Client got pain in hand during and after regression

Hi All,
Please help me out. Today did my second client regression. In both the lives he had severe right hand pain, because of some situations there and that pain was still there after coming out of regression. Please help me out if he will recover from this pain. Iam really worried about him. He never had this pain before anytime in this lifetime. Anyone experienced something like this, please share, if anything we can do for it.

Ruchi Joshi
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I would like to share…why…not in regression…you can ask the client the root cause of severe right hand pain. Ideally, when I had done regression…on one of my clients…she was trembling…due to the past life she was experiencing. But once of out of trance, she was perfectly fine.


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Clients experiencing pain was common in my sessions at elbow joints or in the calf. In the beginning I did not know about spirits. There is nothing to worry about. Follow the normal routine and say at the count of 5 to 1 " go to the source of the pain… You can… It’s totally possible". He may tell about a past life or say iam so and so… Then try to get all details from him… If spirit… Y did u chose this person?.. Wen did u enter?.. What’s your purpose? Go to his early childhood ( of spirit/entity… If present) Find the person closest to him in that life time. Ask this entity to hold the hand of his deceased closed one and be led to the light ( if earthbound spirit) For DFE’s slightly different approach. But nothing to worry… U can handle it. That’s why th


Thank you so much for your reply. Really amazed to know about spirits things… would be so great if u can elaborate… like when we come to know that it’s spirit? How it can help to resolve or release…
I checked with my client… after 1 hour of session that pain and redness was with him which subsided afterwards. And he is absolutely doing well. Today we are going to have our second session, Iam little excited as well as nervous that if I will be able to handle and resolve it.
Need your wishes and blessings

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All the best for today’s session Ruchi, Just go with the flow… Suppose at
some point he says I’m ‘___’ ( some other name…this may or may not happen
) ,wen u ask him to go to the source of the pain. Ask him to scan his body
at the time you enter the garden ( Venu must have explained everything)…
Or ask him if anyone else is there at the garden. Just treat it like a
past life entity . U can handle this case… That’s why it has come to you…
Ask the help of The Masters before you start the session. That’s it… All
the best.


Nicely explained by @seemvit. It could possibly be a case of spirit possession. And yes if the case has come to you @Ruchi_Joshi its because you are capable to handle it else it won’t have come to you at first place.

If some entity/spirit speaks through the client proceed as if you are dealing with some client… Remember an entity was a human at some point of time and it still have its mind and intellect intact as it was when he/she was in a body.

There could be many reasons why that entity did not enter into the spirit world and became an earthbound entity. You have to figure out the reason specific for that entity and it will happen when you will ask that entity to speak through client and most importantly you have to assure the entity that you are there to help him/her.

Generic approach could be questions like:

  1. Ask the client if he could sense the presence of some entity/spirit while in trance through IMR.

  2. Once the presence is confirmed, ask the client if its male entity? (IMR) OR a female entity? (IMR)

  3. Once the gender is confirmed (let say female), ask the entity what’s her name is? Generally entities tell there name and even if its a earthbound entity for hundreds of years they still remember there name precisely.

  4. Further ask them when die they joined the client? Why did they joined the client?

  5. Ask them to remember the time when they were in there body? Who were very close to them? What happened in that lifetime and how did that entity die in that particular lifetime.

  6. Console that entity, do the counselling, remove any doubts and fear if its having.

  7. Ask them to see white light at the top corner of the room. Once they confirm they could see it, ask them if they can see there loved ones and spirit guides who might have come to recieve them.

  8. Lastly, ask them to hold the hands of there loved ones and go into the light as I count from 5 to 1.

  9. Say a prayer afterwards. Any prayer or shaloka or mantra… anything you feel connected to.

  10. Always remember to have a compassionate heart and willingness to help the entity… rest everything will fall at place.

Last but not the least, start reading with “The Unquiet Dead” by Dr. Edith Fieore to understand this domain od spirit releasement better followed by many others…

Feel free to contact me for further communication regarding this topic.

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Thank you so much… your each word is very positive and motivating… can feel your unconditional love for me…
Thank you so much :pray:

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:pray: you are always welcome Ruchi. And very meticulously explained by Ankit ,
I hope everyone in the Amarantos family gets to read it, through a mail to

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Thanks for your detailed reply, heard your audio also which was shared by Venu. Will connect with u on phone.

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I was waiting to go through the complete report before advice and thank you for sharing it Ruchi.
As we discussed,

“C- I am feeling very sad for my wife. I am having severe pain in my right hand.
T- Let’s go to the last day of that life.”

When the client is in distress please acknowledge it, coach breathing and do the stress management and then proceed.

  • “My right hand is panning
    (We did some white light healing for aboyt 5 min but pain was still there)”
    We can work towards the resolution of this pain by asking the unconscious mind on, “What is it that you need to experience in order for you to let go of this pain…”

Would like to know if anyone else has can share their experience in handling such cases.