Corona details all over the world

Covid-19 chart seens very useful …
But i became more concerned and tensed as my daughter, all alone inside the room for more than 2 week…
And god knows how much more Go…
If at home, we have someone to interact ,but all alone in the room. . Just four walls :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:around …that too in USA


Dear Jyothi
I can understand your helplessness and the how isolated our sister must be feeling. But looking at the bright side she has already crossed the 2 weeks trial period. I’m very hopeful she will be fine.
All our prayers to our Beloved Masters to keep all my Amarantians and their loved ones safe. :pray:


Dear Jyothi
Same here. This is how I try to get rid of anxiety. Before opening my eyes after daily meditation, bless mother Earth, I’m cleansing their aura and wrapping in white light , sending loving energy which gives me peace of mind.

Love, prana energy, peace, and light to all humans.



Yes madhu…
Even i do it every night…as their day starts then… i pray to my Bagavathi to protect and keep her in a safe aura …abd i believe my Bagavathi us doing the same for my child :pray::pray::pray:

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Our prayers, lots of love and light towards you, your daughter and the family.

Hare Krishna

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Thank u nisha… she is alone there, no family, as she is a spinster and a student there !!!


Our masters and guardians like Mahavtar Babaji will always look after us.
Our prayers are always answered by these living masters.


Love, warmth, light and blessings to your daughter dear Jyothi, she is guided and protected by Grace.