Disconnected, lack of motivation, Purpose of life. A personal & special message for me from masters

S, M, 24, 8/10, K, Disconnected, lack of motivation, Purpose of life.

Hello Everyone,

This is my second case on this forum and its very special because of a message from master had come through the client to me. It is wonderful how Master could answer something which was there in my mind for a while, it was very personal and emotional moment for me during the session, I’d love you to take time to read the case and give your valuable feedback.

I am really grateful for all the encouragement from my dear Amarantians on my first case. Special thanks to Dr. Venu and Neha for the support in this journey.

Session 01:


Time: 3 hrs 50 mins

Clients Name: S

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Hypnotisability Score: 8/10

Dominant Sense: Kinaesthetic

Secondary dominant Sense: Visual

Eye roll Test: 2

Theme: Disconnected from everyone, lack of motivation

Pain Scale: 6/10

History: S is under graduate currently in to family business. He feels disconnected with everyone and has lack of motivation, feels like he has no purpose in this life. He is low most of the time with lack of interest, unable to establish a bond with anyone. He is angry and irritated most of the times which results in a difficult atmosphere at home and he feels guilty about it.

Session 02: Same day after lunch

Duration: 4 hours

Started with Bell chant, theme finalization and wen through checklist.

Induction by Dave Elman and ball of light followed by visualization around 2.5 hours

Took to three happy moments from child hood.

Session 03: 17th Jan 2023

Duration: 3.5 hours

Started with Induction by Dave Elman and ball of light followed by visualization around 1.5 hours

(S started seeing some visuals which were very fast and took to time through tunnel of light to particular lifetime)

T: What do you feel?

S: I am on a boat

T: Who is with you?

S: I am with 4-5 ppl

T: What are you wearing

S: I am wearing a brown trench coat

T: What is happening

S: We are sailing on a boat, I am holding a compass. It is very wild ocean. One of the guys is fishing

T: Where are you going?

S: No idea. Weather is good, water is light green

T: Very good breath in that experience

S: I am old, about 38-40

T: Look at your face, how does it look?

S: I have black hair I look very different but skin is fair. Only one guy is dark

T: Who are these guys?

S: They are helpers

T: What are they helping with?

S: They are helping with arranging the logs

(S expression changes)

T: What is happening?

S: We are in search of a land

(S breathing heavily)

T: What are you doing in this boat?

S: I am just sitting with compass, one guy is fishing, one guy is arranging logs, the other guys is sailing. It is a big boat.

T: What is written on the boat?

S: There is a flag

T: What kind of flag?

S: A red flag with stars

T: Okay, can we go further and see what is happening

As I count from 3 to 1 go to significant moment in that lifetime


S: I have been sailing for many days

We are in search of gold on an island. Now everyone is talking in English but it is very different English

T: What are they talking?

S: We are talking about last raid, we are actually smugglers; we do illegal activities. We are not pirates but some thief

T: What are they addressing you as?

S: I am from Tibet, I am Muslim, I have no idea about name

T: What is happening now

S: The weather is not good; the time is 8pm. There is no one around. It’s a full moon.

T: There were people around, right?

S: Yes, they are there, we have guns, knives. The tides are very high

T: What is happening next?

(S taking time to go through this scene, abreactions like crying observed)

S: Everyone is in the water

T: How did you get in to the water?

S: Boat drowned because of turbulence and thunder

T: Oh, what is happening now

S: All my friends are calling Zoyeb Zoyab

T: Take a deep breathe, remember this is an experience from the past

S: Water is entering my nose; I am trying hard

T: You are trying hard to?

S: To Survive, water is too cold

T: Take a deep breathe, float above if it gets painful

S: I can’t breathe

(S Crying)

There is no one to help

T: How do you feel about it?

S: Hmm I am dead, I struggled for 20 mins but no help, everyone died

T: What is happening now

S: I am bleeding from leg

T: How is your leg bleeding

S: My thigh cut open

T: Where are you right now?

