Different lives, different bodies, but still love and hatered continues

Name : Suma.
Age : 41 years.
Sex : Female.

History taking :
Born in a middle-class family. Grown up with a younger brother. Father was a military man, and he was strict and dominating. Mother is a homemaker. The client is married and has two sons. By religion, the client is a Hindu in this life. But, she is very much fond of Jesus. She is living happily. No bothering from childhood. Her husband takes care of her very well. But, he isn’t interested in sexual relationships with her, except for having kids. She has two close friends, both of whom are males. She dominates everyone. But, still, no one likes to lose a relationship with her. So she wanted to know

  1. My husband is so caring, but why is he not interested in sexual relationships with me.
  2. Why I am very close with these two friends Mr.A and Mr.B. Why do they like me so much.

Client Assessment :
Hypnosis score : 10.
Auditory – 5.
Visual – 5.
Kinaesthetic – 5.
Eye roll score : 2.

The session started with Dave Elman’s technique and followed by progressive relaxation. Then, I asked the client to visualize and relax in the garden.

T - What are you aware of ?

C – Amma, I am walking in the garden with amma. She is so sweet.

T – Talk to her ?

C – She is telling me, “Don’t run, walk with me.”

T – Is it your present life ?

C – No, I look different. I am fair, and my eyes are blue.

T – How old are you there ?

C – 8 years old.

T – What is your name ? Listen to your mother, by what name is she calling you ?

C – Rossy.

T – Look at your feet ? Slowly look up to your face ? What are you wearing ?

C – Bare foot. Wearing a red color frock kind of dress.

T – Look into your mother’s eyes ? Do you recognize her in this life ?

C – Yes, she is Mr. A in this life.

T – What happened next ?

C – We are in the church, praying to Jesus.

T – Goto your home, to dinner time ? Who all are there with you ?

C – Only me and my mother live in this house.

T – What happened to your father ? Goto a SE, where you were with your whole family ?

C – It’s a big family. I was born in a Muslim family. My father has many wives and many kids. It’s a mud house. He is not a good father.

T – Why he is not a good father ?

C – He doesn’t like girl children. He is greedy about money. He sells girl child when he needs money. Boys should work from young age. Now he is selling me. My mother is crying.

T - Where is he selling you ? How are you feeling there ?

C - This place looks like a market. Many people are watching us. I am helpless. I am not fully aware of the situation. I am too young.

T - What happened next ?

C - A nun is buying me.

T – How much did she pay ?

C – A bag of wheat and a bag of maida.

T – Do you recognize your family members of that life ?

C – My father in that life is my father in this life, too. My mother is my second son. My elder brother is my first son in this life. Others, I couldn’t recognize them.

T – Which year and place is it ?

C – 1785 and Spain.

T – What happened next ?

C – We are at home. My mom(nun) is preparing food. She is very sweet. I love her.

T – What are you doing ?

C – I am reading the Bible.

T – See which chapter in the Bible you are reading ?

C – Pslams.

T – Go ahead in time to another SE in that life ?

C – I am getting married.

T – How old are you there ? What are your feelings there ? And what is your husband’s name ?

C – I am 17 years old. I am happy. My husband’s name is David.

T – Is it an arranged marriage or a love marriage ?

C – It’s an arranged marriage. It’s my mom’s decision. David didn’t have kids with Maria (first wife). So, he is marrying me. My mother told me that David is a good person and the second marriage is allowed for him because he don’t have kids with Maria. So, I got married to him.

T – Go ahead in time to know more about that life ?

C - We have 3 daughters. Maria is not happy with us. She is cursing me. She left us, and she is living separately as a nun.

T - Why is she angry ?

C – To marry me, David lied with Maria to convince her, he has told that “I would marry Rossy only to have a kid. Once she gives birth to a baby, she will go back to her mother, leaving the baby with us”. But, I don’t know this. David likes me a lot. He sleeps with me. Maria is not happy, she thought that “I had taken control over David, and because of that, she is missing David’s love and affection”.

T – What did she curse you ?

C – I shouldn’t get the sexual happiness from my husband.

T – Go to the next SE of that life ?

C – My daughters are angry with me. They think because of me Maria couldn’t live happily. So, they left our house. And they are living with Maria.

T - How are you feeling now ?

C - I am feeling sad. I didn’t do anything wrong.

T - See what happened next ?

C - I think David is dead. I am alone. So, I am living with my mother. She loves me. She is very old. I also became a nun. Now my mother is also dead.

T – Go to the next SE ?

C – I am old. I’m lying on my bed. No one is here. I am dead.

T – What were your thoughts at the time of your death ?

C – Sad, lonely, and I suffered without making any mistake.

T – Look into David’s, Maria’s and your daughters eyes ? Do you recognize them in this life ?

C – David is Mr.B, Maria is my husband, and two of my daughters are Mr.A’s and Mr.B’s wives. I don’t recognize my other daughter in this life.

T – What are you carrying from that life to this life ?

C – Love and hatred. Now I understand why Mr.A and Mr.B likes me so much. And why my husband is not interested in sexual relationships with me.

T – Would you like to resolve the hatred that you are carrying from there ?

C – Yes.

T – Talk to Maria and with your daughters. Tell them the truth. Hugh them and convince them to release all those emotions, feelings, thoughts, grudge, and anger which they are holding towards you ? You also release them from all those emotions, feelings, thoughts, grudge, and anger which you are holding towards them ?

C – Yes, I have released them. They also have released me.

T – Now, also release your father from whatever you are holding towards him ?

C – Yes, I have released him.

T – Is there anything else you would like to know or resolve from that life ?

C – No. That’s all. Now I would like to come back.

After the session.

C - Thanks for the session. I got answers for my questions/doubts. Now I understand everything about my life.


For my own learning, may I ask what visualization you used to reach far memories? Affect bridge/door/directly in the garden/…?:innocent:


@Siddhi, I started the session with Dave Elman’s technique and progressive relaxation. Then, I asked her to visualize the garden. But, she started narrating her past life. Initially, I thought that she had met her mom in the garden, which I told her to visualize.

But, I believe that guiding someone into deeper levels of trans state is not enough. Accessing past lives memories also depends on their KARMA. I have seen different kinds of people.

  1. Meditating regularly will help accessing past.
  2. One of my clients doesn’t meditate much. But she goes into trans before I complete the process. She also has the ability to access others’ past lives.
  3. One client said he couldn’t see anything except a scene in his first session. In his second session, initially, he couldn’t see anything. So, I asked him to take his guides help. Then he saw his guides and they helped him to see his past life.
  4. Another client, after relaxing her, she started snoring.
  5. A lady doctor, skeptical and non-believer in past lives. Aproached me for curiousity. After guiding her into trans, she said, “Call my cousin also into the studio” (her cousin was waiting outside). I thought she was not in trans. But, she started narrating 3 past lives.
  6. My very first client had 4 issues. After the process, I was guiding him for the 1st issue repeatedly for 10 minutes, then for the 2nd issue, then for the 3rd issue. Nothing happened. I thought this case is gone. Then I guided him for the 4th issue. Then he started visualising a past life and within a short time, he saw 4 past lives for his 4 issues.

We have to consider many things.
Patience, mental stress, health condition, control over thoughts…

I hope the above experiences of mine will help you.


Superb… A point to point journey into the past and then back to the present.

Its commendable, If you have actually planned / prepared, the connecting dots (itin​er​ar​y for the PL journey) in your own mind before taking the client through the route… such a smooth & successful journey through the crests & troughs of past life.



Thank you! Mostly, I have to use multiple visualization with my clients. Was wondering how other therapists help the client reach past life. For me it takes multiple attempts to help reach past life memories.
Thank you once again :innocent::sparkles:


This experience reiterates the fact that our subconscious is the store-house of all the memories we have created through various lifetimes and we find all the answers within .
Isn’t it wonderful that we can tap deep into our inner wisdom, identify the root cause of our sufferings and then work towards it .
Thanks my friend, for sharing your divine journey with us .


The session was incredibly informative, Naveen Sir. What I’ve learned is that whether someone curses intentionally or unintentionally, it unquestionably affects one’s life.