Client Falls asleep during a PLR session what to do

Another problem reported by our Therapist.

The client is falling asleep in sessions. We did 2 sessions until now and it is the same result. I use IMR continuously and it is still happening, what could be the reason?

There could be many factors -
Is the client empty stomach?
Is the client smoker or alcoholic ?
Is client sleeping well before the session?
And most importantly , it could be ego / minds way of escaping. A way of avoid facing the truth , as it is not ready to do so.


Thank you Ram. To answer these, Yes the client is a smoker and also could be avoiding the truth.

How do I tackle these?

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Hi Mehak,
It will probably help to first go for a extended detoxification which may include -:

  1. Abstaining from smoke and alcohol for at least 72 hours and even better for.1 week prior to the session.
  2. Suggesting client to sit for meditation for few minutes a day for 1 week prior to the session.
  3. Ensure that client has good sleep for at let 2 days prior to the session.
  4. Ensure good hydration for at lest 3-7 days prior to the session.
  5. Ensure that client takes only light meal or stay empty stomach prior to the session.
  6. A good history and attempt to built trust with the client will help.

I am sure you must have tried some of these methods already.
Nevertheless, I hope it this email come handy.



Thank you Ram. Will definitely try these.

You are welcome Mehak …
Please do let us know how it goes.
Much love

Can you describe the presenting complaints?