Desire and Chahat - A coincidence?

Hello everyone,

Please find my first case uploaded here for your review and feedback.

Client’s name: Chahat (my cousin) (she gave her permission to me to use her name and history and the full case as it is)

Age -21

Profession : Forensic Psychology student

Hypnosis responsiveness – 7

Pain level -9/10

VAK – 5/10, 5/10, 5/10 (these responses were updated while revision in the next session)

Primary sense – Kinaesthetic

Secondary sense – Visual

Eye roll test – 3/5

Client History :Chahat remembers her childhood as being colourful. She is the eldest child and niece and remembers receiving a lot of love, attention and adoration from all the family members. She shared that in childhood she would look forward to summer vacations as all the family members including all cousins and her aunts from her father’s side would come together. She felt burdened as a class 4th student due to her mom getting her enrolled in a lot of activities and classes after school. She remembers an incident about her father being really upset and throwing her books out of the cupboard as her mom complained to her father about her not studying when he came back from work and he also didn’t allow her to go to school the next day. Next day in the morning when there was standing in the balcony and were watching other students go to school her father showed her an Ant which was trying to climb up the wall and kept on falling yet kept on trying to climb the wall and told her that just like that ant, it’s important to complete our work even when things get tough. She is very goal focused and is close to her ideal self in the area of her career. Chahat also talked about an incident which took place at the age of 14 for which she still hasn’t forgiven herself and maybe still feels embarrassed and ashamed about. But she is now aware that she wanted approval in those moments of her doing what she did.

She has a history of being in and out of relationships over the years and she is currently in a non committed relationship again.


  • feeling of incompleteness within.
  • Insecurity about physical appearance (feels bulky)

Session 1: 8th October , 10pm to 12:30am

Followed the stages from 1 to 9

Asked Chahat to relax and breathe deeply for 15 minutes before beginning.

Started with prayers and established IMR.

Began with Dave Elman and moved onto progressive relaxation. During which I realised she had fallen asleep…I called out her name few times but she didn’t wake up. Then I called out her name a bit louder and she woke up looking lost. On asking if she is okay and sharing that she had fallen asleep, she told me that she could hear me upto a moment and then lost consciousness. We decided to continue the next day and let het enjoy the deep relaxation she was feeling.

Session 2 : 9Th October , 8:20pm to 10:30pm

Briefly went through stages 1 to 9 again. It is here that her VAK score was updated. Theme was reconfirmed. IMR was established. Prayers were said.

Began with Dave Elman and proceeded to progressive relaxation. This time I took frequent IMR to keep her a little conscious and yet saw her getting deeply relaxed with her body loosening itself. Took her down the stairs, and into the garden from there.

T: this is what the therapist said

C: this is what the client said

T: Allow yourself to explore the garden. This is a safe place for you. A place where you can always come to feel refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated and healed.

C : nodded her head and smiled.

T : once you are ready to move on pls let me know.

C : raises her right hand

T : Okay. Let us begin with exploring 3 happy childhood memories. You may allow yourself to go back in time and remember memories which may be happy or pleasant.

C: nods her head and is smiling

T: (after few minutes) would you like to share where are you and what is that you can see?

C : I can see M (Her chachi’s daughter) She is wearing a blue dress. She is crying.

T: what may have happened?

C: I have hurt her ( stress emerges in form of her forehead wrinkling)(it is managed by telling her she is okay and that is just a memory and making her breathe deeply and slowly)

T: Why have you hurt her?

C: I like to see her cry. (She is feeling discomfort and is asked to breathe deeply)

T: Okay. How old are you?

C : 3 years old.

T: would you now like to move on from here?

C: nods her head in ‘yes’.

T: Okay you may move on now. And share what can you see now.

C : I am still 3 and sitting under the dining table.

T: okay. What are you doing there?

C: coloring

T: why under the table?

C: I like coloring under the table.

T: okay. May we now go further back? Maybe to the time you were in-utero?

C: nods her head as yes

T: Then you may go back. Remember it is easy to go back and travel here. Where are you?

C: In water. Its black. I cannot see anything. Like I am in a void. I feel scared.

T: You are okay and surrounded by white light and no harm can come to you anywhere. You are safe. Do you see or feel anything else?

C: No. Just blackness.

T: Is there any light there that you can see or go to?

C: No, I cannot see anything or go anywhere from here.

T: no problem. Would you like to come back to the garden?

C: yes

T: When I count from 3 to 1, on 1 you would be in the garden. 3….2….1…, are you back in the garden?

C: yes

T: very good…you may relax here for sometime. Breathe in the cool breeze and allow yourself to feel the coolness of the grass as you walk on it. When you are ready to move on pls let me know.

C: raises her right hand.

T: Alright. You may start walking in the garden and see if you can find a door or a tunnel of any kind.

C: (after sometime) I can see a room with a door.

T: are you able to enter the room?

C: yes

T: Go into the room and start climbing up the stairs. As I count from 10 to 1 ,on 1 you would have reached the end of stairs opening onto a cliff. Start counting. Are you on the cliff?

C: Yes

T: This a huge cliff with a flat surface…and a handrail runs through the cliff to keep you safe…the cliff is surrounded by a beautiful ocean and you can see the setting sun in the distance. Allow yourself to be touched by a powerful yet gentle breeze. Are you able to feel the breeze?

C: Smiles and nods yes

T: Amazing. Now turn around and see that there are two boxes kept there. A big box is kept behind you and a small box is in front of you. Are you able to see the boxes?

C: nods yes

T: good. Now start filling the big box behind you with all the painful memories of the past beginning from now. Imagine the memories to be like pictures in metal frames which you can easily stack in the box.

C: in few seconds tears start rolling out of her eyes.

T: I understand the memories are painful but remember you can always stop if it becomes too painful and go back to the garden or may float above the memories. In the meantime breathe deeply. And tell me if you want to leave?

C: Nods her head in ‘no’. Says I will continue.

T: okay. Then pls let me know once you are done.

C: raises her right hand.

T: good. Now you may turn to the box in front of you. It is a smaller box. In this box you may put any future worries or anxieties you may be carrying or have which may be stopping you from moving forward in any way. And once you are done pls let me know.

C: raises her right hand in sometime.

T: Good Chahat. Now turn towards the ocean. And throw both the boxes over the handrail. Take your time and see the boxes sink deep into the ocean as the ocean devours them. Once you are done let me know.

C: raises her right hand

T: was it easy?

C: no

T: were you able to throw the boxes?

C: nods yes.

T: Good. May we now go back to the garden or would you like to stay here briefly?

C: go to the garden.

T: okay. You may find the stairs once again and climb down back to the garden. And let me know once you sre there!

C: raises her right hand.

T: good. Now enjoy the peace of the garden and allow yourself to rejuvenate.

C: smiles and says I can see a picnic happening there. And my family too

T: okay. Enjoy it then! And once you are ready to explore the real reason behind your feeling incomplete you may let me know.

C: raises her right hand

T: okay. Allow yourself to start feeling the deep incompleteness you feel within you. All that insecurity you feel about the way you look and the pain of it. It maybe a feeling of sharp pain, dull ache, unexplainable sensation, some form, shape or color. And as you feel it once again allow it to become 2 times more intense as you breathe in. Now allow it to become 10 times more intense as you breathe in and as you breathe out. It is really painful for you to experience this.

C: turns and takes fetal position in this moment.

T: And as this pain increased allow it to become a bridge on which you can walk to reach the real cause of your current life feeling of incompleteness and insecurity. You can walk for as long as needed to reach the root cause of your issue.

C: I see a bridge. I am standing on it. And I can see witch like figures around me staring at me.

T: Where are you?

C: on the bridge.

T: okay. Look down at your feet and tell me what are you wearing.

C: white sandals.

T: Okay. Now move up and see what are you wearing?

C: I am wearing a white dress

T: Go further up and tell me what can you see?

C: my hands

T: are you wearing something on your hands?

C: no

T: Describe how you do you look like?

C: My hands are so slender. And I look extremely beautiful.

T: Can you tell me what your name is?

C: I am not sure.

T: Okay. You may go to a time where in you are with people and having dinner!

C: I don’t know anyone here

T: Where are you now?

C: In a room. At the dining table. But I don’t know anyone here.

T: it is okay. Can you hear your name being called? Or Describe the room you are in?

C: I ‘feel’ my name is ‘Desire’. And the room is brown in color.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 12

T: okay Desire. Let us move on to the next significant incident of this lifetime.

C: I am in the garden.

T: Is there someone else here with you?

C: Yes.

T: How old are you now?

C: 18

T: okay. Who is with you?

C: My lover.

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel safe with him.

T: Do you know this person?

C: I don’t know

T: Maybe you can look into their eyes and see if you recognise him?

C: I feel he is my current life ‘father’. (Client mentioned later that the way she felt with her father now is how she felt with this person in the lifetime of ‘Desire’.)

T: Okay. Let us move to the next significant event of this lifetime…….

C: I am in the garden again and looking around.

T: Are you looking for something?

C: No.

T: How old are you?

C: 23

T: Is there something significant about this?

C: I am just looking around.

T: okay,let us then move onto the next significant moment!

C : I am on the bridge again. I can see the witches like figures staring at me again.

T: Desire is it the same bridge we started with?

C: Yes. It is the same place and time.

T: Are you scared?

C: No. And this is surprising as I am not scared of these witches. I just know they want something from me. But I don’t feel scared of them. I feel like they want to touch me simply because I am very pretty and beautiful.

T: Can you see something else around? Like where are you exactly? Where is this bridge?

C: The bridge is on a river. Forest on both sides.

T: Okay Desire let us now move to the moments just before your death. Tell me what do you see?

C: I am in bed and I am very pale.

T: Are there people with you?

C: Yes. My grand daughter , my daughter, my grandson and my son in law

T: Do you know anyone of them? Look into their eyes and tell

C: Yes. I feel my grandson is A…(A is my younger sister’s son and her nephew)

T: Okay…now tell me what are your last thoughts before leaving your body?

C: I am thinking ‘where is he?’, why is he not here…I am searching for him.

T: okay. You may leave your body. Now.

C: I can see my body lying in the distance. I am in the room looking at it. (She shared later on that she didn’t feel like returning to her body)

T: Pls look for the light and move towards it…can you see the light?

C: Yes. It is there. It is white and bright.

T: Yes. You may be with it for as long as you want.

C: I can see someone here.

T: okay. Who is it? You can ask them to show themselves.

C: it is my friend ‘D’. She has come to tell me ‘I’ll see you soon’.

T: okay anything else?

C: no.

T: would you like to go further or emerge out now?

C: I would like to come back.

T: Okay. As I count from 1 to 10, you will start coming to your awareness slowly. 1…2….Emerge her out on 10 asking her to slowly open her eyes.

As she settles down I offer her water.

Post session:

The client shared that the most real experience which shook her was her friend coming to meet her. She felt as if it was happening right then and there.

The she also shared that who she was looking for at her deathbed was the reason why she feels so incomplete even till today. And that somehow she knew that he would not come back because he had gotten married to someone else in that lifetime. And that even her being extremely gorgeous could not stop her from getting hurt or abandoned.

So her message is that ‘being beautiful is no guarantee for being accepted’. And she should stop looking for that guy’s validation in this lifetime in other guys. Immediately after this she said ‘I feel as if a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders’.

She told me that pain level had sort of disappeared and she couldn’t rate it anymore.

On checking today that is on 10th October, she shared that since the session the thought about her being not pretty has not crossed her mind even once where in before it was just there running in the background continuously.


Dear Shilpa,

My congratulations to you for undertaking your first case in a very diligent manner. Usage of Affect Bridge and Reframing were articulated very well. My feedback is as under for your consideration please,

  1. Client’s falling asleep during progressive relaxation is anticipated and you very well ensured the requisite measures in second induction. In my opinion, You may consider the the timings for conducting the session after factoring in their day’s schedule and resultant stress (physical/mental) level. A fresh physical and mental state of client provides tremendous strength to the session.
  1. I take it that it was the first of the two mentioned
  • feeling of incompleteness within.
  1. Perfectly established the safe place. :clap:
  1. Well worded suggestion. :+1:
  1. As taught by our beloved Guru we are to address this in a way we acknowledge the emotional side of the situation the client is experiencing. Recommended to avoid “No problem”
  1. Perfect usage of IMR.
  1. In my opinion therapist should keep the task of counting to himself and let the client’s subconscious focus on going through the experience.
  1. Very good learning point I see here . The Affect Bridge has taken the client to a Bridge in Past Life memories. Hence, the next suggestion absolutely worked as expected.
  1. Perfect proof of souls travelling in groups over lifetimes in their quest to learn and grow and reach the the absolute and infinite Atman-Brahman.
  1. The dots are about to join and bring up the complete picture. :muscle:
  1. In my humble opinion may be we could have steered the session in a way where another learning would have got established that the lover of past life has come back to her as her father and she has actually not lost either him or his love. This would have probably wiped the slate clean forever.
  1. Beautiful message for her and all of us. :innocent: My wishes for your client’s well being.

I wish you many more healings through your blessed hands. :pray:
Being a learner myself, Would recommend you to read Why Me by our Beloved Guru and Dr Winafred Lucas books for formulating and wording of suggestions.

Best Wishes


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


congratulations @Shilpa_Menon for the first !

Soo true… what ever we read from the Puranas, once left with the body, it is not that painful (rather a pleasant experience). This is proved here.
Nicely conducted, Shilpa. I like the flow, how smoothly you executed the session! Thank you for sharing this and all the best for the future ones :slight_smile:


Congratulations Shilpa for the wonderful session. The session brings out a very profound emotional attachment from past life which explains present life emotions, attachments, likes and dislikes. I’m experiencing it too. The session was very profound.
All the best for your next PLRs.

With Best Wishes/Deepak

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Congratulations dear Shilpa on your successful first session… Beautiful learning for us ’ Being Beautiful is no guarantee for being accepted’

Keep going dear :heart:

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Hi Shilpa, Nice session…You conducted it with lots of patience and elance and dexirity! Very maturedly handled the subject and the session flow!
Few observations…

T : Okay. Let us begin with exploring 3 happy childhood memories. You may allow yourself to go back in time and remember memories which may be happy or pleasant.
“Why 3 happy? Do not conform in 4 wall. Keep it open ended”

T: Go into the room and start climbing up the stairs. As I count from 10 to 1 ,on 1 you would have reached the end of stairs opening onto a cliff. Start counting. Are you on the cliff?
When you reach the end of the staircase…
You may start counting…

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Thank you so much Pooja!

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Thank you Kaushik for reading the case and presenting your experience of the same!


Thank you Deepak! Means a lot to hear from you and be praised!

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Thank you Sindhuja! I understand what you are finding resonance with i.e. 'being beautiful is no guarantee for finding true and real ‘love’!

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Thank you Ananda for reading through the case so intently and taking out time to mention the corrections. Grateful!

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Dear Shilpa,
Your case has profound lessons that we really missed out on in our lives. Being beautiful is no security, I believe this is an example of eye-opening us, there is no guarantee of anything, what skills appereance you have will make you lucky or loveable.
Our karma determines everything, or we could refer to the planet as a karma planet for achieving eternal peace and love.

All the best !

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Thanks for having conducted this session and also sharing it with all of us @Shilpa_Menon

Further to what Beloved @Monesh_Bathre and @Ananda_Krishnan have said,

From the Meta, "Stage 2: Evaluated Client’s IQ level " it’s more in lines of trying to understand what would engage the client in Stage 3, it’s quite simply observing the non-verbals.

let’s do it one by one, what’;s the hurry :slight_smile:

It wasn’t appropriate to mix up Stage 11 with 12 here.

“See” for a client who is K? Please calibrate your suggestions appropriately.

Remember as therapists we don’t direct the experience but unearth it.

As I feel there is so much more that could’ve been done for this client, please do conduct a few more sessions and ensure that there is no residual.

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Thank-you Venu for your evaluation and suggestions. I agree that I could have done more for the client. Next time when she visits I will check with her and see what more can be done. Also will pay attention to other details.

Congratulations for your first case Shilpa.

Congratulations that her pain level disappeared.

Avoid Why questions, as it would alert the conscious mind.

Why questions should be avoided

wonderful :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

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