float above your body ? No need to take the pain again ? Pray to God ?

C: I prayed to God, my head is ok. But I have short term memory loss. I think that is what I am carrying to this life.

T: Do you know how to resolve this problem ?

C: Don’t know. But will pray to God.

T: Pray to God ? Ask the God to forgive you for all your mistakes and sins done by you ? And ask the God to give you good health and memory ?

C: There is a light coming.

T: Which colour it is ?

C: It is in red colour.

T: Ask the light to heal you and cure your health problems ?

C: Light is telling it is too tough to cure.

T: Pray to the light sincerely to heal you ?

C: Light is telling it will take 5 years to cure your problems.

T: Pray to the light to cure immediately ?

C: Light is telling it will cure in 2 years.

T: Where is the light now ?

C: Near the God.

T: Can you see the God ? Which God it is?

C: I can see half face of the God. I think he is Krishna.

T: Very good, you are so lucky to see lord Krishna. Pray to him. Take his blessings. And ask him to heal and cure your health problems.

C: Lord Krishna is telling, I have to go to the hospital to cure my health problems.

T: Pray to him. Ask him to cure you, you without going to the hospital.

C: He is telling, he will cure me in one month. He promised me.

T: Ask him for messages, for you and for me.

C: My problems will be solved in a month. You will be ok and you have to work a lot.

T: Is there anything else you want to see or else do you like to come back?

C: I can see lord Shiva also.

T: Take his blessings also. And ask for the messages. Ask him also to cure your health problems and ask him to forgive all your mistakes and sins done in all your past lives.

C: Lord Shiva is telling, whatever Krishna has told you is correct.

T: Is there anything else you want to resolve?

C: No, now the gods also disappeared. I can see only clouds.


Wow it clearly shows the deep connections we all are carrying


Very well documented dear Naveen!
Kudos to the little one!
What we feel as child’s fantasy at times could be the re-enactments of their past life experiences, that is how much they are in trance or at the edge of getting into one and as they grow up we adults school them and make them as stupid as us.

I understand you conducted this session in Telugu and would have meant “ T: Now go back to the garden, sit on the bench and relax ?”

“Would you like to go back to the garden…”

Never an order but only suggestions and even among them those that are indirect.
Thank you for taking the time to conduct a session and share it with us. Do kindly update us of the progress and any future Session conducted for him.


I read the whole session with goosebumps mr Nagendra… what an experience your client (boy) got,?, Blessed he is ! To view lord Krishna And Lord Parameswar :pray:


Even the script is very helpful for the beginners to follow…how to frame questions? …,back to back! :clap::clap:


Hari Bol! Feels so good to hear about Krishna and client’s experiences with Krishna during PLRT. My obeisances to the client and the Therapist.

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Wonderful session, the little one is truly blessed to have seen Sri Krishna and Shiva. Kids are closer to God.

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So beautiful! What else can one ask for if he/she is able to see Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva.

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I also happen to do one session on my son who is 7 now, it is wonderful experience to know how easily they go in trance and the vividness of their experience is astounding.

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