S: I am in the water, my friends are dead too

T: Where are you going? what is happening to you?

S: Fishes are eating my body, there is lot of rain, tides. My friends died too

T: What is the feeling, What are your last thoughts?

S: I had a flashback

T: What did you see?

(S took 2-3 minutes )

S: I have a daughter; I also have a wife. Grandmother.

T: Do you see your house?

S: Yes

T: What does it look like?

S: Old house, made of wood

T: Okay, what else do you see

S: I have been shot, many times

T: Who shot you?

S: Some gang I think

T: What does this gang do?

S: Hunting

T: Hunting what?

S: Gold, guns. It’s a small town

T: What year is this?

S: 1902

T: What are you wearing

S: Brown overalls

T: Okay

S: I have a gun; my voice is very thick. My language is English but mother tongue is different

T: What are you doing?

S: I am killing a lot of people

T: Which people?

S: That’s my work

Because of my friends, I got in to this

T: Look in to you friends’ eye and see if you recognize them

S: There is fat man, little older than me

T: Where are you right now?

S: I am on a road, this fat man is with me, he has a gun like me. He is telling me to kill people

T: Do you recognize him?

S: I have seen him, unable to recollect

T: What is happening

S: I just stabbed a girl, I don’t know her

T: Hmm How do you feel about it?

S: I feel wrong but happy there that I killed her

T: Why are you happy?

S: Because I’ll get lot of money. The day I died I was already 16 days away from my family, we were hiding and travelling somewhere and then drowned

T: What was the lesson from this lifetime, can we go to that moment again and go through the last thoughts?

S: I have no regrets; I am okay with how I lived my life. I wish to live that life again.

T: Why did you choose that life, can you ask masters?

(S concentrating)

S: I had a good choice in life but I didn’t choose them

T: How do you feel about not making good choices

S: I feel happy

T: You feel happy about it? How is that life being evaluated by masters?

S: Because of that one life, I will suffer so many other lives

T: What are carrying from that lifetime of Zoyab to this lifetime as S?

S: Total opposite. I was overpowered in that life, disrespected everyone. I never had fear.

T: What different you want to do in this lifetime

S: Live it the right way

T: What does S feel about the life as Zoyab. What could you have done different?

S: I could have made better choices; I feel very bad now. I hurt and killed people

T: Okay will you be able to forgive Zoyab?

S: I had no intentions it was all because of power, I never wish to repeat it again

T: What changes you will make in this lifetime with this knowledge?

S: Being kind, loving more, work hard in honest way

T: Is there an answer to your disconnection with people?

S: You can trust no one, anyone can backstab you

T: But you had wife and children?

S: But I did not have good relation with them because they knew what I was doing, hurting people gave me happiness

T: Do you think it’s good to hurt people?

S: No of course not

T: Can S forgive Zoyeb for doing so?

S: No

(S crying….)

T: It’s okay take a deep breathe, remember this is an incident from your past life?

Do you wish to do things differently in this lifetime?

S: Yes, I am scared that no one will stay with me

T: Why will no one stay with you?

S: Because I am not good enough

T: Why do you think you are not good enough?

S: I think I am good enough but I am not

T: How can you change that?

S: Do good things for needy

T: Will that help you connect to people

S: No, no one will understand me

T: How can you change this situation?

S: Stop expecting from others, love can heal it

T: How should you use love to heal it? Can you now ask the masters on how you can do things differently in this lifetime with this learning, what is the purpose of this lifetime

(Induced more BRV)

S: Purpose is to serve, spread happiness.

T: How can you spread happiness?

S: I can improve lot of things, rectify my mistake then my life will be good

T: Do you have a better understanding now on how life can be better?

S: Yes

T: Can you let go of Zoyeb and his deeds?

S: It will take time

T: Okay now you are sad about it, I understand that you are feeling guilty of his actions. And if you’re feeling so, doesn’t that mean you are different from him

S: Yes, very different. I was never like him

T: Yes, you are different, can this help you let go of his actions?

S: Yes

T: You chose this lifetime, made better choices, didn’t do back to being him. Were those lessons important to understand to do better in this lifetime

S: Yes

T: Take a deep breathe, come back to the garden through the tunnel of light. Slowly taking these lessons from the masters. Can you feel the presence of masters?

S: Yes, it feels very positive around them

T: How do they look like?

S: It is like white bright light in a circle

T: What are they saying?

S: They are not saying anything, very spiritual vibes. The messages are like whispers

T: Can you absorb the energy like a sponge, fill yourself with positivity

S: Yes, small particles is all around me which is radiating good energy, they are trying to tell me something

T: Good take a deep breathe, this will help to get messages clearly

S: Its very cold in here, disconnection is because of my own self, the masters are telling me everything is going to be alright.

T: Is there any other message for me, for the world?

S: You are going to blessed with a child soon, a girl baby. They know you very well, they are happy with you helping elders.

T: Thank you, thank you for the blessing. Is there any other message for anyone?

S: No, they are leaving now

T: Ask them for the blessing to overcome your disconnection

S: Whenever we need answers, they are always above us, watching and guiding us.

(pause for 5 mins)

Now its really dark

T: Okay find a light tunnel of light and come back to the garden

S: Its really hot now

(S showing gestures like its hot and sweaty)

T: Imagine the tunnel of light, take a deep breathe and find your way towards the tunnel

S: I am running and….

I am out

T: Where?

S: In the garden

T: Wonderful, take a deep breathe. Take sometime to relax yourself

(Since S had few more questions about why he chose this life, we decided to go back to the time when he chose this life as S)

(Increased BRV)

Now as I count from 10 to 1, can you go to the time just before you were born, see why you chose this life

Go back from the time in college to school, and your childhood, as a baby

10…9…8…7…6 Take a deep breathe, slowly travel back to the time you were born…5…4…3…2…1

What do you see?

S: I see myself, my first vision. I see mummy, I am crying

(S is crying)

T: Take a deep breathe. Who else is around? What is the feeling?

S: I see dad, he looks very happy. Grandma is there too. She has happy tears. It feels good

T: Be in this moment, feel it.

(S is smiling… after 3 mins)

S: I am ready to go further

T: Okay we will go to the time just before you were born as I count from 3 to 1

(Increased BRV) and lead to the moment through counting

What do you feel?

(S after 5 mins pause, concentrating on something)

T: What is coming to your awareness. What is happening

S: I have no shape, its just like a transparent light form, can’t see anything

T: Okay what comes to your awareness when you think about why you chose this life?

S: I was chosen to establish something. He chose this for me to learn a few lessons. I have done some good things in the past so was chosen to be in this family, this life is to serve, be selfless. I am not here for my self my purpose is to serve.

T: Okay, how do you feel after learning the purpose

S: Calm and relaxed.

T: Perfect, can we now come back to garden through tunnel of light

S: Yes, we can go back

T: Take your time to come back to the garden and relax here

S: It feels good

T: Take some time to feel relaxed

(S after a few minutes)

S: I am ready to go back

T: As I count 1 to 10 you may slowly come back to the reality.

Session 04: Same day after lunch

Duration: 2 hours

S was able to understand his purpose in this lifetime and reason for disconnection, lack of interest. S revealed later that many messages were very personal to him and he wanted to keep it to himself.

The report was sent to S and upon follow up, it was found that S was able to feel more love and compassionate and could connect more to people after the session.


I really loved how you made S realize that he is different from Zoyab. That was a key defining moment I felt. And congratulations for the good news about the baby you received :blush: :heart: It must be an emotional moment.

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Thank you so much Deepshika :slight_smile: it was indeed an emotional moment :heart:

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Congratulations Karishma on you second session
All the very best for your future healing :two_hearts: