Compassionate listening is a very important part of our therapy. I came across an example where it was used with excellent results


This is priceless Dear @ceoccfb
Just imagine how beautiful the world would become if we could just practice this one line teaching in this article.

Say to yourself: my purpose is not to argue with him or correct him but to allow him to have a chance to suffer less by speaking out.

When I had been to Isreal, I could gauge the amount of tension between them and Palestine (to which I crossed the border and went to visit the birthplace of Christ.) I couldn’t have imagined the stress between these two nations. But I am glad that at Plum Valley, I guess this is happening under the guidance of Thich Nhat Hanh, such an amazing this is being done. Thank you for sharing.


Dear Venu,

Thanks a lot for the response to my post in July 2019. I had missed your response totally. My apologies. This I have learnt from you only and continue to learn. So grateful to you for all this.
Due to ongoing war, I recalled my post and wanted to have a look at it. Then I found your response. I hope Plum Valley continues to do good work and is able to make some dent to reduce hatred. I pray to Almighty to bless both the sides to stop this blood shed. My heart goes for the innocents on both sides who are facing all the miseries due to ego of a few.


Dear Arvind,

Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of information which emphasizes on empathetic listening.



Thanks Ashish. So nice of you.