Dealing with the guilt of abortion

The holy scriptures in different faiths have always said that abortions should not be carried out. But, there are number of abortions that take place everyday.

Leena (name changed) had been through a few PLRT sessions earlier and was keen to go through another session to have some of her remaining questions answered.

Few years back, Leena had tested positive for pregnancy test. This came as a surprise since both, Leena and her husband were not prepared for the 3rd child. They both wanted to focus their attention on their first two kids. They also felt that with population being an issue in India, it was not right to have more than 2 children. They decided to abort the pregnancy. Leena and her husband felt a terrible sense of guilt after the act. She had few dreams of a child crying ‘ma……ma’ and Leena wanted to address this guilt. I understand that this sense of guilt is very common amongst those who have gone through abortion.

Leena’s husband felt a strong connection with their son, which is but natural for any father. In one of her previous lives experienced during an earlier PLRT session, Leena has seen her current husband as her husband in that life too, in a place known as Badrachalam. In that life, their current life daughter was their daughter. Since, she had not seen her son in that lifetime, she and her husband were curious to find out if Leena, her husband and son had shared any previous lives.

Leena wanted to address the issue of guilt of abortion, and if possible also wanted to explore if she, her son and husband had shared an earlier life.

Leena soon went into trance. To ensure that we start on a happy note, I asked to go to an earlier happy lifetime where Leena, her husband and their son were together. She said the place is full of trees and then she was not able to see anything. (After coming out of trance at the end of the session, she said she had seen the back of a man and a child holding hands and waIking on a pathway, with trees on both sides and dried leaves lying scattered on the ground). As she was not able to visualize clearly, I asked her to float above and she saw the bright light. I told her to ask the bright light if we three had an earlier life together. She said the answer is ‘yes’ and I asked her to visit that life. She said I am seeing the same life at Badrachalam where my current life daughter was my daughter. I asked, but where is your current life son in this. She said, “He is my father-in-law in that life.”

The conversation that follows below is mention as ‘T’ for the therapist and ‘Leena’ for Leena’s response.
T: How is your husband’s relationship with your father-in-law?
Leena: Very good.
T: How is your relationship with the father-in-law?
Leena: He is good to me.
T: What is his name? See what people call him.
Leena: They call him Ayya. (It is a salutation used in Telugu in place of words like Honorable, Sir, Mister)
T: What is his name?
Leena: I don’t know.
T: See what people senior to him call him.
Leena: Ratnaiah.
After a brief pause, she said, “His name is Rama Rathnam.”
T: See if you recognize his wife, your mother-in-law?
Leena: Yes, she is my sister-in-law.
T: How is your relationship with her in that life?
Leena: It is very good. I had a beautiful time in that life. Both are very kind. She also has a helping nature. She is a kind woman.

As there was nothing more for her to explore in that life, we decided to deal with the toughest part on reaching out to the soul who might have been aborted. We were not sure if the life had entered the womb before the abortion.

Leena was seeing a bright light. I asked Leena to check with the white light if a life had entered before the abortion. She said, ‘yes’.
T: Who can you see?
Leena: A baby.
T: Who is it?
Leena: My maternal grandfather. He wanted to come into our life.
T: How did he feel about the abortion?
Leena: He felt very sad. He had not spent time with me and wanted to come and live amongst us.
T: Where is he now?
Leena: He is with the light.
T: I asked Leena to seek his forgiveness on behalf of herself and her husband.
Leena: (Tears were rolling down her eyes). He will come back. He is asking not to worry. He will be part of the family. He has excused my husband and me.
T: How is he coming?
Leena: He is quite.
After sometime, she said, “Yes, he will come into my brother’s family. (Her brother was married in 2019). He is happy about the way my husband takes care of me.”
T: Ask him, what is the message for you?
Leena: Whatever happens in life let it happen - what comes is always for the good. He then left.

She then saw the white light and asked for forgiveness for the sins. I asked her if she needs to do anything to repent for their sin. There was no answer but she just continued to go through the feeling of healing.


Thanks Harish for sharing such a beautiful session giving so many insights on abortion. The ultimate take was too good whatever happens in life let it happen - what comes is always for the good.


Dear Harish, Thank you for sharing this one. A very nice session.
Also i would like to share some insights about abortion where i had read in the book “Laws of the spirit world” if i’m not wrong… Abortion is something that the soul decides whether to take birth through that mother or no, if the soul feels that it not the correct time, it may be an abortion or miscarriage or may be a tragic event.

After reading this part ‘‘She then saw the white light and asked for forgiveness for the sins. I asked her if she needs to do anything to repent for their sin.’’
The only question arised in my mind is… Is abortion a ''Sin" Or something that soul has decided already?


Hi Deepti, in this case, it was the parents who had gone for abortion. The soul was keen to take birth, but was denied an opportunity as the parents were not keen to go ahead with the pregnancy. The word “Sin” was used as Leena felt guilty and had repeated mentioned that she was guilty of having committed the sin of abortion.
In my view, what you are referring to is the case where there is an involuntary abortion or miscarriage.


Thank you for your reply Harish. Yes i understand the guilt what they must have gone through. Just for my knowledge, can we as a therapist, tell or suggest them that not to carry this guilt as a sin or just go with whatever they experience?


I would just go with what the client experiences. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Harish. Lots to learn from you.


This is a long journey. I am also learning and this forum is helping me with so many cases, questions and answers here.:pray:


Thank you for sharing this Beloved Harish.
These are the uncomfortable questions on which it is difficult to take a stand but the way you helped diffuse Leena’s guilt is commendable. :pray:


I agree with Dipti. Is abortion a sin? I have not yet read “Laws of the spirit world”. But I remember reading this in one of Dr. Weiss’s books.
The way I have understood the stories in Dr. Weiss’s books is there’s only right or wrong choices and karma is not punishment

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That book simply describes, how you have to lead a life…
It’s very much contrary to wat we think as "the Best deeds we do as human being,to get into heaven after this life​:+1:.! Even if it’s a prayer or any social work ! Wat Great God counts is something else :pray:!


Vedic literature mentions that a soul enters the womb at the time of conception. As such, the fetus is a living, individual person. Some theologians “believe” that the soul enters the womb in the third month.

For a person who believes in karma, abortion becomes improper.

Abortion means an end to life and interruption to the karmic cycle.

When we are with clients, it is better to be focused. Just like what Harish said “I would just go with what the client experiences”. Yes, Harish, we are supposed to make our clients comfortable and assist them in giving closures so that the present is more comfortable. The Present impacts the Future.

Krishna also says “leave all your karmas (negative or positive) with me and move on”.

It is also a sin to indulge in self hurt. We can’t change the past but we can learn from it and move on with the additional bag of skills to enhance coping.

If we remember objectives for PLRT, the client and the therapist will be guided throughout the session.

If you ask me, personally, life is a learning journey. Don’t indulge in anything that makes you uncomfortable. If this is done, get over it quickly as we don’t want to live the negative experience repeatedly.

Life is Cool, Life is full of Divine Bliss. You are the luckiest person on earth and you deserve to be happy always.

Love you All! You are All so Special and Divine!


Such an insightful session… thank you Harish.

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