Client wants to meet his dead loved one


If a client tells that his reason for getting the session is that he wants to contact a loved one who is no more , should we take those cases? Till now I was not comfortable taking such cases but after the terribly unfortunate second COVID wave, these instances seem to have increased…

But recently I did a session which has changed my perspective - In the session, the client could contact his parents, had a long face to face meeting with them and got a deep resolution with them in terms of seeking forgiveness for his actions and forgiving them for the hurt he had stored for them. Both parties expressed their hatred and anger and slowly forgived each other…The surprising thing was that this was nowhere near the theme of the session.

Will appreciate any guidance/perspective on how to go about such cases. Thanks.


What I have experienced is that if a client is meant to meet their loved one who has crossed over, they will meet them anyways – irrespective of the theme of the session. They (the deceased) will suddenly appear from nowhere and yes, some wonderful things transpire when they meet the client.

I think it is absolutely fine to take up such cases. Such sessions help answer many questions and heal many relationships.

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Hi Abhinav congratulations on the session. After covid there has been huge spike in requests to contact passed loved ones and if you get a opportunity to be an instrument and guide in their meeting I think it is worthwhile in our mission to heal.


Thank you Bhuvi for your encouragement. After the experience I had with that one client, my mental blocks over these things have eased considerably and have made me open to such sessions. I will post my learnings as I do such sessions. Thanks again.


Hi Isha

Many thanks for your response. Yes this is what exactly happened in the session. The theme was financial problems but the first thing client saw was meeting his father and mother and some other relatives who had some issues with. So very true, I sometimes feel that we as therapists do not have any control over the session. I thank you for providing encouragement to take such sessions. It may be that a client wants to meet a dead relative and instead get a resolution for some other problem which is unrelated to that person’s relatiionship with that relative. I feel as therapists our conscious analytical minds can just go too far. Thanks again for your inputs.