Dear God, Heal us all. Part I

With the blessings of our Guru Dr Venu and Guru Ma Mrs Neha, I am submitting my first Past Life Regression Case in the forum.

Om Sai Ram

Name : HDJ

Sex : Female

Age : 51yrs

Hypnotisability Score – 9/10

Dominant Sense – A-3/V-4/K-7

Eye Roll Score – 2+1

Pain Level – 10+

Session 1:

Date 30th August, 2023

Stages 1 to 8 was done.

History was taken and theme finalized

Initial Theme Finalization : 1. Non- Acceptance

2. Fear of being cheated

3. Fear of ghost

Session 2

Date 30th August, 2023.

Theme: Non-acceptance.

Stages 8 and 9 done

Started the session with prayer.

Stages 10 and 11 done:

Took the client into deep trance through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

T: At the count of 10 to 1 climb down the stair case. May be you can find a garden there at the base of the staircase. 10…9…8…, …, 1

Are you at the bottom of the staircase.

C. Yes

T: Can you see the garden?

C: yes, I can see a forest beyond the garden.

T: Just walk into the garden.5….4….3….2…1.

Are you in the garden.

C: Yes

T: May be you can feel the soft green grass under your feet.

C: Yes

T: Just be there for some time. Be there in this healing and relaxing place. You are still filled with the white light. Still glowing. Can you feel the light inside you fill every cell in your body?

C: hmm… nods

T: Rest a bit in this healing garden. This is your happy place. At time of your journey into the past life you can come back to this garden. This is your garden. This is your safe place.

C: Facial expression shows that she is relaxing.

T: In this deep state of calm and relaxation may be you will let your deep mind pick out a happy memory. If you wish to you can pick out a pleasant memory. If at any time you feel unsafe we can always come back to the healing garden. 3…2…1

[Smile on her face] This Life 1.

C: I see myself and my younger sister playing in the back garden of our house. We are cooking something.

T: Just be there and enjoy the moment.

C: [smiling]

T: Now let us go back in time when you were even younger may be a toddler. 3…2…1

Are you getting any vision?

C: After a little pause………… No.

T: There is no need to worry if it is real or imagination. Vision is there or not. Just relax.

C: It is dark.

T: May be you can go to the time when you were just born.

C: I am in a box. This Life 2.

T: What kind of box are you in.

C: It is a glass box. I am all alone inside this.

T: Where is this box.

C: In a hospital.

T: Just look around if you can see anyone.

C: No it is an empty. Other beds around me are empty.

T: Okay, so you are alone in the hospital.


C: No. I am alone in the room. I am scared. Why have they left me alone here. I don’t want to be here. [She looked scared]

T: Okay, At the count of 3,2,1 may be you can go back in time and feel yourself in your mother’s womb. 3….2….1…

C: Can’t see anything. It is blurr. It is dark. This Life 3

[She seemed uncomfortable. Started gasping for breath. Was becoming very fidgety. Later, came to know she was called blue baby as she was born premature and was kept in an incubator. She is very scared of dark closed places. ]

T: You can always go back to your safe and healing garden. A garden which is full of light . Where you can relax and heal. 3….2….1….

C: Someone is there. I can feel him. But nothing is clear. Past Life 4

T: Who has come to meet you?

C: I am not in the garden.

T: Where are you?

C: Don’t know.

T: Is it a good place for you? Do you feel safe?

C: It is dark. I am scared. There are 3 figures. I can see only the silhouette, only their heads. I am scared.

(She has a profound fear of ghost)

T: May be through the darkness you can look into their eyes and see if you can recognize them.

C: Pause. Their face is covered. I am scared. I don’t want to be here.

T: You can always go back to the garden to your safe place. Serene place. Where you felt safe and calm and relaxed. Move to the garden at the count of 3… 2… 1….

C: Calm and serene look.

T: Are you in the garden now.

C: Yes

T: Be there for sometime, relax, heal in the beautiful light in the garden.

[After sometime]

T: Are you now ready to move out of the garden?

C: Yes

T: From the garden, may be you can see a flight of stairs. And as I count 10 to 1 you will climd down and go deeper and deeper into your memory. Can you see the stair case?

C: Yes

T: Start walking towards it. And climb down 10…9…8… you are going deeper….7 …6… 5… you are going even deeper into your memory 4… 3 you are almost there 2…… 1…. At the base of the staircase may be you can see 2 door. Just choose any door. Can you see the door.

C: Yes

T: Slowly open the door.

C: I have opened the door. It is a dark room. I can see those 3 women. Past Life 4

T: Can you go inside the room.

C: No… I am scared. I don’t want to go inside.I am scared of the dark. I don’t feel safe here. I want to go to the other door. [She sees this room and the 3 women in the 3rd session when the theme is Fear of ghost]

T: Okay no problem. Just shut the door. And move to the other door. May be when you open the door this time you may reach a time and space in your memory when you felt abandoned or not accepted. Slowly open the door….3…2…1…

C: I can see few children playing some board game. Past Life 5

T: What are you doing? Are you playing too.

C: No I am standing and watching. They are very mean. They are not letting me play.

T: Would you like to leave this place and go back home.

C: No

T: How do you feel when you are not included in the game.

[Sad expression]

C: I don’t understand.

T: What are you waiting there for?

C: I am waiting for my turn.

T: Where you standing and waiting for your turn?

C: Right in front of them but they can’t see me. [Sad expression]

T: Can you go somewhere , where you were included and you were playing with other children?

C: [After a long pause] Can’t find anyone.

T: What are you doing now H?

C: Standing in the dark. Past Life 6

T: Where are standing H?

C: I am scared.

T: May be you can move ahead in time time when you are older in school or college. 3…2…1…

C:[Pause] I am with Payal and Vandana.[ Friends of this life] In school. [Smiling] We are laughing and talking. This Life 7

T: Just be there for sometime and enjoy the moment. [expression changed as if she couldn’t see anything]

T: Now may be you can go to the memory when your friends made you feel not good enough.[ H’s words]

C: Flat 44. [This life’s house where she used stay when young after her mother’s death] Chitra or somebody. Did not allow us to play with them. This Life 8

T: Why?

C: Because my sister is having an affair.

T: What did they tell you?

C: That their mother had told them not to play with us. [She and her your sister]

T: Is there any fault of yours in it?


C: I don’t think so.

T: Are you sad sad about the whole thing?[ sad expression]

C: Yes, Very sad.

T: Are you angry with your sister?

C: No, I am angry with them. I am telling them to play with my younger sister.

T: Why are you asking them to play with M [younger sister]

C: they are not playing with her. M [younger sister] is sad. I don’t like to see her sad. I want to do more for her. I want her to be happy. I feel guilty.

T: Are you still angry with Chitra and others?

C: Yes I am.

T: Can you forgive them and let go of them and move on?

C: Pause…… Yes, I can.

T: Good H. Forgive them. Send them love. Let them be happy where ever they are……

Silence for some time……. Change of expression…… peace and calm.

T: Now when I count from 3 to 1 you may reach yet another event in time when you allowed everyone to take you for granted. 3….2…1….

C: [holds her chest with both her hands] Bad heavy feeling. [expression full of pain][felt she would come out of trance]

T: You can always go back to the garden, your safe, peaceful and healing place. 5…4…3…2….1….

Are you in the garden now?

C: Yes [Peaceful expression]

T: [Again expression changes] What is coming to your awareness H?

C: Two Small children are playing. Mummy and papa are young dressed in white Papa is lying on the green grass. Mummy is sitting next to him. They are lovingly looking at each other. [Mother died in 1980 and father died in2017. According to the history she had felt mother did not love her and father was angry with her.] The two children are giggling and laughing. This Life 9

T: Do you recognize the two children?

C: That’s me and Manju [name change her younger sister].

T: How are you feeling H?

C: I am happy.

T: Do you want to be with them for some time more?

C: Yes. We are laughing. [later she informed that she doesn’t remember ever being with her parents like that because she was very young when her mother had died.]

T: Be there. Feel the Love. Feel the happiness around your parents.

C: [After some time. Expression changed. sad] They are gone.

T: Are you still in the garden?

C: Yes.

T: What is the learning from here H?

C:That my mother loves me and my father is not angry with me. After their death they never came to meet me. Now they have come and I am at peace. I am loved.

T: That’s so nice H.

Now I will count from 10 to 1 and you will reach the next important event in your Past life. 10…9…1…

C: I am in a boat. There is fire all around me. The city is burning. Everyone is running up the mountain to a temple. Past Life 10

T: Are you still on the boat?

C: I am in the city. Everything is burning.

T: How old are you?

C: 5 or 6.

T: Can you see anyone you know?


T: Have all got burnt?

C: They are climbing up to the temple. Many have got burnt.

T: How did fire start and burn the city?

C: I don’t know. [Pause…] Some horsemen of the king came and burnt the city. I can see sun on their flag.

T: Why did they burn the city?

C: It was some kind of a punishment for not giving food to the king.

T: Why did the king want food from the people?

C: It was some kind of tariff.

T: So some ran away to the temple to save themselves.

C: Many ran away and saved themselves.

T: Then who got punished?

C: Pause…… My grandmother. [paternal grandmother of this life] I am feeling guilty I couldn’t save her.

T: You wanted to save her?

C: Yes, But I could not save her because I am so little.

T: Who saved you?

C: My father.

T: Who is your father? Do you recognize him from this life?

C: I can’t see his face. [ later she told me he was her maternal uncle of this life.]

T: Go closer and look into his eyes.

C: No answer.

T: What is your name in this life?

C: Jyoti.

T: Are you still feeling guilty that so many people got burnt?

C: [pause] No. I understand that I cannot save everyone. I am not feeling guilty any more.

T: Have you moved away from the fire?

C: I am going. Past Life 11

T: Where are you going?

C: I am in the boat. I am going into the mist.

T: Keep rowing and move out of the mist. Can you see anything?

C: The Sea…… The beach…

T: Are you rowing the boat.

C: Walking on the beach.

T: Can you look down and see your feet.

C: Blurr

T: Just focus a little. Is it your feet?

[bends down to look at her feet]

C: Bigger feet.

T: What are you doing?

C: Walking on the beach with a kid in my arms.

T: Who is the kid?

C: My child [daughter of present life]

T: Which place is this?

C: Some tribal area. I am wearing strange clothes.

T: Can you describe it for me?

C: I am wearing white coloured anklets and……… [complete description]

T: May be you can understand why you have come here?

C: For my child. For my unconditional love for my children.

T: Do you have more children?

C: ………

T: May you can move ahead in time and go to a moment in time when you are at home with your children. 3….2…1….

C: We are having dinner. [describes the house thoroughly]. We are sitting by the fire.

T: Where is your child?

C: Sleeping in the cloth cot.

T: Who else is there with you at home.

C: 4 -5 people.

T: Who are they?

C: My very pretty wife and 4 children. [Pause] I am a fisherman.

T: Are you happy?

C: Yes I am happy.

T: Move ahead in time to the next important event……3…2…1…

C: He stabbed me from behind with a spear. [ Experiencing extreme pain in her heart at that moment. Sharp heavy breathing]

T: Just float above. You don’t have to feel the pain again. It was in the past. It cannot harm you any more.

C: [calm] breathing slowly.

T: Who stabbed you H?

C: Rahul [name change.][ her present husband who cheated on her and lives separately] He is jealous of my happy family. He wants to marry my wife.

T: May be you can go back to the moment in time when you were just stabbed.

C: [again the severe heartache] My heart is paining.

T: Its okay H. It cannot harm you anymore. It was in the past. May be you can tell me what were you feelings just before you left your body.

C: I feel cheated. I am worried. What will happen to my children. Who will look after them? My wife does not earn. They are so little.

T: May be you can float ahead in time and see how your family is coping.

C: Pause…… Smile…. They have grown up. They are settled. I am happy.

T: Are you happy to see them?

C: I can’t see any face.

T: Can you forgive the person who killed you?

C: Pause……. Yes.

T: Forgive him. Send him love. Let him be happy wherever he is.


T: Would you now like to go back to the garden?

C: Hmm

T: Come back to the garden 5…4…3…2…1…

Are you in the garden?

C: Yes

T: Sit there for some time. Feel the peace. Think about your past Can you tell me what did you learn?

C: That I cannot save everyone. I can’t look after everyone. I don’t have to be guilty about anything.

T: Can you forgive people who hurt you?

C: I have forgiven people who harmed me.

T: May be you can send them love from this wonderful loving place.

C: Yes.

[Then I did reframing with her before I brought her back to awareness.]

Session 3

Date 4th September, 2023.

Theme: Feeling of being cheated.

Stages 8 and 9 done

Started the session with prayer.

Stages 10 and 11 done:

Took the client into deep trance through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

T: Can you see the Garden?

C: Yes, Beyond the garden I can see mountains, trees, green grass in the garden.

T: What are you doing there?

C: I am sitting.

T: Allow yourself to heal in this beautiful garden.

C: I am filled with white light. I can hardly see anything.

T: Sit there for some time. Healing in the brilliant bright light.Feeling calm and peaceful. In this garden the deepest deepest level of mind is going to open up. Helping you to remember everything. May be we can go back in time to a happy moment in your childhood.

C: I am standing in the balcony of my house. The house after Lake gardens. [ This Life 12]

T: Are you with someone?

C: I am wearing a school dress. Very tiny.

T: What makes you happy over here?

C: Talking to my neighbour.

T: Are you with your neighbour?

C: They are in their house. I have climbed my balcony railing so that I can see them.

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel happy. They adore me. The lady of the house adores me.

T: What do you call her?

C: Aunty

T: Who else is there in her house.

C: Her husband. They don’t have children. They always praise me.

[Pause……] It has become blurr.

T: Where is your mother? Where is your father?

C: The vision has gone………….

I am in the garden now. I can see 4 of us[ they are 4 sisters] sitting on a bench. S aunty [mother’s sister] is also there. This Life 13

T: What else can you see?

C: We are tiny. We are swinging our legs. [smiling]

T: Is it a happy moment for you?

C: We are looking at something. I don’t know what we are looking at.

T: May be you can get up and go to the direction you are looking at.

C: We are looking at the merry-go-round.

T: Is there a merry-go-round in the garden? Is it the same garden?

C: No, it is a different garden.

T: Who else is there in the garden?

C: Lots of people.

T: Is everyone playing?

C: Some are playing. Some are sitting, some are talking. We are sitting on top of the merry-go round. I’m petrifdied.

T: What are you petrified about?

C: It is scary to be sitting on the merry-go-round.

T: Okay, It is in the past. It cannot harm you any more. You don’t to be scared now. Just let goof it.

C: It’s blurr. I can’t see anything.

Pause………[ enters Past Life 14 on her own]

I can see a man sitting on a chair at the side of the road. He looks like a Japanese or chinese man. Everyone is walking past him. No one is noticing him. Pause………

T: What can you see now?

C: The old man is dying. Just fell off to one side. He is dead.

T: Do you know this old man? Who is he?

C: I am connected to him. There is a lady and a young man standing infront of him. The lady is crying. The young man has left.

T: Who is this lady? Do you recognize her? Do you know the old man?

C: [Pause……] The old man is me. She is my wife [Pause……]

T: What can you see now?

C: I can see my body decaying. It is very scary. My body is lying at the side of the road. Decaying in speed…… like fast forward. It is very scary.

T: Don’t have to be scared. Just float above your body and see what is happening.

C: No one buried me.

T: Where is your wife?

C: Pause……. There is a flash of light. [Enters Past Life 15 without any initiation] I see a lady walking with 3 children.

T: Okay, What else is coming to your awareness?

C: I don’t know why this image came.

T: Just don’t worry about why you got this vision. It will become clearer to you. Do you know the lady. Do you know these small children?

C: No, But they are wearing good expensive clothes. Oh the youngest kid fell flat dead. First her toy fell first then she fell later.

T: Do you recognize the youngest child?

C: It’s me.

T: How old are you?

C: 3 -4?

T: Just above and see what happened? How did you die?

C: I was not well. But they did not treat meT: What are the lady and the other two children doing?

C: They are holding me and crying.

T: Can you hear your name. What are you called.

C: I don’t understand what they are saying. They are speaking in a language I don’t understand.

T: Who is the lady?

C: My mother.

T: Do you recognize her from this life.
C: Yes. She is SB’s mother in law. [SB is here uncle who looked after her after her mother’s demise]

T: Can you recognize other two siblings

C: [A very long silence]

T: Can You go back into time when you were alive and at home with your mother and other two siblings.


C: I am on the bed. Mother is sitting beside me. There is a man standing at the door.

T: Who is this man?.

C: My father.

T: Do you recognize him. Who is he from H’s life

C: Papa. [her father from this life.] Pause …… My older two sisters are also here. [ expression as if she is in pain] My chest is paining.

T: Where is it paining?

C: My chest, My back. [Groaning with pain]

T: Just float above. The pain cannot harm you anymore. It was in the past. Just let it go. Breathe deeply. Inhale exhale.

C: She seemed clam and resting.

T: At the count of 3,2,1 may be you can go back to the moment when you were just about to die.


C: . I feel cheated. Other children are alive. Why did I have to die? I had so much of life to live. I could have lived if they had got me treated. They had so much of money. T: Why are you feeling cheated?

C: All the children are playing. They are so happy. They are soooo happy. I can’t be with them.

T: You were ill?

C: I was in pain.

T: What pain was it?

C: [After a long pause] Chest pain. They did not get me treated. I used to have so much of pain. [crying and a bit angry]

T: Can you forgive them?

C: [suddenly her body shook as if she got a jerk] I got hit by a car. I am dead. [enters Past Life 16 on her own]

T: How old are you?

C: Very old. I came here to do some work. But I died. [worried expression]

T: Can you just go back to time when you were driving the car and got hit.

C: I was not driving. I was standing on the road.

T: Just float above and see who hit you.

C: [pause] A black car. A black car hit me at the back, My lower back. A man is driving it. It is an old type of car.

T: Look carefully. May be you can recognize the man.

C: No I don’t know him. [Pause] My wife will be worrying about me. She doesn’t meet me at all. She does not know I am dead. She’ll be waiting for me at home. She always waits for me.

T: You can always go back home and see how your wife is. Would you like to do that?

C: Yes.

T: 3…. 2…1…

C: She is standing and looking at something. I don’t know what because…… praying…. Crying…… She is praying that I should come back…. She doesn’t know I am dead. [crying]

T: Do you recognize your wife? Do you recognize her from this life.

C: I told you. She is Chinese or Japanese type. I don’t know.

T: Where is she? At home?

C: No in a temple.

T: Where is the temple.

C: On a hill top.

T: Which deity is in the temple.?

C: Ganapati. He is Lying down. My wife is there in front of him. Crying. I want to go from here. I can’t see her crying.

T: Can you send her love?

C: yes

T: Can you trust Ganapati to take care of her?

C: Yes I trust God. He will take care of her. He has his hand on her head.[peaceful expression]

T: What did you learn from this life.

C: There is no closure. I could not say bye to my wife. There won’t be closure always. Sometimes we have to leave everything on Him. [Ganapati]. I want to get out of here.

T: May be you can go to the time when the fear of being alone started.

C: I can’t find my garden.

T: You want to go back to the garden?

C: hmmm

T: Okay as I count from 10 to 1 you will be able to find your healing garden. 10…9…8….1…

Are you in the garden.

C: Yes. I am in the garden. I want to rest.

T: Be there for some time. Rest and heal.

C: Mummy , Papa are coming. [ This Life 17 ]

T: Go meet them.

C: Papa is asking me,”Yaha kya kar rahi hai re.” she is smiling. [ Pause……] They are saying they have come to meet me.

T: You can ask them what do they want to tell you. Are they saying anything.

C: [long Pause……] He is hugging me.

T: Be there. Enjoy their company. [Long peaceful pause……]

C: I have become small. 6 months old. Mummy has me on her lap. She is loving me. Kissing me. She is saying she loves me. Papa has taken me now. He is playing with me. He is throwing me up and catching me. I am laughing. Papa is smiling. [She seemed very happy.]. I am feeling very light. They are going. They have taken me with them.

T: Where have they take you?

C: No idea…… [Long Pause………] I am in the garden.

T: After some time. Are you ready to go somewhere in time when it all started and you felt cheated or abandoned?

C: Yes.

T: Okay I will count backwards from 10 to 1. You may start walking leaving the garden and and reach a temple. 10…9….8….1…. Can you see the temple.

C: Yes

T: Can you please describe the temple for me.

C: It is a very old temple. I can see a door. It is open from all four sides. It is a temple of lord Krishna. He is sitting in the certre of the temple inside the door. He is Looking at me.

T: Can you Go and do Pranam to him.

C: Yes I am doing that.

T: Now start walking to the staircase at the back of the temple. Can you see the stair case?

C: Yes.

T: Climb down. 5…4…3…2…1… There is a door right infront of you. Just open the door and step inside and see what you find.

C: There is a lot of light. [ Past Life 18 ]

T: May be you can go towards the light and find something.

C: I can see fire.

T: What kind of fire is it? Big fire or a bonfire or….

C: a bonfire . A man is sitting near the fire.

T: Who is he? Do you know him?

C. He is a red Indian. With cut ears. He is old.

T: Do you recognize this man. Do you know him?

C: Me

T: Is that you ? Do you see anyone else?

C: I am all alone in this Island.

T: What brought you here? Why are you alone in the island?

C: I am stuck there. I don’t know why? [Pause……] I had come here looking for something leaving my family and my children. I was happy with them. Now I am stuck here.

T: Just look around. May be you can see someone or your house.

C: There is no house.I am all alone here.

T: Okay as I count from 3to 1 may be you will go ahead in time to the last day of your life. 3…2…1….

What can you see now?

C: I am sitting by the palm tree. All alone. I am at peace. I am dying.

T: Just float above your body and see your body. What happens to your body.

C: I am alone. I am still lying there. My body is still under the tree.

T: Are you still floating?

C: Very much. I see my body decaying rotting……

T: Are you still floating?

C: Yes

T: What else can you see from above?

C: Broken boat. A big ship very far away in the sea. But it didn’t reach this land.

T: What else can you see?

C: The white light. It is coming towards me.

T: Why don’t you go towards it.

C: Yes. It is around me now. It feels like a hug. I have died. I need to go back to the garden.

T: What have you learnt from this life of yours?

C: To be satisfied with whatever we have.

T: Okay go to the garden. 3…2…1…

C: I am lying down. Looking up into the sky. I am filled with white light. [long pause….] Someone is touching my hair. [ Vision 19]

T: Who is touching your hair. Who has come to meet you?

C: Ma Lakshmi. She is dressed in white saree. She is holding lotus in her hand.

T: Take her blessing. May be you can ask her if she has something to tell you.

C: She is saying: that I keep getting headaches. I should not take tension. Everything will fall into place. She will always be there with me.

Long silence……

T: Do you want to come back?

C: Yes.

T: From the garden look to your side. Do you see a tunnel of light?

C: Yes

T: Walk towards it. As I count from 1 to 10 you will enter the tunnel and walk through the tunnel into awareness. 1….2……5….7…9…10. You may wriggle your toes. Shake your legs. Rub your palm cover your face with your palm. And slowly open your eyes.

Continued in Part 2 here.


Dear Seema,

Congratulations… :clap: I am sure its the first of many healings that are yet to come through your blessed hands. :sunflower: :sunflower:

My humble feedback for your consideration please,

  1. Pl Consider using open ended suggestion like - " as you reach the bottom of stairs may be you find yourself in a garden …let me know what comes to your awareness. - esp as the client is K with a score of 7 for K.
  1. Well established the safe place for the client…we witnessed the intended effect of the same later as the case progressed.
  1. I have taken the learning - The subconscious will bring up the trauma/pain which prima facie may not have a link with theme decided for the session. Secondly, once an engram has appeared it should be noted and addressed during the course of session weather immediately or later on. In the present case it came up automatically in session 3.
    Should the engram doesn’t reappear and 4th session is also over, as the therapist I should take appropriate action to revisit and resolve the issue, in consultation with the client.
  1. May be we could have gone straight to the next question asked by the therapist. " How do you feel when you are not included in the game?"
  1. Consider using - What are you waiting here for ? This way it would strengthen the connect of client with the past life engram.
  1. May be we could have dwell upon the experience (of being scared) that client is in and attempt to resolve it.
  1. The Why question is a wake up call for the conscious mind.
    Consider - What could have been the reason for Chitra or that somebody you ref to , for not being allowed to play with you? What comes to your awareness?
  1. May be we can paraphrase in a manner that allows the client to bring up the emotion (sadness/anger) in place of us using the very words in a question form.
  1. In my humble opinion it would be more prudent to let the learnings come from the client’s higher consciousness as in :-
    T - What feelings do you carry for chitra and others?
    C - _____
    T- What would you need to experience in order for you to let go of this feeling of ___ towards Chita and others?
  1. In my humble opinion we could have dwell here, assisted the client in managing the experience and exploring it further. However the Painful Memory reappeared later and got resolved :smiley:.
  1. Seeing doesn’t come very easily to people like me :grinning:-- I mean K types–esp when the client is experiencing stress/distress.
  1. We need to avoid the WHY question for reasons sated above.
  1. May be we can steer the session in a manner that all the learnings and resolutions come from the client, in place of we suggesting the learnings or actions that will lead to resolutions.
  1. Our beloved Guru :pray:has wonderfully taught the aspects of paraphrasing and pacing. May be we could use them here as well as other similar places, along with client’s dominant sense :pray:
  1. Greatness of PLR and the Therapist - Taking the client beyond limitations of Time and Space :innocent:
  1. Blessed :pray: :pray:

My sincere compliments to you for intricately handling and posting such a case involving multifaceted presenting problems. Shows your ardent inclination and patience.

Best Wishes

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hi @Seema_Ramakrishnan few suggestions here, hope you don’t mind.

you mentioned initial theme as

  1. Non acceptance - OF WHAT?
  2. Fear of being cheated and fear of ghost - here the common word is “Fear” which could be the only theme!

Can you see the garden?
Are you getting any vision?

  • How would the person see as she is Kinesthetic!

After mentioning -This life 3, you have mentioned Past life 4., 5, … till 25 and lastly vision 26 (as mentioned in part 2)- what does that mean ?


Dear Seema ji,

I have observed that ‘Fear’ or 'Guilt" is the major root cause to the current life situations and problems for most of clients. Your case confirms it here also.

congrats for your first case. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Dear Monesh Ji,

Thanks, from core of my heart to always give us so deep feedback which are so helpful for guiding us in our future sessions with clients.

We now understand, the reason "why’ Our beloved Dr.Venu let us meet you that day on the last Day of our Workshop. :blush: :blush:


Dear Shipra,
There is so much to understand about humans and the other realm and dimension.
As therapist I just want them to heal.

Thank you so much
Stay blessed

Seema Ramakrishnan


Dear Pooja,
Thank you so much for taking out time to read my case.

  1. I That is what my question in the monthly meeting but I could not ask Dr Venu regarding this. Because They are seeing. All 8 of my clients have been Kinaesthetic. But they are getting the vision. Not just the sensory feel or movement.
  2. I am auditory but when I am regressing myself I get the vision clearly. So I am actually confused about the whole VAK.
  3. I wrote Vision for 26 because it was Baba there in her heart and she could hear him. So I didn’t understand what to write for that ‘past or present’ so I wrote vision. :blush:
    I realise I have to learn a lot.

Thank you so much
Stay blessed
Seema Ramakrishnan


Dear Monesh
Thanks a ton for all your suggestions and taking so much of your precious time out to read such a lengthy case study.
I absolutely agree with all the reviews. When I was scripting the sessions I realized my mistakes.
All suggestions taken. I shall surely be more careful in framing my questions. This was my first case. I certainly do have a lot to learning from experts like you.
All your suggestions make so much of sense. I have write down all your suggestion and keep them in mind when I am doing PLR next time.
Thing that makes me happy is that there has been healing as the client has been giving me feed back that 1. her relationship with her husband is bearable how.
2. Her backache has disappeared 3. her eczema is nearly gone 4. she is at peace she said. But the fear of ghost is still there. [Theme was fear of ghost in the send part of my case study.] I shall require your guidance for that.

Stay blessed. :pray: :pray:


Congratulations Seema ji for executing it so beautifully. You were so patient and calm throughout the session. Part on Lakshmi Mata was really blissful. All the best for your future cases… lots of love :heart:


Dear Shipra Ji,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your benevolent words. :pray:
Coming to Amarantos and meeting you and ATLANTIS was all my pleasure and honour. It fructified for me only by the blessings of Almighty Masters and our beloved Guru Dr Venu who has been so magnanimous, to impart the magical art and science of Past Life Regression Therapy, to us all.

Best Regards

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


The results of PLR session has been profound for the client. May she experience bliss in her life. A big thank you for your kind words for me :pray:.

I am still a learner, like us all, ever looking for the guidance and support from Beloved Amarantanians and revered Guru, Dr Venu. :pray: :pray:

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Kaushik,
Thank you so much Kaushik. I am actually overwhelmed each time I regress someone. What an excellent process of healing.
All the best to you too.
Loads of love to you too.

Stay blessed :pray: :pray:


Fantastic @Seema_Ramakrishnan, kudos to you on taking the time to share this session with us in detail.

Can’t believe this is your first session!
Further to what beloved @Monesh_Bathre has advised, just a few points from my end.

Can be, “let me know when you are there,” [using IMR]

wow, another in-utro memory validated.

Well manoeuvred!

We could have worked on this to come out as client’s realisation instead.

To promote I of IDT, we could have referred to her by her name and asked, “So Jyoti, how do you feel?”
and we also see why we should not mind read but let everything come out from the client,

I think Atlantians and Sri Ma have some deep connection, highest encounters so far! May be that’s why there’s so much of abundance flowing into all our lives!

we later see that a medical condition like Eczema is showing signs of recovery.

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Thank you so much Venu for all your guidance. Thank you so much again for teaching this colossal immeasurable process to us. I just sit patiently next to my client during the PLR sessions with this immense faith in God and YOU, my dear master knowing very well that the path you have shown will surely help to heal who is suffering. In the process i an healing too.
This being my first case, I did make a few mistakes but the healing has been phenomenal. there is a 360 degree turn in my client. Thank you again Venu. Hundreds of bow downs to you. :pray:


Excellent Monesh,
You have done a good job of analyzing the session and does bring in lot of values not just for Seema but all of us!


Excellent Seema!
I liked the dexterity with which you have handled your first case probably…
You have shown the knack of details and keeping those details as you proceed further looking for opportunity to facilitate the client with a proper closure. Very well done!

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Nce nce seema ji your session :pray:. We all family members are very very blessed that we are helping others in healing process

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