"Died as a soldier on the battlefield, struggling to breathe"

Ishank, M, 21, 6/10, 2/5, K, Difficulty in breathing, 9/10*

Session 1 - Completed stages 1 to 9 on 29.09,23
Session 2 - PLR Conducted on 29.09.23

IMR discussed

Ishank is pursuing his B.Tech 3rd Year from an Engineering Institute in Tamil Nadu.

Since childhood, he has been troubled by asthmatic attacks. He finds it difficult to breathe when the season changes and experiences recurrent allergy.

He had been in Bangalore for some time recently and due to drastic changes in weather, he started wheezing, coughing and breathed heavily.

I just thought of trying only Progressive Muscle Relaxation on the first session, thinking it might ease his body and mind and then giving affirmations for a good health might work…that’s all!
Had contemplated to conduct the PLR on the next day.

I decided to take him to the healing garden, do the reframing and then bring him back.

Within 45-60 mins of relaxation and induction, he went into a deep trance. His body was immobile and his breathing was getting regulated.

I then thought of taking him to the past life and explore if the underlying cause is connected to any previous life….

I sought his approval and asked if he would like to explore his past life ….

He gently nodded.

Took him to the healing garden…. then from there formed a bridge with the emotions he was feeling (difficulty in breathing, helpless, weak….)

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

Past Life 1-

He saw himself standing by a sea…. looking at it.

The client was guided to take his awareness to the place he lived. He had a wife and a son. Nothing significant came up in this life and he saw himself dying peacefully at a very old age, surrounded by his son, his wife and grandchildren.

Past life-2 (same session)-

The cause of his disease was still unknown. So, after seeking his permission, we moved towards another life (with 10 steps down the staircase, entering a corridor leading to 3 doors….)

T- At the count of 5, you will find yourself crossing the door leading you to your past life…

You might find yourself in a different time, different place and in a different form.

1………2………3………4……and ….5

Where are you now? (pause)…. What comes to your awareness?

C- I can see a soldier in uniform…he is wearing black army boots…

T- Can you recall his name ?

C- James…I think

T- Is there anyone with him?

C- There is a bunker…some other soldiers are there

T- I will count to 3 and the next significant event will appear in your awareness…1……2…….and……3….

What comes in your awareness?

C- There is fire …. everything is burning…. huge flames are rising…the soldiers in the bunker are dying (grim expression on the face) …. they are ambushed perhaps

T- Take a deep breath in…Where is James now?

C- He is dying…. there had been an explosion…a bomb explosion…James is lying on the ground…. bleeding…he is struggling to breathe (the discomfort was evident on face)

T- Float above the body…. watch it from afar….

See, feel or imagine the soul floating above and reaching towards the divine realm

Imagine a divine white light surrounding you…let it heal all the pain…all the trauma your soul experienced at the time of death.

There is no need to carry this pain forward into your current life. Your pain, your ailment ended with the culmination of your previous life.

From now onwards, you will be completely healed, healthy and strong.

Gently, the Client emerged from trance and took a while to integrate the experience. He wasn’t too sure whether what he witnessed was a real experience or his imagination. But he was feeling relaxed.

He was being guided to practise Positive affirmations for health for 21 days.

Pain level reduced from 7 to 3.

Session 3- (Follow up)- On 09.10.23

Reviewed the client after 10 days…he is taking actions towards his health improvement. Joined Yoga classes and practicing meditation (though not regularly).

His breathing was slightly regulated after the session and he felt lighter around the chest. Another subsequent session with healing suggestions would have definitely helped him further, but since he wasn’t that keen, hence didn’t push him further.

Overall, it was a great learning to see how a traumatic death in a past life can affect the current life. As a therapist, I intend to explore more healing suggestions which can be given to the client in case of tragic or accidental deaths like these.

Thank you so much for devoting your precious time into reading this.


Dear Pragati,

My congratulations to you for the well conducted session and I wish you many more healings. :tulip:

My learnings are as under for your consideration please,

I am sure you meant Progressive Relaxation encompassing the relaxation of body and mind.

Here the I of IDT would have got strengthened by addressing the client in first person. We make all efforts to make the two connections as strong as possible to effect maximum healing.

First, connection of client with the past life being (James)

C - James …I think.
T - James… allow yourself to scan your surroundings and let me know if you become aware of the presence of anyone else.

Second, connection of client with the Engram (James the soldier experiencing breathlessness while dying in battlefield)

In my opinion, we could have included the suggestion and steered the session in a way to :

  1. Let the client Experience the thoughts in his last moments as James.
  2. Arrive at the carry overs from the lifetime of James. (eg. Breathing problem)
  3. Arrive at what is that which is required to be done or experienced to resolve the carry over/carry overs.
  4. Let the resolutions/learnings come from the higher consciousness of the client himself.
  5. Explore the lifetime of James from childhood onwards to bring up and clear anymore events related to present life problems.

the only aim being,

My best wishes for the future sessions,


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hi Monesh,
Very valid points…In full ageement.

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Yes monesh sir. Very nice

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You got the gold @pragatibhatnagar039 but it would have been great if you could have had the time to transform it into an ornament.
Adding to what Beloved @Monesh_Bathre has observed, as you have a massive potential as a PLR therapist please spend a min of 4 hours per session and 4 sessions per client, go through the “Why me” book to learn resolutions, followed by the Handbook for therapists by Dr. Winfred Blake.


Congratulations Pragati for the session, it is good to know that the breathing problem of client has reduced :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:
I had a similar kind of case where the breathing problem of the client was related to to his past lives … may be going deeper with giving more time to session would have helped you to go to the root cause in a deeper way.
Best wishes for your future cases, you calm & soothing personality will definitely make you a
wonderful therapist :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


Very True :sparkles::pray:t2: beloved Guru and Daddy…

The book ‘ Why me’ helped me a lot in understanding what kind of questions to frame for what kind of case & I am reading Dr. Wilfred Blake currently, though it is not easy to understand at once but reading twice thrice will makes things clear & easy!!

Thanks for always encouraging us :sparkles::pray:t2:


Wonderful Suggestions Monesh ji, that is why everyone is waiting for your suggestions on their cases .
Thanks a lot for being a guiding light for all the Atlantians ! :sparkles::pray:t2:


Thank you so Venu Sir for devoting your precious time in going through my submissions.
I really apologise to you, and all those ( who responded on my work) for not being able to further communicate and express my gratitude.
Hadn’t been keeping well for sometime and wasn’t even able to go through other case studies as well. Hope you will forgive me for my delayed response. Immense gratitude for your guiding light which is illuminating my life .


Congratulations, Pragati. I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations made by Daddy and Monesh. A deeper understanding of the subject will undoubtedly enhance your approach to cases. Best of luck on your journey!:sparkles::sparkles:

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Thanks a lot Sandhya ji