Cysts, a Roman Life & a Generational Curse

Client Name: Veruca (Changed)

Gender: Female

DOB: 1993

History: Her parents came to Canada from Jamaica & she was born here. She works in security & feels like there’s nothing more to life.

Family and Siblings: Mom, Dad, brothers, aunts.

The present issue that she needs to be resolved:

She feels disinterested, demotivated & drained of energy. She is on her spiritual journey & was all positive but recently started feeling this way. She wants to get the sessions specifically for this reason.

Some other problems she has been having are:

  • Recurrent cysts all over her body. She has to get surgery done every few years to remove them. They keep happening without a cause.
  • She has recently started binge eating. She wants to stop this habit before it causes harm to her health.

Special keywords: drained, sadness.

Pain assessment: Before: 7

Dominant sense: auditory

Hypnotizability score: 8/10

Themes decided:

What is the root cause of her feeling demotivated, drained of energy?

What is the root cause of her recurring cysts?

What is the root cause of her binge eating?

Session 1:

T: Therapist

V: Veruca

1 hour, 15 mins of hypnotic induction>Progressive relaxation>visualization> Staircase>Garden>

[Tried to take her to her childhood.]

T: Pick out a childhood memory. What are you becoming aware of?

V: [after a long pause] Nothing but a white light.

[decided to go ahead with past lives instead]

T: This is the all-knowing light. Ask that light to take you to the root cause of your feeling demotivated & drained of energy.

V: I’m seeing nothing.

T: Take a few deep breaths. Notice any tension, any pain or stiffness in the body.

V: My upper back is stiff & painful.

T: Gradually increase that stiffness to double at the count of 3…1…2…3. Feel that stiffness & allow the white light to take you to the root cause of this stiffness.

V: Walking…it’s night time…I’m carrying something on my shoulders. It’s like loooooooong stick. It has bags on both ends.

T: Where are you going?

V: I think I’m going home.

T: What does your home look like?

V: It is white & it has black roof on it.

T: Do you know what is in those bags on your shoulders?

V: Food.

T: What is the reason you have to carry food like this?

V: [long pause] To make it easier to carry.

T: Do you have a family?

V: I’m not sure but I’m walking with a lot of people. They are the people in my city. Some of them are carrying their items in the same way. I’m walking through like….very forested area. A lot of trees and grass.

T: Take your time & go to a significant event of that life.

V: I just feel like…my teeth are shattering…

T: What is the reason for that to happen?


T: It’s okay to feel the emotions. Let them come to you, feel them & release them when you feel ready.

V: I feel like I had a seizure. My teeth shattered because of it.


I feel a tightness in my throat.

T: Let the reason of that tightness come to your awareness.

V: [long pause]

I think I ate something that harmed me.

[Nothing more was coming up in this situation.]

T: You can go the end of that life. You will be able to review your whole life.

V: I don’t know why… I just feel very sad…[crying]

T: Let all those feeling come to your awareness, feel them… & try to know the cause of those feelings.

V: It’s because I am alone. I have family. But I don’t speak to anybody.

T: What happened that led to this?

V: [crying]

T: It is ok to look at the reason. It is all in the past. We are just visiting.

[long pause & nothing comes up]

[More relaxation]

T: Go to a lifetime that is significant for you to see today.

V: I’m sitting and eating. Rice.

T: See where you are. Look at your hands.

V: I’m inside …a sunny room… at the edge… there’s a wooden table. There’s other people around.

T: Who are these people?

V: Like… I’m in a shelter.

T: What is the reason you’re in the shelter?

V: To get food.

T: Go to a significant event in this life.

V: [15 min pause]

I just feel helpless.

I don’t know why I’m alive.

T: What is it that is making you feel this way?

V: Because my family is gone. They’re dead. [repeating pattern]

T: Do you know what happened?

V: An accident.

T: Is this why you’re in the shelter?

V: Yes.

T: How old were you at that time?

V: 15.

T: How long do you stay there?

V: Not long…just to get food.

T: Go to a significant event of this life.

V: [laughing] I’m always eating!!! Haha.

T: What happened in your life after that?

V: I am a boy. My health is not good. I’m with someone… a woman.

[long pause] I was very sick. She is my wife. She is taking care of me. [crying]

I get a heart attack. I can see my dead body.

T: You can review your life. Any messages.

V: Be mindful of what I consume.

[long pause]

It’s not my fault. [crying]

[that was all there was to see]

Brought back to the garden> healing> awake.

Session 2:

1 hour, 20 mins of hypnotic induction>Progressive relaxation>visualization> Staircase>Garden>

T: What are you becoming aware of?

V: I’m seeing different shapes and lights. I’m seeing a lot of blue lines, that are shaping themselves to a Diamond.

T: Ask them to show you the messages that are most important for you right now.

V: I’m seeing a lot of different scenes. One thing that I noticed that I’m always near water, trying to navigate what it means.

T: What are you wearing in your feet?

V: Sandals.

T: What is the landscape like? Is it day or night?

V: It’s night. By a fountain, I put my hands in the water by the fountain…

T: Use all your senses, is the water hot or cold? The sound of the water fountain…

V: Water is cold…

T: Is there anyone else around?

V: No, it’s only me.

T: Can you tell what are you doing there?

V: There’s a mountain…

T: Do you know what place is it?

V: I keep hearing Rome.

T: What year is it?

V: …1…1940…

My husband, he forces me to sleep with other men.

T: How do you feel in that moment?

V: [crying]

My husband is really familiar. Not his face.

T: Look in his eyes and try to identify.

V: It’s my Dad. [crying]

I have a lot of problems with my sexual health because of this.

I’m really sick. I have something that cannot be treated…and he just leaves… [crying]

T: Is there anyone taking care of you?

V: My daughter…

T: Can you see if you can identify who your daughter is from this life?

V: I think she is my niece.

T: Now move to the end of that life and see how you die…

V: I just feel very angry with my husband…[crying]

I go to sleep and just don’t wake up.

T: You can review your life now…

V: I need to stop allowing myself to be in harmful situations because of love. I need to forgive everybody who has ever hurt me.

I don’t need to forgive them because they deserve forgiveness. I need to forgive them because I deserve peace.

[long pause]

Different traumas and situations that I haven’t healed yet, manifest themselves in the physical body.

T: Is there anything more in this life to be seen?

[long pause]

T: What are you aware of right now?

V: I am feeling what my daughter was going through during that life. Lot of stress…she didn’t respect him.

There’s like a sense of guilt because of what she had to go through and what she saw…

She doesn’t hate me. She learned a lot of things, she learned a lot of lessons.

[long pause]

She has a family…children…

I need to do cord cutting…I need to balance my energy…

T: And how do you do that?

V: I just keep seeing cord cutting…

T: Okay, allow your subconscious mind to choose another life that is of significance to you to balance your energies, to help you heal.

V: All I see is like a dark cloud above me…like black matter…

T: Where is the dark cloud located?

V: It’s above me…

T: You can talk directly to the cloud, ask questions…

V: I can see it covering all of the people of my family…that’s like a generational curse.

[long pause]

T: What are you aware of?

V: Just a lot of fighting… brothers and sisters…my ancestors…

[Took a 10 mins break]

T: Allow your subconscious mind to show you how to heal the generational curse.

V: Altar…i need to make an altar…

Offerings…fruits…food…water…to my ancestors.

Guidance…protection…Honor my ancestors…

[long pause]

I need to restore my relationship with my mom.

Reaching up to her…

T: Is there anything else that you need to know in this situation?

V: I need to be more patient with my aunt. I need to talk to my family…

[Brought her back after healing in the white light]


After the Sessions, her pain assessment was: 2

A repeating pattern was loss of family: actual loss or emotional loss, that is still there in the present life. She cried a lot during both the sessions, thus a lot of those trapped emotions were released. The cause of her cysts were the feelings of self-blame she was harbouring in her subconscious mind. Her relationship with her Dad and Mom isn’t good but she is hopeful of improving her feelings towards them after these sessions. The generational curse was causing a lot of problems in her family, she hopes to heal that by honouring her ancestors.

Before the first session, it was difficult to get things out of her, she wasn’t speaking up. She was dull, lethargic and seemed disinterested in life. I wasn’t even sure if she was able to understand me because she wasn’t giving me much feedback.

When she came for her second session after 15 days, she was a completely different person! I could see a huge change in the way she looked, talked, and behaved. She was already bouncing when she came in the door. Her energy felt happy, alive, excited and she shared her experiences without asking. Her face had a glow that wasn’t there before. She started being mindful about food as well.

Below is her testimonial after the Past Life Regression Therapy:

“My experience with Rio doing Past Life Regression was very eye-opening. I was able to get to the root causes of issues affecting me in my current life. Even after the sessions, I was still receiving guidance and messages. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Rio is amazing guide. She is very patient and made me feel super comfortable. I am very grateful for this experience.”


Wow… that’s a wonderful session Dr.Rio. Touched by this learning “I don’t need to forgive them because they deserve forgiveness. I need to forgive them because I deserve peace.”


Thank you Dr. Rio for sharing this success story with us.


Dr Rio thanks for sharing this experience

‘I don’t need to forgive them because they deserve forgiveness. I need to forgive them because I deserve peace.’

Definitely a valuable life lesson to follow Have been trying my best to do this for a while now because at the end that’s what matters PEACE


What an awesome session Rio and what a wonderful message!


What a wonderful session. Decisions taken during Live reviews will impact next life personality, relationship and even health conditions also. We have to make understand the client, these are the decisions made by your higher self and always will be in your best interest. Journey of SOUL is Linear


Amazing experience Dr.Rio
It’s a great learning for me how the session has been documented,:+1:t3:


Dr. Rio, the session report befits a surgeon. Very well documented and executed session. What stands out is that the client has the dominant sense as auditory.
Pain level plunged from 7 to 2!
I’ve repeatedly seen that when some past life undesirable experiences are due to being desirable or beautiful, the soul chooses to be ugly or carry a disease which makes them unattractive in this lifetime.

One tiny piece of advice is when we experience a block such as no new material is forthcoming from the client, we can paraphrase. For example, “Having gone back to tracing the cause of the cyst, your subconscious mind has taken us to such and such a lifetime, where such and such a thing happened, leaving you with such and such a feeling…. (Pacing so far, now leading) how might your life have ended in that lifetime….(or anywhere you’d like the client to go)

All the best and eagerly waiting for more!


Super Rio. Thank you for sharing this. I loved the message, “I don’t need to forgive them because they deserve forgiveness. I need to forgive them because I deserve peace.” Lovely message. Thank you once again.

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