Dharana Abhyasa Or Concentration Practice For Amarantians

Here is the “Anyone Can Meditate Challenge” The Mediation Series from Amarantos which we discussed in our Monthly Forum call yesterday.

practice this and share your experience and any challenges you are facing relevant to this practice.

All the very best



Dear Beloved Master @venu,

Challenge accepted. I started meditating from today. It is simple yet effective.

After the initial 10 breaths, my mind wandered. I started counting again and continued until 50 breaths. Initially, the breath was unclear and shallow, but later it became clear and deep. The length of each breath varied initially, however, at later stages, it was almost the same and stable.

With love



super my beloved Ashish,
An ounce of practice is better than a ton of theory.
this practice will give you everything, you have assurance of it…

this the actual meaning of the word, “Pranayama” - regulation of that power by when we breath!