Contrasting to overcome Block

My loved ones, I haven’t read about contrasting in any of our books and presenting it here to understand it more and what is this known as professionally?
Block experienced in lack of enthusiasm of the client to proceed any further with the session and kept repeating, "I don’t feel anything "
But after some deepening.

[Deepening ]
I’ve been to this room before…
It’s a big empty hall…

[is it this life ?]
I came here as a child once…
Lots of kids at the time

[Do you still have the excitement?]
I have tiny feet…
Wearing black shoes
White socks with colorful band on the top
Wearing a short
I don’t feel anything

[Contrasting—was there a time you felt something?]
Its peaceful…

[Fear of loosing people ]
There is a lot of emptiness…
There is nothing

[Tracing the fear and tell me about the door]
Its brown with yellow knob…

There is a field

[voice is not coherent, change in accent ]
Light blue
Day time…
I m wearing sandals…

[is it the same body or a different one?]
This place is different
I think this is Rome!!!
Sandals they look Roman
There is a road close
I am working on the road…

What is this “contrasting” known as?


Is it a type of bridging technique ?
Thanks for ongoing teaching
Loves you

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Thanks for sharing that Beloved Ram.
My joy truly :bouquet::pray: