Dipti's Introduction

Hi my all amazing souls of Amarantos.
This is Dipti here, an amarantian from K2 August batch. Would love to share my journey from living a normal life in mumbai to coming to banglore and following my passion(PLRT)
I was not fond of reading books, but one day i asked my best friend to borrow me a book just to start with. Out of nowhere she gave me this book “Many Lives and Many Masters”
which changed my life. Then i came across Amarantos when i googled how to learn PLRT.
The 5 Days of the workshop was so amazing and was so grateful to meet Venu, Neha and all my amazing souls from K2. And also i met few of the amazing souls from other batches too who shared their beautiful journey with us.
There is a saying - “healing is a slow process” but i got healed in a beautiful way in just 5days of the workshop i attended.
The workshop for me wasn’t an ordinary workshop but a genesis. I"ll cherish these memories forever.

And i was on the 9th cloud when Venu came to me on the last day of the workshop, asked me to join Amarantos as his secretary. My response to his offer was…Venu please adopt me. And right now i feel so grateful for this greatest opportunity to work for my master and gain so much of knowledge in this early age of my life. I look forward to this beautiful journey with all you lovely and amazing souls.
Please feel free to connect to me if anything, really happy to serve you all.

Lots of love from my heart to yours.


Wow Dipti thats such a lovely journey, the hands of the divine are so clearly seen in this when your friend gave you the Bible of PLR. All the best and keep going.

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Thank you Geetha for your wishes.

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Bless you beautiful one !
I know by my own personal experience that How pure , beautiful and special being you are !
Happy for you .
Loads of love,

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